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Music PR

We have partnered with one of the most trusted music marketing & artist branding PR firms in the industry.

Achieve success with a variety of music promotion and PR campaigns available.

From inception to triumph, use our new PR partnership to seamlessly navigate your path to success.

New! Run your music PR campaign with one of the best music promotion companies
If you need press releases from music publicists, we got you covered.

Why PR Matters:

Strategic Collaboration with Starlight PR:

What Sets Us Apart (Key Features):

Welcome to our cutting-edge PR services designed exclusively for independent musicians! Elevate your music journey with our innovative public relations offerings, a collaboration born out of a dynamic partnership with Starlight PR.

Navigating the competitive music industry requires more than just talent; it demands strategic visibility. Our PR services are tailored to empower independent artists, providing a pathway to amplify your presence, connect with your audience, and propel your career to new heights.

In our commitment to supporting independent musicians, we've joined forces with Starlight PR, a renowned name in the industry. This collaboration combines our expertise in empowering artists with Starlight PR's track record of success in publicity, creating a powerhouse of resources dedicated to your artistic journey.

  • Media Placement: Our PR services include targeted efforts to secure features in influential media outlets, giving your music the spotlight it deserves.

  • Strategic Partnerships: We help you forge meaningful collaborations and partnerships within the industry to expand your reach and influence.

  • Online Presence: Enhance your online presence through effective PR strategies, ensuring that your brand is well-represented across digital platforms.

By choosing our PR services, you're not just investing in publicity; you're investing in the realization of your musical aspirations. Whether you're releasing new music, planning a tour, or seeking broader recognition, our PR strategies are finely tuned to meet your specific goals.

Popular campaigns offer a dedicated PR team, blogs and magazine placements, live podcast and radio interviews, press releases, TikTok & Spotify promotion, and other customizable elements.

Take the leap towards a more visible and impactful musical journey. Partner with us and Starlight PR to unlock the full potential of your music in the digital age. It's time to make waves, and we're here to help you ride them to success.

Why choose our partnered Music PR agency?

More Information:

Why Choose iST/PR?

Music PR options

At iSpyTunes, we are ready to assist you with your Music PR needs.

Nowadays, so many musicians assume press releases & music publicists are out of reach.

However, thanks to our partnership, we can offer huge discounts on music PR services for independent musicians from one of the top music PR firms in the music industry.

Music Public Relations, or music PR, is more than just a press release from a music publicist. It's a full-service promotional campaign.


A music PR campaign can help strengthen your relationship with current fans, and also advance your music career by attracting a new, cold audience.

Plus, use coupon code "SPY53" for 53% off your music PR needs!

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53% OFF




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