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Spotify FAQ | Solving Common Spotify issues | iSpyTunes

Spotify FAQs: Solving the most asked Spotify premium (and free version) issues

Spotify is a great music streaming service, but sometimes users experience issues. This blog post will provide solutions to the most common Spotify problems we are aware of.

If your question has yet to be answered, just leave it in the comments at the bottom of the page and we will try to answer it ASAP!

We hope that this information helps you get the most out of Spotify! Let's begin!

List of frequently asked questions:

Note: As mentioned, if you do not see your question listed, feel free to add it in the comments below and we will answer it ASAP.

Section A: Listening Behavior Questions

Our first section of questions will take a peek at some common errors and general questions when listening to music.

Why is Spotify playing random songs?

There could be two potential reasons for your Spotify playing random songs. If your song switches midway through listening, then it is likely the work of one of your friends. Especially if you logged into your account on a friend's phone or gaming system recently; or just from sharing your account password. This would allow them to control the music that is playing even while it plays through your device, headphones, or speakers.

If you clear your friends of any wrongdoing and Spotify keeps playing random songs, then someone random may have gained access to your account. Not to worry, there is an easy way to force those with your account details to log-out.

Signing out of Spotify everywhere:

This can be done by going to and scrolling to the bottom of the page. Here you will see the below image allowing you to sign out of any device with your credentials.

how to sign out of your spotify account everywhere

If even after completing this step Spotify keeps playing random songs, then you should view this alternative fix. Or for further help, check out the Spotify support page.

How to shuffle songs on Spotify:

When you go to play music on Spotify, there is a small button that can randomize the order of songs being played. By simply tapping or clicking the button, that is how to turn on or turn off shuffle on Spotify. If the image is green, then shuffle play is turned on.

how to shuffle play on spotify pc and mobile

This same button is how to shuffle a playlist on Spotify along with your library of songs. And yes, this same button can control the Spotify web player shuffle play as well.

How to loop a song on Spotify:

Have you ever gone to put on a song on Spotify, only to be unsure of whether to hit "repeat" or "repeat one"? If you have, don't worry, you're not alone. It's a common conundrum that Spotify users face, as although there is only one Spotify repeat button, there are two features.

  • Repeat, as the name suggests, will repeat the song that you are listening to over and over again from the beginning.

  • Repeat one, on the other hand, will loop the current song that you are listening to from the point that it is currently at.

how to loop a song on Spotify with the Spotify repeat button

In other words, if you're three quarters of the way through a song and you hit "repeat one", it will start playing from the beginning again but continue on from the point that it left off once it reaches the end.

Hitting the loop button is the simple way how to put a song on repeat on Spotify. However, another way how to repeat a song on Spotify is by using the queue feature. You can queue the song you are currently playing multiple times to essentially, loop a song. We prefer using this method when putting a song on Spotify on repeat, as it allows for further customization of your "next up" songs.

Simply put, we prefer queueing a song multiple times as the best way how to play a song on repeat on Spotify. But either method should work fine.

How to view queue on Spotify:

To see your queue in Spotify, first pull up the song that is playing. Then, hit the "go to queue" button in the bottom right of the screen. Now you can see each song that has been queued and drag around different songs to change the order you listen to them. Songs in the queue are essentially "on deck" and are the next songs to be played.

how to see queue in spotify

How to clear queue on Spotify:

If you are looking how to clear Spotify queue, you must first navigate to the Spotify queue. To do this, pull up the song you currently are listening to. Then, either hit the "go to queue button in the bottom right of your screen, or, hit the three dots and then hit the "go to queue" button. Once in the Spotify queue, simply hit "clear queue" to erase the songs set to play next.

how to clear queue on spotify

Can you listen to Spotify on a plane?

The short answer is YES, and it's actually quite simple how to listen to music on a plane. However, you do need Spotify Premium to do this. For premium users, Spotify offers a "Download" feature that allows you to save songs, albums, and playlists for offline listening. So whether you're flying high or stuck in a dead zone, you can still enjoy your favorite tunes. Just remember to delete your offline files when you're back on solid ground to save storage space!

On both desktop and mobile versions, a download button can be found next to the play button for playlists and albums. Simply download the music you were hoping to enjoy on the flight, and enjoy listening to your desired music without needing any data.

If you want to learn how to get Spotify Premium for FREE, check out our tutorial here. (Yes, it's legal)

Section B: Technical Questions

Our second section of questions will take a peek at some common technical errors and general questions.

Why was I randomly logged out of Spotify?

If you have got logged out of Spotify and can't get back in, there are two potential reasons for this. First of all, before you know it was Spotify that kicked out out of your account, ask your friends. Yes, often when people say "Spotify kicked me out" it was actually their friend that caused this, as only one person can use a Spotify account at once.

Otherwise, someone unauthorized may have gained access to your account.

If you can still login to your account, then you can manually sign-out any potential unwanted guests.

New devices logged into spotify email alert

If you can't login at all, don't panic quite yet. You should check your e-mail to see if you have gotten any recent messages regarding a "New login to Spotify." If you find this, don't stress, as Spotify support should be able to help you regain access to your profile.

Even if you can't find the e-mail in your inbox, which would look something like the email pictured on the right, if you explain the situation clearly to the Spotify support team you should get the assistance needed to regain your premium account. View the Spotify support page here.

