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Groover Music: The Ultimate Tool for Emerging Musicians (Our Review)

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Groover Music: The Ultimate Tool for Emerging Musicians (our Groover review)

As an emerging artist, it can be challenging to break through the noise and get your music heard. The music industry is highly competitive and oversaturated with thousands of other emerging artists competing for attention.

But what if there was a platform that could help you reach your target audience and connect with industry professionals who can take your music career to the next level? That's where Groover Music comes in.

In this blog post, we will dive into the world of Groover Music, a unique and innovative music promotion platform that aims to connect independent musicians with music professionals, influencers, Spotify playlist owners, and media outlets.

Without further ado, let's get right into our Groover review!


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What is Groover Music?

At its core, Groover Music is a game-changing platform designed to bridge the gap between musicians and industry professionals. It operates on the belief that talented artists deserve a fair chance to showcase their music and connect with the right people who can propel their careers forward.

So, how does Groover Music work? It's quite simple, really.

As an artist, you create a profile on their innovative web platform, then upload your desired music for promotion.

The submission process on Groover is rather simple, as artists can target a list of music professionals, including journalists, Spotify playlists, radio hosts, record labels, and influencers; who are specifically interested in discovering new talent.

Even better, when you submit music you can expect plenty of feedback since well, they have feedback guaranteed for artist submissions.

Groover Connects artists with labels seeking emerging talents

But Groover Music is more than just a submission platform. It facilitates direct communication and engagement between musicians and industry professionals, allowing for valuable feedback, potential collaborations, and even media coverage.

By leveraging Groover Music's extensive network, Groover helps artists submit their music directly to key players, as an opportunity to make meaningful connections and open doors that would otherwise be difficult to access independently.

How Does Groover Music Work?

Now that we have an understanding of what Groover Music is and its mission to connect artists with influencers and music professionals, let's take a closer look at how the platform works.

1. Create an Artist Profile

Start by signing up on the Groover Music website and creating your artist profile. Provide essential information such as your artist or band name, genre, location, and a brief bio that highlights your unique sound and achievements.

Your artist profile serves as a representation of your own music, so make sure to showcase your personality and style.

2. Submitting Your Music

As an independent artist, the submission process is a breeze. Artists can easily submit your music to Groover Music for revie, simply upload your tracks (with a SoundCloud, YouTube, or Spotify link), along with any relevant information such as genre, release date, and a brief bio about yourself or your band.

Then, select relevant music curators or media outlets when sharing your new music.

3. Target Influencers

Groover Music takes a unique approach to promote your music by connecting you directly with relevant influencers and music professionals. These influencers include radio hosts, DJs, journalists, playlist curators, music blogs, and more.

Groover Music carefully matches your music with influencers who are most likely to appreciate and support your style and genre via their social media posts.

4. Building Relationships

Once your music is submitted, it enters a targeted influencer campaign. Groover Music's team ensures that your tracks are listened to by the selected influencers.

reach multiple curators of popular spotify playlists and land playlist placements with one of the best submithub alternatives

These influencers then have the opportunity to provide feedback, share your music on their platforms, or even consider it for airplay or placement in Spotify playlists.

5. Feedback and Analytics

One of the valuable aspects of using Groover Music is the feedback you receive from influencers. They can leave comments, ratings, and reviews on your tracks, giving you insights into how your music is perceived by industry professionals.

Additionally, Groover Music provides analytics and data on the performance of your tracks, giving you valuable information on engagement, reach, and overall impact.

The Benefits of Using Groover Music

Now that we understand how Groover Music works, let's discuss the benefits it offers to independent musicians:

Targeted exposure

One of the biggest advantages of using Groover Music is its targeted exposure. The platform connects artists with targeted industry professionals who are actively looking for new talent in their respective fields.

Artists can select where they'd like to submit music to, allowing them to have their music heard by whichever media outlets they desire. This means that artists can get their music in front of the right people, increasing their chances of securing partnerships and placements in Spotify playlists or radio stations.

