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Playlist Push Review | Evaluating the Music Promotion Service

Updated: Jan 23

Playlist Push Review | Evaluating the Music Promotion Service for both the playlist curator and tiktok creator

The music landscape has undergone a significant transformation with the rise of music streaming services.

Among them, Spotify stands out as a giant, boasting over 300 million monthly active users, with 130 million of them as premium subscribers.

For artists, this presents both opportunities and challenges. While streaming services empower independent artists with the potential to reach millions of listeners, the earnings per stream are modest at best. The real game-changer lies in being featured on relevant and popular playlists.

But here's the catch: gaining a spot on bigger playlists is far from easy. That's where a service like Playlist Push can help.

Playlist Push is a third-party platform that facilitates independent artists in getting their songs featured on user-generated playlists. The company pitches songs to Spotify playlist curators, hoping to secure placements that could lead to appearances on official playlists. In turn, the curators monetize their playlists by reviewing the songs, creating a win-win situation for both artists and curators.

In this blog post we will review PlaylistPush, show you how to use the service, share real results from a campaign we ran anonymously, and give you our two cents on whether or not you should try it for yourself.

Without further ado, let's jump right in!


Table of Contents:


So, how does Playlist Push work from both the artist's and curator's perspectives?

Playlist Push For Artists

When artists join Playlist Push, they apply for marketing campaigns to promote their singles or albums. The process involves providing their music, hometown, genre, and relevant social links. Each campaign's price depends on various factors, mainly revolving around the genre of music.

The platform then pitches the submitted songs to verified curators, who listen, rate, and provide feedback on the tracks. The artists receive frequent emails with detailed reports on their songs' performance on Spotify.

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This includes data on the popularity of the songs, number of plays, new followers, and monthly listeners, among other valuable insights.

It's essential to note that a typical Playlist Push campaign focuses on independent artists and doesn't promote those signed to record labels. Their mission centers on empowering emerging artists to gain traction and recognition in the industry.

Playlist Push for Curators

On the other side of the business model, Playlist Push boasts a network of over 1,000 curators. (I was once of these!)

These playlist curators are individuals who review songs and manage playlists on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music. Playlist Push offers these experts an opportunity to earn from their reviews. If a curator enjoys a song, they can add it to one of their playlists, further increasing the artist's exposure.

Becoming a curator is not a straightforward process, as certain conditions must be met. For instance, a playlist curator must own a playlist with more than 1,000 real followers on one of the supported platforms. Your own Spotify playlist or Apple Music playlist must also have certain levels of activity in terms of recurring listeners.

How To Start a Playlist Push Campaign

Starting a campaign on Playlist Push is a thrilling step for independent artists looking to boost their music's visibility and reach new audiences on Spotify.

The platform offers a user-friendly and intuitive process that makes it relatively straightforward for artists to begin their journey towards playlist success.

Here's a breakdown of the process for starting a campaign on Playlist Push:

1. Sign Up and Create an Account

Obviously, the first step is to visit the Playlist Push website and sign up for an account.

Artists will need to provide some essential information, such as their name, email address, and a secure password. Once the sign-up process is complete, artists will have access to their personalized dashboard, where the magic begins.

Playlist Push works without needing to create an account, as you can just click "Start Campaign". However, in my opinion it's a good idea to setup an account before looking to spend any money.

2. Choose Your Campaign Type

Once inside the dashboard, artists are presented with various campaign types to choose from. Playlist Push offers different options to cater to artists' diverse needs and budgets.

The campaign types vary in duration, target audience, and/or promotion strategy. It's crucial for artists to select the campaign that aligns best with their goals and budget for their new songs.

3. Submit Your Song and Information

After selecting the campaign type, artists will need to provide their song, spotify profile, slected genres and other relevant information to get the ball rolling.

This includes the song file itself, its metadata (title, artist name, social links, etc.), and the desired platform(s) to target out of Spotify or TikTok.

With PlaylistPush you can pitch your music through Playlist Push legit to spotify playlists or tiktok video creators

The more precise and accurate the information, the better Playlist Push can match the song with suitable playlist curators.

4. Review Your Submission

Once all the required information is submitted, artists have the opportunity to review their campaign details before officially launching it.

Double-checking everything at this stage is crucial to ensure that the campaign accurately reflects the artist's intentions and preferences.

5. Set Your Budget and Launch

With everything in order, it's time to set the campaign budget.

Playlist Push offers different pricing options based on the chosen campaign type, and artists can decide how much they're willing to invest in their music promotion.

After choosing a budget, artists can launch their campaign and eagerly await the results.

6. Curator Reviews and Feedback

Once the campaign is live, Playlist Push pitches the submitted song to verified playlist curators within their network. These curators listen to the songs, rate them, and provide valuable feedback. A final report will also be provided if you opt-in.

While curators are not obligated to take any specific action, their feedback can offer insightful perspectives on the song's appeal and potential for success.

7. Track Campaign Performance

Throughout the campaign, artists receive regular updates and detailed reports on their song's performance.

These reports include essential data such as the number of plays, new followers, and monthly listeners.

Monitoring the campaign's progress can help both experienced and new artists understand the effectiveness of Playlist Push and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Also, be sure to monitor Spotify for Artists to measure the playlisting effectiveness and potential Spotify account growth.

