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10 of the Top Spotify Curators (Submit Music to Spotify Playlists)

10 of the Top Spotify Curators | Submit Music to Spotify Playlists and Industry Professionals for Playlist Placement

Navigating the world of Spotify playlist curation is an essential skill for modern musicians looking to enhance their visibility and streaming numbers.

Spotify curators hold the keys to the playlists that can significantly increase an artist's reach, making understanding the roles and preferences of these influencers crucial.

By analyzing listener data and tracking engagement metrics, curators tailor their selections to resonate with specific audiences, creating a unique opportunity for artists to connect with potential fans.

For independent and emerging artists, crafting a compelling pitch and understanding the most effective ways to submit music are foundational steps to gaining playlist inclusion.

In this article we will explore the role of Spotify playlist curators, identify some of the top curators and their contact information, and more!

So without further ado, let's dive right in!

The Role of Spotify Curators

Spotify curators are vital in crafting the platform's musical landscape.

They are individuals or teams who listen to new submissions, evaluate trends, and create curated playlists that resonate with listeners' preferences.

There are two types of curators you'll encounter:

  1. Spotify Curators: These are professionals employed by Spotify who curate the platform's official playlists, also known as editorial playlists.

  2. Third-Party Curators: Spotify users who have amassed a following across their playlist network are known as a third-party playlist curator.

Today, we'll be exploring the world of third-party music curators, who are music lovers like you or me, that are open to receiving new songs for their popular playlists.

10 of the Top Spotify Curators for Independent Artists

As an independent artist, your goal is to get noticed and build your audience. One of the effective ways to achieve this is by getting your music onto popular Spotify playlists.

Each curated playlist curator can provide significant exposure if you successfully submit your song.

Here's a list of top Spotify curators that are well regarded in the independent music scene, with the designated platforms where you might submit your music.

1. iSpyTunes

Here at iSpyTunes, we provide fresh curation of music catered to a variety of different genres. Whether you make downtempo lo-fi music, hard hitting rap songs, or creative electronic music, we have relevant playlists for you.

2. Soave

Soave is known for curating chill and tropical beats. To increase your chance of landing a playlist placement, tailor your song submission to fit their relaxed, summer-vibes selection.

3. Purple Crunch Records

Submit your music to Purple Crunch Records if it leans towards the experimental or groundbreaking. They appreciate unique sounds that push the envelope, and have multiple popular playlists across streaming platforms.

4. Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight is another playlist curator that curates music directly for music lovers. They primarily cater to a target audience of new listeners who love the gym and relaxing.

5. Selected.

With Selected., your deep house tracks have a potential home that's recognized globally. This playlist curator only accepts unreleased music, so ensure your upcoming song is polished and has that groove that resonates with their theme.

6. Systemic

From country music to rock music to sad rap songs, Systemic is another popular playlist curator to reach out to. They have a number of popular playlists and feature emerging artists often in their lists.

7. Storm Music Group

Storm Music Group caters to those producing chill rhythms and remixes. Your music should be authentic, and resonate with a laid-back spirit.

8. Nova Collective

For artists in the techno world, Nova Collective offers a platform to reach like-minded listeners. High-quality, dynamic tracks are what they look for when considering submissions.

9. Dyldion Playlists

Dyldion Playlists is another one of the popular independent curators on Spotify that supports a range of genres. Your tracks likely need to have a chill vibe and polished mix to get past their doors.

10. Slumbering Records

Lastly, Slumbering Records (also known as Studio Ghibli for Sleep) is where downtempo and ambient artists can find their niche audience. Captivating melodies and a chill atmosphere should be the soul of your submissions.

Strategies for Playlist Pitching

When considering the complex process of playlist pitching, your main goal is to ensure your music stands out to curators who have the potential to widen your audience immensely.

Securing a playlist placement on Spotify can significantly amplify your song's exposure, and be a game changer for your music career.

Best Practices for Playlist Curators

Your pitch to Spotify playlist curators should be concise yet comprehensive. Below is a simple structure to follow:

  • Song and Artist Information: Clearly state your artist name, song title, and any other relevant release information.

  • Narrative: Share the story behind the song—what inspired it, and why it's unique.

  • Data Points: Include any impressive streaming figures or milestones to support your pitch.

Pre-release Planning: Before approaching curators, make sure your Spotify for Artists profile is updated and polished.

This includes ensuring all your biographical information is current, and your profile images are high-quality and engaging.

  • Timing: Submit your music at least a week in advance. New releases on Spotify are generally updated on Fridays, so aim for early in the week.

