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Spotify Obscurity Rating: How Basic are You? | Rating your Music Taste

Test your obscure listening habits with the Spotify Obscurity Rating, powered by the Obscurity Music website

Are you an avid music listener?

Are you a hipster when it comes to your music- or do you stick to the popular tunes everyone else is jamming to?

With a Spotify Obscurity Rating, you can see how diverse your listening habits really are.

From rising stars that still fly beneath the radar to underground oldies with die-hard followings, this unique ranking system measures just how rare – or common – the music on your playlist really is.

So if you’re curious about where exactly you stand on the musical spectrum compared to other users, read on to learn more about Obscurify Music!

How exactly does Obscurify Music work?

Spotify users can receive their spotify obscurity rating spotify app score

Obscurify music is a free service that measures how "unique" a Spotify account music taste. So, how does it do that?

After connecting your Spotify account, Obscurify Music will analyze your musical taste and examine your most listened to songs and artists. Then, you will be given a percentage of how your obscure your music taste is, when compared to the average Spotify user. (As seen on right)

Essentially, if you consume a lot of music from musicians who are not well known, you will score in a higher percentile for a more obscure taste.

However, there is a lot more data that Obscurify reveals about your Spotify account.

Your Top Genres

Obscurify provides far more information than a mere percentage that shows how your taste in music compares to others. For example, the next bit of data Obscurify provides is your top 10 genres.

Furthermore, if you click one of the visible genres, the data will reflect your top three artists of each genre. Pretty neat. You'll see more info on your top artists soon.

Your Most Obscure

Next up, you can see which artists and songs are most responsible for helping your Spotify Obscurity Rating. Similar to Spotify Wrapped, you will see your top 5 of each area.

Current Top Artists & Top Songs

Next, you able to really dive into your music preferences with a view of both your current and all time top tracks and artists. This is my favorite section.

Here, you can view up to 50 of your most listened to songs and artists, which is far better than the annual Spotify Wrapped provided data.

View your most streamed music with Obscurify

Best of all, in the click of a button, you can easily create Spotify playlists for either your current or all-time most listened to songs.

Your Moods

Spotify measures variables such as happiness, energy, and danceability of the songs you listen to. Obscurify users can view the averages of this data, although to be honest, I'm not sure this section is entirely accurate...


Spotify Users happiness streaming rate in the mobile, desktop or web app


Danceability top tracks, one can learn more in a digital publication


Visit the Obscurify website from your phone or computer to see the top tracks you listen to in terms of energy


This website uses your Spotify account and compares what you listen to the rest of Spotify users.

By The Decades

Next up is another personal favorite section of the Obscurify-generated Spotify data.

Here, you can see a pie chart detailing how often you listen to music from each time period. Personally, I was surprised to see how close of a split between 2020 and 2010 music I had.

Obscure song and artist data breakdown by decade of release

Additionally, you can view what some of your top songs from each decade is

Share your Obscurify results

Before the final section of this report, you are given the option to generate an unique URL to share your Obscurify profile with friends. This can be a good way to save your results without having to constantly generate results. Plus, if you save your current information, you can eventually compare with your future results.


Lastly, a collection of recommended tracks are generated based on your music taste. The songs range from industry artists to more underground music, based on your previous Obscurify results.

Get recommended your new favorite artist with their listening suggestions

In Conclusion

Obscurify Music is an awesome tool to test if you have good music taste, and see how much you are tapped into the underground scene. The information is presented in a fun and engaging way, and you are able to diversify your typical listening habits with this service.

Because of this, we love the nature of the platform, as it encourages each listener to find their own music style and artists to enjoy.

If you need new musicians to discover, we recommend you check out our article on the best underground artists, with a rotation of music updated weekly.

Or, if you are looking for further tests you can put your Spotify account through, stay tuned as we will update this blog post with future relevant third-party services to judge your music taste.

Before we part ways, feel free to view FAQs in regards to Obscurify Music to avoid any mishaps. Until next time, take care!

Is Obscurify music safe?

Obscurify Music is generally considered a safe third-party tool to use with your Spotify profile. However, if it is a concern, it is easy to remove access to after you generate your results. First, click here to load your account settings. Then scroll down a click on "apps." Here, with a click, you can remove access to Obscurify or any other third party tools you no longer grant permission to access your Spotify account.

Does Obscurify work with Apple music?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no. On the bright side, switching over to Spotify is easier than ever thanks to services like SongShift. But hey, that's just an idea.

How do I see my Spotify Obscurity rating?

When people mention their "Spotify Obscurity rating", they are referring to their percentage, which is given based on the music you listen to. The higher the percentage, the more obscure artists you listen to.

music obscurity test results for spotify uniqueness, easily answer how obscure is my spotify with Obscurify

Best of luck y'all. Let us know how you score in the comments below!

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