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5 EASY Ways How to Get Paid to Listen to Music on Spotify

5 EASY Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music on Spotify | Music sites offering extra money for music research by playlist curators

Earning money while indulging in your passion for music might sound like a dream, but it has become a tangible reality in today's digital age.

With the rise of services that pay you to listen to music, music enthusiasts like yourself have the opportunity to turn their listening habits into a source of income.

This side gig not only offers you the chance to enjoy new and diverse music from emerging artists but also to get compensated for your time and feedback.

As a listener, your role can extend to rating songs, sharing opinions, and sometimes promoting tracks you like.

Today, we will discuss how to get paid to listen to music with playlist curator networks and a few other intriguing services.

So without further ado, let's dive right in!

Playlist Curator Networks

Websites pay you to review songs from relevant music genres to your own playlists genres! Get paid to listen to music

In the evolving landscape of digital music, playlist curator networks have emerged as innovative platforms where you can earn income by listening and providing reviews for new tracks.

If you have a Spotify or Apple Music playlist with over 1,000 followers, you can likely get paid to listen to music by one (or more!) of the below services.

At iSpyTunes, we offer music curators a unique opportunity to make money by listening to music and sharing your thoughts.

If you have a playlist with relevant music genres to us, we can partner with you to promote music from independent artists, and our official label releases.

  • Curator Requirements: Must own a playlist with an organic following growth.

If interested, click here to learn more!

PlaylistPush connects you with songs suited to your tastes and playlist themes.

PlaylistPush compensates you for your time and reviews, tailoring to avid music lovers and experienced curators alike.

Plus, PlaylistPush accepts both TikTok creators and Spotify playlist curators!

  • Payment Model: Earn per review.

  • Curator Requirements: Must own a playlist with authentic following.

Music Gateway not only pays you to review music but also aids in developing your career as a curator.

Joining their network means exposure to a broader selection of music and potential revenue streams.

  • Advantages: Career growth and network expansion.

At One Submit, you have access to emerging music allowing you to discover and help promote new artists.

They accept playlist curators, blogs, online radio stations, and more.

By submitting reviews, you receive compensation for contributing to their music promotion ecosystem.

  • Earning Potential: Based on your activity, influence, and playlist genres.

Groover positions you at the forefront of music discovery, where you can support upcoming artists and be rewarded for your valuable feedback.

  • Popular Destination: As one of the biggest song review websites, you can expect to review music often, and earn money daily.

  • Key Point: Influence the success of new artists while growing your own curator profile.

The Role of a Playlist Curator

As a music curator, you can earn money listening to music but also need to review music, among other things

As a playlist curator, your primary task is to create and manage a collection of songs that resonate with a specific theme, mood, or genre.

The role goes beyond simply liking music; it's about strategically selecting tracks that fit seamlessly together to enhance the listener's experience.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Selection of Music: You handpick songs that cater to the sensibilities of your targeted audience.

  • Playlist Management: Ensuring that the playlist remains fresh and relevant by routinely updating its content.

  • Review and Feedback: Actively listening to new tracks and providing insightful reviews that can influence other listeners.

Finding Playlist Curator Jobs:

Playlist curator jobs can often be found with:

  • Music streaming services

  • Curating companies

  • Independent platforms

Music Curator positions sometimes require you to work with artists or record labels to feature their music. Being attentive to sound quality, lyrical content, and overall fit within the playlist is crucial.

Building Your Career:

  • Networking: Establish connections within the music industry.

  • Marketing Your Playlist: Attract organic followers to demonstrate the influence of your playlists.

  • Monetization: Companies may compensate you for each song review or for the influence your playlist has.

Plus, if you want to learn the secret tips on how to get followers on a Spotify playlist, click here.

Monetizing Music Listening on Spotify

If you're an avid music listener, Spotify offers avenues to monetize your passion. Your role as a playlist curator can turn listening into earnings.

music research studies confirm that selling music is easier for independent artists with playlists curators who get paid to listen to music!