Use of Platforms: Platforms like SubmitHub, Playlist Push, and Groover connect artists with curators. You have the option of free or paid submissions.

Advance your new music career with music promotion in curated playlists on apple music and spotify!

Submitting Music to Spotify Playlists

Creating and submitting your music to Spotify playlists can be a powerful tool for increasing your visibility and listenership. It involves identifying the right curators, adhering to submission guidelines, and effectively pitching your music.

How to Submit Your Music

To submit your music to Spotify playlists, you must first ensure your songs are available on Spotify.

  1. Research Playlists: Look for playlists that match the genre and style of your music. This will increase the chance of your track being accepted.

  2. Find Submission Details: Many playlists have specific submission guidelines. Check for these on the curator's Spotify profile or linked social media accounts.

  3. Prepare Your Pitch: When you're ready to submit, prepare a concise, compelling pitch that includes your artist bio, the track's story, and why it's a fit for the playlist.

Tips for Effective Playlist Pitching

When pitching your music to Spotify playlist curators, consider these tips:

  • Be Selective: Only submit your music to playlists where it naturally fits. This demonstrates that you've done your research and respect the curator's theme and audience.

  • Follow Guidelines: If a curator has set submission guidelines, adhere to them closely. This may include how to send your music and any additional information required.

  • Be Professional: Treat your pitch like a professional business inquiry. Make sure it's well-written, free of errors, and includes all necessary contact information.

  • Track Your Submissions: Keep a record of who you've contacted, when, and any responses. This helps manage follow-ups and maintain organization.

Tips to Maximize Playlist Placement Success

When seeking to get your music on Spotify playlists, it is crucial to approach Spotify playlist curators strategically. Here's what you need to focus on to increase your chances of playlist placement.

Identify the Right Playlists

  • Search for playlists that best fit your music genre and style.

  • Pay attention to playlists with a follower count that suggests good visibility but isn't too high to create too much competition.

A playlist placement in relevant playlists can garner more streams and new listeners to your songs, use clear communication to ensure legitimacy!

Understand Curator Preferences

  • Curators are more likely to feature tracks that align with their taste and the theme of their playlists.

  • Review the playlist's track history to gauge the curator's preferences.

Craft a Compelling Pitch

  • Be concise and include essential information: song name, artist, and a brief description of the track.

  • Explain why your music is a good fit for the playlist in question.

Professionalism is Key

  • Ensure the music featured in your submission is professionally produced and mastered.

  • Present your tracks on Spotify with complete metadata, high-quality artwork, and an engaging artist profile.

Network and Build Relationships

  • Try to establish a connection with curators through social media, music forums, and events.

  • Authentic engagement can lead to more opportunities beyond a single playlist feature.

Follow Submission Guidelines

  • Respect the submission process set forth by each curator or submission platform.

  • Provide all the requested information and materials in the format they prefer.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding playlist curation is key to successful Spotify placement.

  • Strategic pitching and track optimization are essential for playlist inclusion.

  • Analytics provide insights to refine strategies for engaging with curators.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you'll find concise answers to common inquiries regarding Spotify curators and playlist placements, helping you navigate the realm of music promotion.

How can artists find and contact Spotify curators for playlist placements?

You can find Spotify curators through dedicated platforms like SubmitHub or Playlist Push which allow direct submissions. Using these websites, you will be able to reach curators of various genres and playlists.

What is the process for submitting music to Spotify playlist curators?

The submission process typically involves choosing a track, selecting the appropriate playlist curators based on the genre, and sending your song along with a pitch. Some services may require payment for submissions, while others offer free options.

Are there jobs available for individuals to become curators on Spotify?

Yes, you can become a curator on Spotify if you have a playlist with a substantial and organic following. Platforms such as offer opportunities for such playlist owners to earn by reviewing submitted music.

How do Spotify curators select tracks for their playlists?

Curators select tracks based on several factors, including song quality, relevance to the playlist's theme, and the potential to appeal to the playlist's audience. Some curators also consider the track’s performance metrics on Spotify.

Is it possible to become a curator on Spotify, and if so, what are the steps?

To become a curator on Spotify, start by creating a playlist with a clear and appealing theme. Grow your playlist organically by promoting it and ensure it garners real followers. Consistently curate content to maintain engagement and relevance.

Do Spotify curators receive compensation for featuring artists on their playlists?

Some curators may receive compensation for reviewing music, but Spotify's guidelines prohibit pay-for-play. Therefore, while curators can be compensated for their time to listen and review tracks, they should not charge for playlist placement.

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