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10 HIDDEN Spotify Web Player Features | Mind-Blowing FREE Extensions for the Spotify Web App

Updated: Feb 14

10 HIDDEN Spotify Web Player Features, Mind-Blowing FREE Extensions for the spotify - web player: music for everyone

If you use Spotify, you're likely familiar with the countless features it offers.

However, did you know that they have a completely separate web player application, which differs from both the desktop and mobile versions?

Not only that, the Spotify web player offers a plethora of benefits and features that most users are completely unaware of.

So today, let's dive into some of the hidden features and advantages of the Spotify web player.


Table of contents:

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What is the Spotify web player?

First, let's start by discussing the basics of what the Spotify web player is.

The Spotify web player is a free, web-based version of the popular music streaming service, Spotify. It allows users to access their Spotify account and play music on any device with internet connection, without the need for a desktop or mobile app.

Yup, all you need is a working internet connection, and a web browser.

How to Access the Spotify web player:

The user interface is very similar to the desktop app, which allows the web version to feel very natural right from the get-go.

browser homepage, use spotify - web player: music for everyone, the free web app

To access the Spotify web player, simply visit and login to your Spotify account.

Here are the official listed web browsers that support the Spotify web player:

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Edge

  • Opera

  • Safari

Additionally, the web browser version is also accessible via some smart TVs and game consoles, depending on internet connection.

What are the best features of the Spotify web player?

Next, before diving into the best extensions, let's discuss some of the main benefits the Spotify web player experience.

Freedom of Choice

Free users are unable to pick a specific song when playing a playlist, artist, or album when using the mobile Spotify app. However, the web browser version allows users to choose any song they desire without restriction.

This type of account improvement without having to pay to upgrade feels like a no-brainer to utilize if you don't have a paid plan.

Multiple Devices

Another benefit of the web player is its ability to play music on multiple devices at the same time. This is particularly useful for users who want to listen to music on their computer, but also want to control the playback on their phone or tablet.

For example, if you have your computer hooked up to a TV's HDMI, or connected to a speaker setup, you can adjust the song playing or queue easily on the web browser directly from your phone. That way, you can remotely control the music selection without draining lots of battery from your phone. Also, you can avoid dealing with constant song requests from your friends or family. Just tell them to go add it to the queue on the computer. Problem = Solved.

To use this feature, simply log in to the web player, and start playing a song on one device. The song will automatically sync across accounts to show listening status on other devices, and you can control playback on any device. Super awesome.


In addition to controlling playback, the web player also offers the option to view lyrics while listening to a song. Simply click on the microphone logo in the bottom right of the player and the lyrics will appear on the screen. This is a great feature for karaoke enthusiasts or those who just want to sing along to their favorite tunes.

The Spotify web player interface offers timed lyrics for both free and premium users.


10 Best Free Extensions for the Spotify web player

Those are a few awesome ways to use the web player, however, did you know you can integrate apps from the chrome web store to upgrade your experience?

That's right, custom add-ons allow for you to improve your experience with the web based version.

Now, we'll take you through our 10 favorite free extensions for the Spotify web player.

Spotify Dynamic Theme Plus (UI Improvements)

This extension duplicates a blurred version of the playing song's artwork to the background of the web browser. This simple effect is extremely visually pleasing and makes the listening experience feel more immersive.

Spotify Dynamic Theme Plus allows for custom browser themes, and with high sound quality you can download music

Honestly, I wish the normal desktop app had this ability. Love love love this extension. And the publisher is constantly updating and improving the extension, so there is even more potential in the future!

Spotify dynamic theme improves the online browsers display and also the spotify music quality with offline listening
Lookin' 🔥

SpotiAds (Ads Blocker)

Here is another awesome extension, which will block annoying audio ads from playing on Spotify. Since the Spotify web player already has freedom of choice similar to a premium account, you essentially have a premium account for free once downloading an ad blocker. Yeah, the Spotify web app keeps getting better.

Blocked ad in spotify - web player: music for everyone, impossible in spotify desktop app

SpotiAds is our recommended extension, but we will include three more ad blocking alternatives in case this one fails to work for your browser.

Spot-A-Voice (Voice Control)

Voice control options for web browser spotify app, another advantage in terms of spotify web vs desktop

The people who like to say "Hey Siri" or "Hey Alexa" will most certainly cherish this voice control extension for your Spotify web player interface.

With Spot-A-Voice, users can skip, pause, and resume playback simply by using voice commands.