Valuable feedback

Groover Music provides artists with detailed feedback on their submissions, with constructive criticism and advice on how to move forward in the industry from professionals. This can help artists improve their music and hone their craft.

The platform allows artists to test their music on a global audience and get unbiased feedback across a range of categories, such as songwriting, production, sound mixing, and graphic design.

New artists can also promote their music with the best media outlet, playlist push!

Affordable pricing

Groover Music operates on a credit-based system, which is affordable and cost-effective for emerging musicians who are just starting their careers. The platform offers different pricing plans that suit different budgets and needs.

Artists can purchase credits starting from €3.99 for one credit to send one track to one professional, with discounts for bulk purchasing credits. This approach ensures that artists have control over their costs with full transparency of their expenses when submitting their songs.

5 Tips for Maximizing Success on Groover Music

To make the most out of your experience with Groover Music and increase your chances of success, consider the following tips:

independent musicians can get their music heard by the best curators on streaming platforms with groover music

Choose the Right Tracks

Select your strongest and most representative tracks for submission. Focus on quality over quantity. By showcasing your best work, you'll leave a lasting impression on influencers and increase the likelihood of positive feedback and support.

Research Influencers

Take the time to research and understand the influencers you're targeting. Familiarize yourself with their preferred genres, playlists, and platforms. This will help you tailor your submissions and increase the chances of a meaningful connection and receiving acceptances from playlist curators.

Craft a Compelling Bio

Your artist or band bio is an essential component of your Groover Music profile. Write a captivating and concise bio that highlights your unique story, sound, and achievements. A well-crafted bio can capture the attention of influencers and make them more inclined to explore your music.

Engage and Network

Don't limit yourself to just submitting your music. Engage with influencers and other artists on the Groover Music platform. Leave thoughtful comments, support other musicians, and build relationships within the community. Networking and collaboration can open doors to new opportunities and widen your reach.

Act on Feedback

When you receive feedback from influencers, take it seriously and act upon it. Use constructive criticism to improve your music, refine your sound, and grow as an artist. Showing that you are receptive to feedback demonstrates professionalism and a commitment to continuous improvement.

My Thoughts

Here's my two cents. I have been a curator on Groover for a few months, and have also seen artists use the platform with mixed results.

Their platform is easy-to-use and most interactions are kind and mutually beneficial. I like their commitment to growing their reach, especially internationally.

At the end of the day, the song you promote on Groover still has to sound professional and be submitted to the appropriate audiences to succeed. When done correctly, the platform is certainly beneficial to independent musicians.

Groover is one of the best SubmitHub alternatives, and we recommend you give it a shot today. To sign up for you first Groover campaign, click here.


In conclusion, Groover Music is a powerful and effective music promotion platform that empowers independent artists to take control of their music careers.

With its innovative features, personalized approach, and vast network of industry professionals, Groover Music provides a valuable opportunity for musicians to gain exposure, connect with influential individuals, and increase their fan base.

Through its user-friendly interface and targeted campaigns, Groover Music streamlines the process of submitting music to playlist curators, radio stations, and other key players in the music industry.

If you're an independent artist looking to elevate your music career, it's time to take advantage of what Groover Music, an elite SubmitHub alternative, has to offer.

Visit the Groover website today & sign up to unleash the full potential of your music.

Experience the personalized approach, detailed feedback, and targeted campaigns that can propel your music career forward. Whether you're a singer-songwriter, band member, or producer, Groover Music is your ally in navigating the competitive music landscape and making meaningful connections.

Don't let your talent go unnoticed in a crowded industry—embrace the opportunity to reach new audiences, connect with industry professionals, and gain the recognition you deserve.

It's time to make your mark and share your passion with the world. Let Groover Music be your guide as you navigate the exciting and ever-evolving music industry.

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