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The 5 Best Music Promotion Services in 2024

Updated: Jul 3

The 5 Best Music Promotion Services in 2024 | Top music promotion sites for indie music promotion online

In the ever-evolving music industry, 2024 marks a pivotal moment as Spotify finally takes a stand against the use of fake streams and bot-driven promotion.

With Spotify's newfound threat of songs with botted plays being deleted and other potential penalties looming, the need for legitimate, trustworthy music promotion sites has never been more critical.

In this article, we'll explore the top five music promotion services that not only comply with Spotify's regulations but also offer unique approaches to elevate your music career.

Without further ado, let's dive right in!

Overview: As the name suggests, Playlist Push specializes in playlist promotion, providing a platform that connects musicians with playlist curators.

Arguably the most popular of all the Spotify promotion services, this music promotion service has more than 4,000 legitimate playlists in their network, with a combined reach of over 150M followers.

Additionally, PlaylistPush recently began offering a social media music marketing option, allowing artists to submit their music to not only Spotify playlists, but also popular TikTok content creators.

As one of the best music promotion services, PlaylistPush can help with independent music promotions to spotify playlists and TikTok

How It Works:

  • Musicians submit their track to Playlist Push, and select their budget.

  • Curators review submissions and add selected songs to their playlists.

  • Songs are exposed to a wide audience, enhancing discoverability.

  • TikTok integration allows for collaboration with influencers for additional reach.

Who It's Best For:

  • Musicians looking for playlist exposure and TikTok influencer marketing.

  • Artists willing and ready to commit a good chunk of change to a music promotion service. (Minimum $280)

  • Indie artists who want a hands-off approach to music marketing, as Playlist Push does all the heavy lifting.

Unique Features:

  • Integration with TikTok for broader reach.

  • Detailed analytics to track the performance of promoted songs.

  • Direct feedback from Playlist Push curators.


  • Increased visibility through playlist placements.

  • Access to a diverse network of curators and influencers.

  • Cost-effective promotion with transparent pricing.

To read our full review of the Playlist Push platform, click here.

Overview: Starlight PR takes a PR-focused approach to music promotion.

With a track record working with major label artists like Post Malone and Cardi B, they targets publications and journalists to amplify your music's reach. For those seeking traditional yet effective promotional methods, Starlight PR is a top choice.

If you need indie music promotion or youtube music promotion, Starlight PR can help you promote music!!

How It Works:

  • Musicians submit their tracks to Starlight PR.

  • The PR team pitches the music to publications, journalists, and influencers.

  • Focus on traditional PR methods to secure features and coverage.

  • Proven track record of working with major label artists.

Who It's Best For:

  • Musicians aiming for traditional PR-focused promotion.

  • Those looking for features in reputable publications and media outlets.

  • Artists seeking a proven track record of success.

Unique Features:

  • Old-school PR methods focused on publications and journalists.

  • Proven success with major label artists.

  • Tailored PR strategies for each artist.


  • Features in reputable publications for enhanced credibility.

  • Traditional PR methods for a proven approach.

  • Tailored strategies based on individual artist needs.

Plus, we can offer 53% off of Starlight PR with our exclusive partnership! Use code "SPY53" at checkout to take advantage of this offer!

3. iSpyTunes

Overview: iSpyTunes stands out for its precision-targeted social media advertising campaigns. Beyond playlist promotion campaigns, they offer music management services, PR services, sync licensing, and various label features.

This comprehensive approach caters to musicians looking for a custom-tailored and expertly-executed promotional strategy, without breaking the bank.

How It Works:

  • Musicians submit their tracks to iSpyTunes for free.

  • Expertly crafted social media advertising campaigns target specific audiences.

  • Additional opt-in or standalone services include music management, PR, sync licensing, and graphic design; to name a few.

  • Musicians receive personalized attention for their unique promotional needs.

Who It's Best For:

  • Musicians seeking precision-targeted social media marketing efforts.

  • Those interested in a comprehensive suite of promotional services for a holistic approach to promote music effectively.

  • Artists looking for personalized attention and custom-tailored campaigns.

Unique Features:

  • Precision-targeted social media advertising.

  • Comprehensive services beyond playlist promotion.

  • Personalized attention to each artist's promotional needs.


  • Highly targeted promotion to specific demographics.

  • Access to a range of services for comprehensive promotion.

  • Personalized campaigns for each artist.

Overview: Groover takes a holistic approach to music promotion, offering services ranging from playlist promotion and connecting with PR services to reaching media outlets, social media content creators, and even record labels. It provides a one-stop solution for aspiring music artists looking to diversify their promotional efforts.

