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Apple Music for Artists: Empowering Independent Musicians (Our Review)

Apple Music for Artists: Empowering Independent Musicians (Our Review)

We have discussed Spotify for Artists at length quite a few times before (1, 2), but what about Apple Music for Artists?

Apple Music for Artists may not offer as much data as Spotify for Artists, but it has been improving over the past few years and now holds plenty of valuable information for independent musicians.

In this blog post, we will explore the key features and benefits of Apple Music for Artists and how it can be a game-changer for independent musicians. And, as a bonus, we have a way to locate some hidden Apple Music stats.

Let's dive right in.


Table of Contents:


1. Data-driven Insights

First and foremost, Apple Music analytics allow artists to access a wealth of information about their listeners including demographics, listening habits, and geographic locations. This data allows artists to understand their audience better, tailor their marketing strategies, and make informed decisions about their music career.

1.1 Demographic Insights

Apple Music for Artists provides demographic insights, as artists can access the cities or countries where their music is most popular.

Apple Music Streaming Platform demographic data of biggest locations of apple music subscription streams

This data can help artists identify target markets, plan tour dates, and tailor their content to resonate with specific demographics.

1.2 Listening Habits

Apple Music for Artists provides valuable insights into listening habits including an artist's most played songs, average daily listeners, iTunes song purchases, and the number of Shazams.

Apple Music listening habits for more music on your own page and potentially any featured artists

This information helps artists identify fan favorites, gauge audience preferences, and optimize their future releases.

2. Real-time Performance Metrics

Gone are the days when musicians had to wait weeks or months to gauge the impact of their releases.

With Apple Music for Artists, independent musicians can access real-time performance metrics for their tracks, albums, and playlists.

With only about a 24-hour delay, musicians can track the number of plays, song downloads, and even monitor how listeners discover their distributed music.

This up-to-date information empowers musicians to adapt and refine their promotional efforts based on immediate data.

2.1 Song and Album Performance

Apple Music for Artists provides comprehensive data on the performance of individual songs and albums. Artists can track metrics such as total plays, daily plays, and listener engagement over time.

Locate your artist name to see your plays by song on Apple Music

This granular insight allows musicians to identify which songs resonate the most with their audience and make informed decisions when selecting future singles or planning album releases.

2.2 Shazam Integration

Apple Music for Artists seamlessly integrates with Shazam, the popular music identification app. When a user discovers a song through Shazam, the data is shared with Apple Music for Artists, providing artists with valuable information about their Shazam tags.

Access Shazam information on your own artist page with Apple Music for Artists

By monitoring Shazam tags, musicians can gain insights into which songs are being actively sought out by listeners. This information can help artists understand which tracks have the potential for viral success, allowing them to focus their promotional efforts and capitalize on emerging trends.

Note: This is my personal favorite data-point in the Apple Music for Artists app.

3. Artist Profile Customization

Apple Music for Artists provides independent musicians with a dedicated artist profile, acting as a central hub for their music.

Artists can personalize their artist page by adding images, updating their bio, and showcasing their latest releases, and more.

This allows musicians to present a cohesive brand identity and engage their fan base with compelling visuals and captivating stories.

3.1 Visual Branding

With the ability to customize their artist profiles, musicians can establish a strong visual brand presence on Apple Music.

Choose a profile image for that helps leave a lasting impression and fosters a sense of connection with listener's of the artist's music.

3.2 Bio and Storytelling

The artist bio is an essential component of the artist profile, providing an opportunity to share the artist's story and connect with fans on a personal level.

Answer questions for your artist page bio by signing into your Apple ID and choosing your artist name

Independent musicians can use this space to highlight their musical journey, influences, or any collaborations.

If desired, easily add any musical influences to your artist page with artists apple music

Crafting a compelling bio helps create an emotional connection with fans and builds a loyal fan base.

4. Promote New Music on Apple Music

Apple Music for Artists also allows musicians to easily share promotional assets for any desired social platforms.

apple artists promotional tool via your artist page in apple music for artists

Artist's can customize the layout to get the perfect feel for their songs. Portrait is recommended, as it works best for both mobile and desktop.

Sign in with your apple ID to log in to apple music to artists, then you can promote your top songs on your artist page

Best if all, the song is synced on other streaming platforms, so listeners who are not an Apple Music subscriber can enjoy the music on their preferred streaming service.

Plus, it's completely free. Definitely a neat tool.

5. BONUS: Hidden Apple Music for Artists Data

A few months ago, I found a loophole to see even more Apple Music data.

To see these hidden Apple Music stats, you need to be distributing your music with DistroKid.

If you use DistroKid, check this out.

To find advanced Apple Music data that isn't show on Apple Music for Artists...

  1. Login to DistroKid

  2. Click the "Stats" tab

  3. Toggle over to choose "Apple Music" of the Streaming Platforms option

how to check apple music stats for artists

Now, you can scroll down and see plenty of detailed graphs and charts displaying an artist's top songs, age and gender data, and more.

how to check apple music stats for artists with distrokid

Here are my three favorite insights— listening stats, streams by type, and streams by source.

how to check apple music stats for artists with hidden, advanced data

With this data, you can see how often your music is completed in full or skipped; you can see how often Apple Music playlists drive traffic versus radio stations or album play; and you can also see how often people listen via their library. Pretty cool stuff.

Note: You can segment an specific album or single, or choose to view the data of all your music.

In Conclusion

Apple Music for Artists is a game-changer for independent musicians, offering a plethora of features and insights that can elevate their music careers.

From data-driven analytics to real-time performance metrics, the platform empowers artists to connect with their audience, refine their strategies, and make informed decisions.

If you're an independent musician looking to amplify your reach and establish a strong presence in the digital music landscape, Apple Music for Artists is a tool you shouldn't overlook.

Take care, and until next time artists!

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