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48 FREE Downloadable & Customizable Aesthetic Playlist Covers | A Collection by iSpyTunes

48 Free Downloadable and Customizable Aesthetic Playlist Covers for Spotify

A playlist cover image is essential for your Spotify playlist. Not only can a great image add to the aesthetic of your playlist, but it can increase the likelihood of your Spotify playlist gaining followers.

This is because not all playlists have engaging images as their playlist cover. So when you add a great playlist cover image, you are more likely to stand out in Spotify's search results. Spotify playlists without a playlist cover will default to show the album art of the top four songs in the playlist.

Workout Playlist Cover Search

Ok, well we know it's important have a Spotify playlist cover, but what is the easiest way to get good playlist images for your playlists?

In this article, we will have royalty-free downloadable images you can add to your Spotify playlists, or you can even request custom playlist covers for a specific vibe, mood, or genre!


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Lit Playlist Covers

Turn me up! If you're looking for some free-to-use, hype Spotify playlist covers, look no further. Simply click on any image to expand the photo and download!

Sad Playlist Covers

Looking for that image to properly fit a sad vibe? Here are nine more images, free and available for use on your sad Spotify playlist. Choose your sad playlist cover!

Chill Spotify Playlist Covers

Looking for that image to properly fit a nice, relaxing vibe? Here are six free images that would fit well as a chill vibe playlist cover.

Rap Playlist Covers

Looking for the perfect Rap Playlist Cover? Check out six more free images that would serve well as a Spotify rap playlist cover image!

Country Playlist Covers

Looking for the perfect Country Playlist Cover? Check out another six free images that would serve well as a Spotify country playlist cover image!

Workout Playlist Covers

Choose your own workout playlist cover below!

Anime Spotify Playlist Covers

Anime-themed Spotify playlist cover images just hit different. Feel free to download a few scrapped graphic designs we have made in the past but never fully finished. Filled with lots of visually pleasing, eye-popping color.

Do you want your own epic, custom anime playlist cover?

Click below to learn more.

5 FAQs:

A quick look at five common questions on the topic of Spotify playlists.

How do I grow a Spotify playlist?

So now that you have good images for your Spotify playlists, you want to start gaining followers. Naturally, these are similar ideas people have once a playlist's picture has been added. For a full breakdown on the steps we used to grow our network of Spotify playlists with over 100,000 followers, click here. We go step-by-step and share similar ideas popular among Spotify curators that lead to Spotify playlist growth.

Where are these collection of playlist images from?

The above images have been edited and cropped from various royalty free image websites such as Unsplash and Pexels. Some other images, like the Anime Spotify playlist cover photos, were art created by our team of graphic designers.

What is the best Spotify Playlist Cover Size?

Across most of the internet, it seems the best Spotify playlist cover size is 300 x 300 pixels, which is a 1:1 ratio. However, as long as the playlist cover image is a square with equal proportion, then the photos you upload should be sufficient. We tend to use pictures that are 500 x 500, so there is no one correct size, only a correct ratio.

How do I make an aesthetic playlist?

First, think about a specific genre of music (ex. pop songs, rock music, etc.). Then narrow down the genre to a specific vibe (slow tempo, happy, sad, etc.) The more niche, the better.

How do I add an image to the aesthetic Spotify playlist?

First, open the playlist. Then, click the three dot icon and then hit the edit button. Here, you will have the option to change the image of your Spotify playlist.

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