Getting Started: To qualify, ensure your Spotify playlist has real and organic followers. This indicates an engaged audience, which is attractive to artists and labels seeking exposure.

Earning Per Song: Typically, you get paid for each track you review.

Compensation can vary, usually ranging from $1 to $15 per song. These payments may be based on your playlist's reach and influence.

Daily Payouts: Some platforms or services connected to Spotify offer daily payouts. It's important to look for these opportunities to optimize your earning potential.

Skills Needed:

  • A passion for music is fundamental.

  • Patience and dedication are required for the repetitive task of listening and reviewing.

Steps to Monetize Your Listening:

  1. Build a playlist with a strong follower base.

  2. Connect with a service that pays for music reviews.

  3. Listen to new songs and provide your feedback.

3 Alternative Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music

Although we mentioned five ways to get paid to listen to music if you have a popular Spotify playlist, there are ways to make money listening to music even if you don't own a big playlist.

Starting with Slicethepie, this platform allows users to share their opinions on new songs while getting paid for their reviews.

By listening to at least 90 seconds of a track and submitting a detailed and well-written review, users can earn rewards ranging from $0.03 to $0.15 per review.

While the earnings may seem modest, they can accumulate over time for dedicated reviewers, making it a rewarding experience for true music lovers.

On the other hand, Radio Earn offers a passive way to earn points by simply listening to online radio through your internet browser.

Users earn points after every 15 minutes of listening, which can then be converted into USD at the end of the month.

While the earnings may be somewhat low, it presents an effortless way for music fans to make money listening to music, without needing to provide feedback.

Lastly, Music Xray's Fan Match service provides an avenue for users to discover new music while earning money through reviewing tracks.

Independent musicians, record labels, and music industry professionals submit their music for feedback, and users earn 10 cents for each music clip reviewed.

Once you accumulate at least $20, you can request a payout to you PayPal account, offering a straightforward way to monetize a passion for music discovery.


Overall, these three platforms offer diverse opportunities for music lovers to turn their hobby into a rewarding side hustle, while discovering new music from independent artists.

However, you will certainly make far more money listening to music if you take the time to also grow a popular Spotify playlist.

Key Takeaways

  • Playlist curator networks enable music fans to get paid to listen to music.

  • When you get paid to listen to music, your role can vary from providing feedback to curating and promoting playlists.

  • This side gig blends the enjoyment of discovering new music with the potential for financial reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

When looking into platforms that pay for listening to music, knowing where to start and how to generate income can be a little overwhelming.

The following frequently asked questions will provide you with specific and useful information to navigate this opportunity effectively.

What are legitimate platforms that pay you to listen to music?

Legitimate platforms that pay you to listen to music include Slicethepie, where you can earn money by reviewing songs, and Radio Earn, offering payment for tuning into radio stations. Each platform has different rates and requirements, so it's important to read their terms carefully.

How can one earn money by listening to music on Spotify?

To earn money by listening to music on Spotify, you can become a playlist curator.

By owning a playlist with real organic followers, you have the opportunity to get paid for adding songs to your playlist and reviewing music tracks.

What is Playlist Push and how does it allow you to make money?

Playlist Push is a platform where users can get paid up to $1-$15 per song for adding tracks to their Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Music playlists. If you have a well-followed playlist, you can make money by reviewing songs and potentially adding them to your playlist if they align with your audience's preferences.

Are there any mobile apps that reward users for listening to music?

Yes, mobile apps like Earnably allow users to complete offers and tasks, including watching music videos, to earn points that can be exchanged for PayPal cash or other rewards.

How do music curators earn by reviewing music tracks?

Music curators with established playlists can earn by listening to and reviewing music tracks on platforms such as Slicethepie. They are typically paid per review, with the potential to earn more for high-quality feedback.

In what ways can musicians benefit financially from platforms that pay to listen to music?

Musicians can benefit financially from these platforms by receiving valuable, crowd-sourced feedback on their music. They can also increase exposure and potentially gain more followers if curators add their tracks to popular playlists.

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