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"iSpyTunes has been the best, period. First, their growing playlists helped to gain me new listeners. Then, I expanded our relationship as they setup Facebook ads which got insane results on ROI. Would recommend for sure." - @toozmusic (10m+ streams)

"Working with iSpyTunes has been effective and easy. They're great people and want to make sure you get as much exposure as possible! They even got me hooked up with other artists to work with!" - @shaggynoscoob (400k+ streams)

"I love iSpyTunes!! They ran awesome ads for my music, and I eventually released my first ever project with their label. They felt more like a needed friend than a company, and produced amazing results!! 10/10." - @toounbotheredmusic (1.5m+ streams)

Social Media Marketing Strategy to Increase Brand Awareness

Target Audience Research & Dev

Step 1

Graphic Design for Social media advertising for music promotion

Graphic Design for Creatives

Step 2

using social media platforms to implement the social media strategy

Campaign Creation

Step 3

utilizing social media analytics to improve our digital marketing campaign results

Monitoring & Optimization

Step 4

We kick off our music marketing process by delving deep into understanding your audience.


Through careful analysis and research, we identify the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral traits of your target listeners.


This knowledge allows us to tailor your campaign to resonate with your specific audience, ensuring maximum engagement and impact.


We believe that knowing your fans is the foundation of a successful marketing strategy.

Target Audience

gain a social media presence and generate leads with tradtional marketing efforts

Graphic Design

Graphic Design for Social Media users

Visual identity is paramount in capturing your audience's attention for any social media marketing campaign.


Our experienced graphic design team crafts stunning visual content, including album artwork, promotional banners, and social media visuals, all aligned with your music's theme and brand.


By blending artistic creativity with strategic design principles, we ensure that your music stands out in the crowded online landscape and leaves a lasting impression.

Building upon audience insights and captivating visuals, we create a tailored social media marketing campaign that embodies your music's essence.


From impactful storytelling to innovative content formats, we employ diverse strategies across various social media platforms to engage your audience authentically.


Whether it's teaser posts, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, or song/album promotion, we curate a multi-faceted campaign that captures attention and sparks conversations.

Campaign Creation

Apple Music
Create engaging content on Instagram
Facebook social media channels
TikTok social media posts

Data Analysis

Optimizing Social Media Marketing Efforts

The key to a successful music marketing campaign lies in continuous improvement.


We don't just launch and forget; we meticulously track every aspect of your campaign's performance.


Through A/B testing, we fine-tune content elements to find what resonates best with your audience.


We monitor real-time data, analyzing engagement rates, click-throughs, and conversions.


This ongoing evaluation empowers us to optimize your campaign, making data-driven adjustments that drive better results and amplify your music's reach.

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