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Spotify for Artists: A Revolutionary Update | Clips, Discovery Mode, Countdown Pages & more

Spotify for Artists Update | Online Video Spotify Clips, Discovery Mode, New Release Countdown Pages aka Album Pages, and more

Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform, is rolling out a massive update that introduces new tools to improve the music-listening experience for fans and artists alike.

The new suite of tools includes the much-awaited Spotify Clips, the Countdown feature, a Showcase marketing tool, Discovery Mode, and additional ways for artists to make money on Spotify.

Without further ado, let's dive right into the Spotify for Artists update.

1. Spotify Clips

Social media has obviously become a significant tool for fans to connect with their favorite artists. However, transitioning fans from social media to Spotify can be challenging at times, leading to some fans getting lost along the way.

Spotify Clips is a new feature that provides short-form, less than 30 second vertical videos directly on the Spotify platform, making it much easier for artists to connect with fans while listeners simultaneously enjoy their music.

How will Clips work?

Spotify clips are a short form video on the artist profile while the artists helps invite fans to join a countdown page for an upcoming release, or just to make a quick viral loop

All artists will need to do is record a short video, upload it to Spotify, and tag it to a specific song or release. Fans can then opt to watch the clip while listening to the song, giving them an understanding of the artist's creative process or a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the track.

There will be so many different applications of these short form videos. Artists could use Clips to offer their fans a sneak peek at an upcoming release, make a video with a collaborator, show off their new merch, or simply explain the deeper meaning behind their song.

Ultimately, by harnessing the power short form video platforms utilize, fans (who deserve deeper storytelling) will be able to connect much more to each song, quickly. Although the feature is currently in beta, we are excited for when this social video technology goes live.

2. Spotify Countdown Pages

Countdown is another new tool designed to bridge the gap between social media and streaming. With a Countdown page, fans can preview upcoming releases, pre-order new merch, watch new Spotify video Clips from the artist, and watch the release timer count down to zero - all on Spotify.

Previously, a Spotify pre-save link required the usage of third party services like or Hypeddit.

Now, the process can be managed directly in the Spotify app. Plus, Spotify will send fans that pre-save a push notification when the song is released, which is a game-changer for artists and labels.

spotify discovery mode explained

Best of all, Countdown Pages will be available to artists of all sizes, not just major labels. This means that independent artists can now offer their fans a more immersive experience with their new releases without needing a huge budget for marketing and promotion.

Overall, the fact that pre-saves are now a native feature on Spotify is a game-changer, providing artists with more control over their release strategy and creating a more streamlined experience for fans.

3. Spotify Showcase

Spotify Showcase is a new paid service that is expected to be a valuable addition to the suite of marketing tools available to artists on the platform. The tool will appear as a mobile card on the Spotify Home page and will allow artists to introduce their music to potential listeners. Showcase will be available to both Premium and Free users, making it accessible to a wide range of artists.

Spotify Showcase Music Marketing Tool

The power of Showcase will be its placement on the Spotify Home page, obviously one of the most use pages in the app. Additionally, Showcase is expected to use Spotify's powerful algorithm to target likely listeners, which could help artists reach audiences most interested in their music.

Although there is limited information about Showcase currently available, it is likely to be a worthwhile investment for many artists, given the success of other Spotify marketing tools like Marquee.

4. Discovery Mode

Discovery Mode is accessible to artists using distributors such as DistroKid, CD Baby, Stem, Venice Music, and Vydia. Through this tool, artists can forfeit a percentage of their royalties and give Spotify a monetary incentive to boost their reach. This helps artists grow their fanbases and helps Spotify create more content to offer their users.

Discovery Mode allows expanded artist profile reach on any new release or older song for a longer shelf life

Spotify is smart to introduce a tool like Discovery Mode, as it benefits both artists and the company itself. For artists, this is an opportunity to get their music in front of more listeners and grow their fanbase. For Spotify, the company benefits from a larger catalog of content and more opportunities for listeners to find new music.

5. Making Money on Spotify

Lastly, here are two ways that the Spotify for Artists platform can help you make extra money as an artist moving forward.

Spotify Merch

spotify merch explained

Spotify has been making efforts to integrate artist merchandise into the platform to make it easier for fans to support their favorite artists. Last year, Spotify partnered with Shopify to allow artists to link their store directly to their artist profile, and they also integrated merch and live shows into Spotify Wrapped 2022.

Now, they have taken things a step further by allowing artists to tag their merchandise directly to their songs album art. This means that fans can buy merch while they're listening to a song, making it easier and more seamless than ever before.


Spotify shows demo vastly tops apple music for artist

Concerts are a huge source of income for artists, and Spotify is now making it easier for them to promote their shows on the platform.

Artists can now add personalized concert listings to the app, and fans can bookmark shows on the Home, Artist Pick, Now Playing, and On Tour sections.

This makes it easier for fans to stay up to date on when and where their favorite artists are performing, and it helps artists sell more tickets.

This is another great way for artists to monetize their content and generate additional revenue beyond streaming royalties.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the latest suite of tools from Spotify for Artists is a game-changer for musicians and fans alike.

From Clips to Countdowns, Showcase to Discovery Mode, and the ability to make money through more seamless merch and concert listing integrations, these updates make it easier than ever for artists to connect with their audience and grow their fanbase.

It's almost enough to make you forget about other streaming services... almost. (Sorry Apple Music for Artists, better luck next time!)

As Spotify continues to improve its platform and Spotify for Artists capabilities, we will keep you posted. So be sure to create an account (for free) on our website to stay up-to-date with all the latest news for independent artists!

That being said, until next time.

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