Why is Spotify not showing friend activity?

If Spotify not showing friend activity to you, there is a simple solution.

Spotify Desktop App: (2 ways)

  • Step 1: Click on settings

  • Step 2: Scroll down to display

  • Step 3: Turn on "see what your friends are playing"

Desktop app friend activity settings
  • Alternatively, if you click the three dots in the top left of the Spotify desktop app, you can click view and make sure that "Friend Activity" is checked off.

Friend Activity setting in desktop app

Spotify Mobile App:

Unfortunately, on mobile Spotify friend activity is not showing automatically. Yes, for iOS and Android you don't need to wonder if Spotify friend activity not working, as in reality, it is simply not a feature.

If you are upset with friend activity on Spotify not showing, there are third party apps that you can try on both iOS or Android. SpotiFriends has plenty of positive reviews, and seems to get the job done in terms of showing what songs your Spotify friends are playing, on mobile. Or, feel free to search your app store/google play store to find a newer alternative.

How to stop Spotify from adding songs to your playlist:

Why is Spotify playing random songs not on my playlist? We understand the confusion.

Have you ever been relaxing, enjoying your playlist, when you hear a new song you know you didn't add? This can be extremely frustrating, as people listening to their playlist obviously aren't expecting to hear songs they did not specifically choose. Let's examine how to fix this.

In order how to turn off suggested songs on Spotify, you need to turn off the enhance button.

how to stop spotify from adding songs to my playlist and how to stop spotify from playing suggested songs

As you can see, when a playlist is "enhanced" there are suggested songs that are added to the playlist by Spotify's algorithm. You have to manually hit the minus button to remove a suggested song from the Spotify playlist, but new suggested songs will continue to appear even if you decline certain tracks.

Therefore, in order to stop Spotify from playing suggested songs over and over, you need to turn off the enhance feature on your playlist. When off, only the songs you have added will play.

Section C: Privacy Questions

Our third section of questions will answer some common questions when discussing privacy on Spotify, mainly in regards to listening data.

Can Spotify artists see who listens to their music?

People often wonder can artists see who listens to their music on Spotify- and the answer is- a bit complicated. There are a few ways that a musician CAN see data on their listeners.

In a Spotify for Artist account, an artist can view the stats of their listeners, including demographics and location. So if an artist profile lists a monthly listener count over 1,000, it is likely the large amount of data will make it very difficult to identify one particular user.

Or, if you are listening to an artist through a public playlist, this could appear in a musicians data. This is because an artist can see any public playlist if two or more listeners stream their music through it.

can someone see if you listen to their playlist on spotify

Regardless, Spotify will never show the name of the person who listens to a musician on Spotify. Therefore, although you may have a playlist with music from a specific artist, it could be others than listen to it.

Ultimately, there are a lot of stats for artists who are examining data on their audience. With the use of context clues, an artist can get very close to knowing who it is listening to their music. However, there is NO guaranteed, foolproof way for an artist to identify exactly who the user is listening to their music.

Does Spotify show who listens to your playlist?

No, Spotify only shows you a numerical count of the number of Spotify users who have liked your playlist. You cannot see the data of who listens to the playlist, or the names of users following said playlist.

Does Spotify notify when you listen to someone's playlist?

If there are two or more listeners of a song on a public playlist, the musician who made the song will be able to view which playlist the streams came from. However, the playlist maker will not know when people are listening to their playlist.

How to remove a follower on Spotify:

In order how to remove a follower on Spotify, you can block the account of people that you do not want following you. This will mean that, via their account, they won’t be able to view your playlists via or see your activity.

To remove a follower, go to the user's profile page and click the three dots icon. Then, select Block. Confirm that you want to block this profile, and the follower has now been blocked and removed from your followers list.

Do you get notified when someone follows you on Spotify?

No, at the moment you do not get notified when someone follows you on Spotify.

Can someone see if you listen to their playlist on Spotify?

If you are wondering, can you see if someone listens to your Spotify playlist, you cannot. The data of those whose who listen to a playlist is private and cannot be view by playlist curators. Numerical data of listeners will be shown to artists, and numerical data of playlist likes to curators. However, identity is anonymous to either party.

Section D: Other Questions

Lastly, our fourth section of questions do not specifically fit into any other category.

How to add lyrics to Spotify:

If you are musician looking to add karaoke-style timed lyrics of your music to the Spotify app, you can do so depending on your digital distributor. If you use DistroKid, you can submit both plain and timed lyrics to major streaming services like Spotify free of charge.

How to add lyrics to Spotify free with Distrokid

Where is the Spotify Support Page?

Unfortunately, there is no way how to contact Spotify by phone, as the only route for support is via live chat. So, if you still need further assistance with your inquiry or issue, feel free to contact Spotify support directly by viewing the Spotify Support page here.

In Conclusion:

As mentioned, we can update this list with any other questions and issues that happen in the Spotify app. We hope this list was helpful for those experiencing issues or confused about a certain topic.

For more tips for Spotify users, such as how to get free Spotify premium (legally), click here.

Or, to view some of our best playlists, click here.

Lastly, subscribe to our blog by creating an account and following our page!

That being said, until next week ladies and gents, take care!

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