How It Works:

  • Musicians submit their tracks to Groover.

  • Groover's platform connects artists with playlist curators, PR services, journalists, and more.

  • Musicians receive feedback and constructive criticism from professionals.

  • Access to a wide network of industry contacts for comprehensive promotion.

Who It's Best For:

  • Musicians looking for comprehensive music promotion services online.

  • Those seeking feedback from industry professionals.

  • Indie artists aiming for exposure across various media outlets, from music blogs to Spotify playlists.

  • Artists who are looking for cheap music promotion, as there is no minimum budget.

Unique Features:

  • Direct connection with PR services, playlist curators, and journalists.

  • Access to a broad network, including social media influencers and record labels.

  • Comprehensive promotional services beyond playlist placement.


  • Diversified promotion across multiple channels.

  • Valuable feedback from industry players.

  • Opportunities for exposure to promote music in various media outlets.

To read our full review of the Groover platform, click here.

Overview: VIRPP revolutionizes the promotional landscape by providing a platform for musicians to directly upload demos for record labels' review. Unlike other online music promotion services, VIRPP's main purpose is not for digital marketing, but rather for connecting with music industry experts.

This helps the chances of signing with a label, and having professionals handle the intricacies of music marketing strategy; offering a full service approach for artists.

How It Works:

  • Musicians submit their demos directly to record labels on the VIRPP platform.

  • Labels review the demos and provide feedback or express interest.

  • Opportunities for signing with labels and receiving professional marketing support.

  • Direct access to industry professionals for personalized guidance.

Who It's Best For:

  • Musicians looking to sign with record labels.

  • Those seeking direct feedback and interest from industry professionals.

  • Artists interested in a hands-on approach to music marketing.

Unique Features:

  • Direct submission of demos to record labels.

  • Opportunities for direct interaction with industry professionals.

  • Increased chances of signing with labels for ongoing support.


  • Direct access to industry professionals.

  • Increased chances of signing with record labels.

  • Professional marketing support for signed artists.

Ok, you got me. I guess lied about reviewing the five best music promotion services... let's do a sixth.

Overview: Indie Music Academy is one of the top destinations for independent artists seeking education and resources to enhance their music careers.

With a focus on skill development, industry insights, and community support, their skills in the area of independent music promotions serve as a valuable asset for musicians looking to navigate the complexities of the modern music landscape.

Who It's Best For:

  • Independent artists looking for educational resources and community support.

  • Musicians seeking expert guidance and industry insights.

  • Those who want to integrate their learning directly into their music promotion strategies.

Unique Features:

  • Comprehensive educational resources covering various aspects of the music industry.

  • Vibrant community forums for collaboration and networking.

  • Expert guidance from industry professionals through webinars and interviews.

  • Exclusive access to premium content and events within the Indie Music Academy ecosystem.


  • Skill development through targeted educational content.

  • Indie Music Academy community support and collaboration opportunities.

  • Exclusive insights and opportunities within the music industry.

  • Seamless integration with leading music promotion services for practical application.

And... surprise! Here's another new addition that we just couldn't leave out.

Overview: YouGrow positions itself as a unique player in the music promotion services arena, offering a platform designed to foster the growth of emerging musicians. While it may not have the same expansive playlist network as some competitors, YouGrow distinguishes itself through personalized strategies and a focus on cultivating an artist's long-term development.

YouGrow offers Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube promotion. Let's look at how it works.

How It Works:

  1. Submission and Assessment: Musicians submit their tracks to YouGrow, providing essential information about their style and aspirations. The platform places emphasis on understanding the artist's unique identity.

  2. Personalized Growth Plans: YouGrow's team assesses each submission and collaborates with artists to create personalized growth plans. This may include a combination of playlist placements, social media strategies, and other tailored approaches.

  3. Educational Resources: Unlike some other services, YouGrow goes beyond promotion by offering educational resources. Artists gain insights into the industry, digital marketing, and strategies for long-term success.

  4. Community Engagement: YouGrow encourages artists to engage with its community. This facilitates networking, collaboration opportunities, and the chance to learn from fellow musicians' experiences.

Who It's Best For:

  • Musicians seeking a holistic approach to growth beyond playlist placements.

  • Artists looking for personalized strategies and educational resources.

  • Those interested in community engagement and networking opportunities.

Unique Features:

  • Personalized growth plans tailored to each artist's unique needs.

  • Emphasis on artist education and long-term career development.