This can be beneficial for users who prefer to control their music hands-free, or for those who have difficulty using a mouse or keyboard. If issues appear with this extension, there is an alternative extension with similar capabilities as Spot-A-Voice linked below as well.

This extension adds a panel to Spotify's web player that displays your friends' listening activity. This is normally a setting that is only available with the desktop app, so it is nice to be able to view what music your friend's are listening to in the Spotify web app. This makes the Spotify web player experience like the desktop one.

Friend activity on the Web Browser Spotify App is another example of spotify web vs desktop winning

Hopefully your friends don't get caught lacking with their listening preferences... lolol.

Spotify Web Player Hotkeys (Create Shortcuts)

Adjust your Spotify account keyboard settings during new music playback

Spotify users can use hotkeys to make it easier to control the music they listen to, allowing for quick and easy access to common functions.

Everyone knows that "spacebar" to play and pause a song eliminates the need to click on the play/pause button in the web player. However, you can take it a step further with this extension, and customize your keyboard to make the listening experience even more personalized.

For example, as you can see in this example, you can set custom commands while in the Chrome browser. That way, if you are listening to music in the background and decide to save a track, or skip past the song, you can do so quickly, without even changing tabs.

Overall, hotkeys can greatly improve efficiency when using the Spotify web player.

Spotify users can use a Mini Player to control their music, as it allows for easy access to playback controls and song information without cluttering the screen. The Mini Player displays the current song and artist, as well as playback controls and a progress bar.

Control curated playlists with the mini browser for the webplayer spotify - web player: music for everyone

With this extension, users can control their music without having to switch full-screen to the Spotify web player. Also, the Mini Player can be moved to any location on the screen, allowing users to customize its placement to their liking.

We recommend this extension, but here are two more alternatives for comparison.

Paradify (YouTube to Spotify Transfer Tool)

Have you ever heard a song you liked on YouTube, only to shortly add the track to your streaming service library or playlists? How about doing that in one click?

Add YouTube video songs to your Spotify app playlists or library, for the spotify webplayer or Webplayer spotify

That is what Paradify allows you directly from a YouTube video. Although it's a minor convenience, it is something that makes the process easier in the long run.

Key features include: adjust the audio quality, the volume level, and even enable the equalizer for spotify web player unblocked browser

With this extension, you can adjust sound control or quality, boost volume up to 400%, increase bass, edit pitch or reverb effects, and much more. Essentially, you can play around and adjust the songs as you please while listening.

Control the audio quality and volume settings to your preference. I will say, a high pitched Drake is kind of a vibe, lol. Have fun experimenting!

A/B player (Loop Parts of a Song)

This A/B play browser extension allows listeners to loop parts of their favorite songs.

Once the a/b points are set, the song will automatically repeat that section until the user changes it.

With this a/b player you can loop songs on spotify - web player: music for everyone without mobile data

This extension can be useful for practicing a difficult musical passage, or simply enjoying a favorite part of a song.

Power Hour (Assisted Drinking Game)

This neat little extension makes the whole process of completing a power hour so much easier. No need to use the search bar for curated playlists or radio stations.

For those that don't know, a power hour drinking game requires drinks and music. That is all. During the power hour every sixty seconds, the song changes and a sip must be taken. Or, if done in teams, a drink must be finished.

This extension can automatically skip a song once it reaches 60 seconds, and keep a hour timer on screen to showcase your progress. On screen instructions, nice.

It’s sure to be a wild ride, so have fun and remember: practice safe drinking and don't forget your power hour power nap afterwards!

Although the extension is quite glitchy, we love a good drinking game, so it has to make the list. If it doesn't happen to work, try it out manually and let us know how your hangover is the next day! Or, mobile apps like Shotify or Partybus would work.

Enjoy curated playlists from the spotify web player with our search bar for new music!

In Conclusion

We hope this article has shed some light on the underrated nature of the Spotify web player. Although it is often overlooked or ignored, with so many customizable extensions, Spotify's web browser option is arguably better than their mobile or desktop versions.

Ultimately, the Spotify web player is a versatile and convenient way to access and enjoy the vast library of music and podcasts offered by Spotify.

Its support for keyboard shortcuts, customization options, background playback, voice commands, and ad-blocking extensions make it a powerful and underrated option for music lovers. Whether you're using a shared or public computer, or simply want a more convenient way to access your music, the Spotify web player is definitely worth checking out.

Oh, and be sure to create an account on our website to stay up-to-date with all of our blog posts, and feel free to check out one of these other three articles below!

Otherwise, until next time!

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