8. Assess Results and Continue Growing

As the campaign concludes, artists can assess the results and gain insights into their music's reception among the targeted audience. It's essential to remember that the success of a campaign extends beyond immediate numbers.

Building a strong foundation for music growth takes time and dedication. Artists can use the gained insights to continue refining their music promotion and reach even greater heights in their musical journey.


Starting a campaign on Playlist Push is an exciting opportunity for artists to showcase their talent, connect with new listeners, and potentially secure coveted spots on curated playlists.

Now, the question arises: is Playlist Push worth the investment?

No Playlist Push review would be complete without a dedicated pros and cons section, so let's break it down.

PlaylistPush Pros:

1. Respectable Reach

The platform claims to provide access to over 25 million listeners, saving artists the hassle of reaching out to individual curators.

2. Informative Feedback

Artists receive detailed reports on their campaigns, offering valuable insights on their songs' performance and audience engagement.

3. Efforts to Weed Out Fake Accounts

Playlist Push closely monitors all curators' accounts to ensure that only real and active accounts are part of their network, protecting artists from bots or suspicious activities. Interstingly enough, less than 1% of playlists are accepted to Playlist Push.

PlaylistPush Cons:

1. Too Reliant on Spotify

While Spotify is undoubtedly a major player, diversifying one's reach is crucial for a successful music career. Luckily, they plan to expand more into TikTok in the future.

2. Costly Campaigns

Prices range from $285 to over $1,000 per campaign, which might be a significant investment for new musicians seeking to establish themselves in the industry, with unguaranteed results

My Thoughts on Playlist Push

When it comes to platforms for reviewing songs, Playlist Push is definitely on the higher side in terms of total cost. However, they are on the lower side for difficulty, as the process to pitch your music to their network of Spotify playlists is made extremely simple.

Playlist Push will handle all the heavy lifting in that regard, you just need to wait for the Spotify playlist curators on Playlist Push to either approve or decline sharing your song, along with their feedback.

From personal experience and reading other Playlist Push reviews on online forums, acceptance rate is usually far lower than artists expect. For this reason, you likely need a very large budget to gain any serious traction on either Spotify or TikTok.

Playlist Push Results

In order to more accurately determine effectiveness of this service, I decided to run a Spotify playlist campaign through their platform.

In short, the results were far better than expected. With a total budget of $218 after the refund from inactive curators, I was able to land 17 playlist placements.

playlist push legit results of more listeners and more money for new music

You might initially think an average of about $13 for placement is alright, but the combined following of the playlist adds totaled over 200,000 followers. Wow!

In the first 28 days of the campaign running, the song has gained over 25,000 streams as a direct result of my PlaylistPush campaign. That's pretty impressive...

A few things to consider with this campaign:

  • The promoted song was high-quality and fit a niche genre & style

    • This resulted in about a 50% acceptance rate, which is unexpectedly high

  • The streams will continue to increase until the placements are removed

  • Playlist Push was totally unaware I would share these results

Ultimately, I was very impressed. It only took me a few minutes to setup, and the results were far better than I expected, landing my song in big playlist popular with music lovers I was looking to reach. Fair play.

Playlist Push Alternatives

Let's give Playlist Push a solid 4/5.

Are there better third party Music Promotion services? In my opinion, yes.

Here are just a few alternatives to Playlist Push where you can expect more bang for your buck.

We have been partnered with this service for quite a long time, as they are our go-to when it comes to playlisting needs. Their advanced data shows playlist growth, playlist legitimacy (use of bots or other shady tactics), and even Spotify playlist curator contact information.

Use our referral link to get 10% off their premium plan, or try out the service completely free. It's worth it.

We have also already written a detailed breakdown of this service, so I'll leave a link to the full article here:

In short, Groover is a more affordable Playlist Push, often with better results.

SubmitHub is another great third-party service for pitching you music to Spotify playlist curators, social media influencers, bloggers, and more.

There is far more customization, but usually the reach is far lower. For smaller budgets, I'd recommend SubmitHub, for bigger budgets, I'd recommend PlaylistPush.

Read all about their service here:

SoundCampaign is evolving the landscape of music promotion for artists. Through precisely targeted advertising, strategic influencer collaborations, and curated playlist placements, this platform fosters genuine connections between musicians and their target audience.

While there is no guarantee of absolute success, embracing constructive feedback and nurturing creativity can propel your music career to unprecedented heights.

Consider SoundCampaign as a compelling Playlistpush alternative, providing diverse opportunities to amplify your music's influence across various platforms.

Lastly, us. *cough cough*

Yes, we are a music marketing agency that specializes in playlist promotion and social media advertising!

Plus, submitting music to us is a breeze, and doesn't cost a penny.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to send us your music today!

When considering a PlaylistPush alternative, be sure to consider all choices! Best of luck, artists! :)

In Conclusion

Ultimately, Playlist Push can be a valuable tool for independent artists looking to gain exposure and reach new audiences on Spotify.

However, artists should carefully evaluate the costs and benefits before embarking on a campaign, considering their specific goals and circumstances.

While Playlist Push offers an avenue to boost Spotify metrics, it's essential to remember that the true value of an artist's music extends beyond mere stream counts.

There are plenty of options nowadays when it comes to music promotion, so don't feel the need to have to choose just one service! Test out as many as you can, and find what works for you.

Best of luck artists, take care until next Wednesday!

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