  • A supportive community fostering collaboration and shared learning.


  • Comprehensive strategies for overall career growth.

  • Access to educational resources for skill enhancement.

  • Networking opportunities within a supportive community.

In conclusion, YouGrow stands out for its commitment to the artist's journey, providing not only indie music promotion services like YouTube music promotion and placements in Spotify playlists, but also a pathway to long-term success.

Last but not least, here's the latest service we've worked with and would recommend to artists.

Overview: Tracks To The Max is a top-tier promotion service is committed to authentic engagement, avoiding bots and artificial tactics to ensure genuine streams and listener interaction. With an impressive track record of over 100 million delivered streams and collaborations with 250+ curators and tastemakers, Tracks To The Max guarantees that your music will reach the right audience.

Their approach focuses on securing strategic playlist placements to organically boost your Spotify profile. And it doesn't stop there – Tracks To The Max also extends its top-tier services to SoundCloud and YouTube, backed by transparent refund policies and dedicated customer support.

How It Works:

  1. Place Order: Choose your service and campaign size based on your budget and needs, and place your order.

  2. Pitching Process: Tracks To The Max starts pitching your track to their verified curator network, typically within 1-2 business days. Curators listen to your song and decide whether to share it or not.

  3. Results: Once your song(s) have been pitched to the network, you'll start seeing results based on the services you selected. Gain access to their customer dashboard and enjoy the growth.

Who It's Best For:

  • Tracks To The Max caters to all independent artists and labels seeking genuine engagement and real results.

Unique Features:

  • Customer Dashboard: Stay informed and track your progress with their intuitive dashboard.

  • Verified Curator Network: Benefit from collaborations with a network of verified curators and tastemakers.

  • Zero Bots: Tracks To The Max guarantees authentic engagement, steering clear of bot-driven tactics.

  • Risk-Free, 100% Refund Guarantee: Rest assured with their transparent refund policy, ensuring your satisfaction.


  • Triggers the Algorithm: Getting on playlists signals the algorithm that people enjoy your music, increasing your chances of being featured on Discover Weekly and more.

  • Get Noticed: Secure placements on popular and curated playlists to make your music more visible to a larger audience.

  • Get Discovered: Reach potential fans who might enjoy your music, helping you grow your fanbase.

  • Credibility: Boost your reputation as a musician by showcasing that playlist makers value your music.

  • Increased Streaming Revenue: More streams mean higher revenue, along with a boost in monthly listeners.

  • Brand Exposure: Expand your artist brand by exposing yourself to broader audiences and fostering recognition within the industry.

For detailed information on pricing and packages, head over to Tracks To The Max's website.

Independent Artist Strategies:

While external music promotion services offer valuable support, independent artists must actively engage in self-promotion to build a robust brand.

In addition to using the above mentioned music promotion sites, here's a few key tips aspiring artists should focus on when promoting their music online.

1. Social Media Consistency:

Regular posting on social media platforms at least twice a week ensures a consistent online presence. Engaging content keeps followers interested and attracts new audiences.

2. Community Interaction:

Active participation in online music communities fosters a sense of community and provides exposure to potential fans and collaborators. Genuine engagement enhances your visibility in the music scene.

3. Local Hype Building:

Building local hype is crucial for independent artists. Engaging with local fans, attending events, and collaborating with fellow musicians contribute to a strong and supportive local network.

4. Collaborate with Influencers:

Identify influencers in your genre or niche, and collaborate on content. Influencers can help broaden your reach and establish credibility. As a tip, Micro-influencers are often both cheaper and more effective for independent artists.

5. Create Engaging Visual Content:

Incorporate visually appealing content into your promotional strategy. Music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and visually striking artwork can captivate your audience and make your brand memorable.

6. Utilize Email Marketing:

Build an email list and regularly communicate with your audience. Email marketing allows you to share updates, exclusive content, and upcoming releases directly with your most dedicated fans.

7. Seek Local Partnerships:

Forge partnerships with local businesses, radio stations, or event organizers. Local collaborations can amplify your presence and open doors to new opportunities within your community.

In Conclusion: The Best Music Promotion Services

As the music industry continues to evolve, adapting to the changing landscape becomes paramount for musicians managing their music online.

Utilizing trusted music promotion services, combined with proactive self-promotion strategies, empowers independent artists to navigate their careers successfully.

Whether through playlisting, PR efforts, or label collaborations, a well-rounded approach is key to achieving sustainable success on music streaming services.

By incorporating additional strategies and staying adaptable, independent artists can build a resilient foundation for a flourishing music career.

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