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10 Criminally Underrated Musicians | New Unknown Artists Spotify Playlist by iSpyTunes

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

When you're a music fan, it's always fun to explore new artists and songs that you may not have heard before. You never know what kind of hidden gems you might find.

There's really nothing quite like find a new, unknown artist with music you love.

However, with the vast amount of music available today, it can be tough to find new artists and songs that truly stand out.

But we've done the hard work for you – here are our picks of our favorite underrated songs that you're going to want to add to your playlist right away.

We will also share 10 criminally underrated musicians that we think are next up, so you can hear their music before they break into the music industry. Enjoy!

Underrated Songs Playlist #1: New Unknown Artists

First up, we have our esteemed SOTW (Song of the Week) playlist. This playlist is updated weekly with only our favorite submitted song, over time featuring strictly the best undiscovered artists.

As a music marketing agency and label, we receive plenty of song submissions for relatively unknown artists that are looking to build their following.

Then, our job is to choose just one of the unknown songs to add to our SOTW playlist. This means you can be sure to discover only the highest quality of music in this playlist.

So listen to some awesome tracks by plenty of unknown artists, and find the next big thing before they take the music industry by storm!

Plenty of the artists in this playlist have under 1,000 monthly listeners. Talk about gatekeeping, huh? Lol, you are in elite company when listening to this list of musicians.

To listen to our new unknown artists spotify playlist yourself, click here.

Underrated Songs Playlist #2: Rap Songs (Only)

Now moving strictly to the hip hop genre, we also have an underrated rap songs playlist.

While our SOTW playlist has very small unknown artists, our underrated rap songs playlist has a mix of both music from unknown artists AND underrated songs from prevalent artists.

With over 200 hip hop tracks, you are sure to find yourself some brand new music you have yet to hear.

To listen to our Underrated Rap Songs Spotify playlist yourself, click here.

List of the best artists on Spotify you haven't heard of (yet).

Those are two Spotify playlists we've created to bring new listeners to a select group of talented musicians, who are certainly not mainstream. However, we know that people always like to hear an artist before they pop and take the world by storm.

Therefore, we curated a list of musicians we believe are "next up." Each listed artist has under a million monthly listeners.

Without further ado, here is a list of the 10 best artists on Spotify that you most likely haven't heard of yet.

Note: The Spotify monthly listeners listed for each artist are what were listed at the time of writing this article (November, 2022). Hopefully, as you read this list, the Spotify monthly listeners are no longer accurate because each artist has reached new heights. Let's see if someone can predict the future.

1. ThxSoMch (800k monthly listeners)

Typical Genres: Melodic Rap, Alternative Rock, Surfer/Indie, among others

I don't know why I don't like to admit I finding new music on TikTok. However, that's how I stumbled across this artist.

When I first binged his catalogue, it was before his highly-anticipated track "SPIT IN MY FACE!" was released. So his monthly listeners was only around 40k. Since the track dropped, his attention on Spotify has skyrocketed.

Therefore, I wish I could have released this article sooner and listed him with his lesser amount of monthly listeners. However, I still have to include him even if he is rapidly nearing a million monthly listeners. He's just that talented.

2. ericdoa (790k monthly listeners)

Typical Genre: Hyperpop

After his release in HBO's hit show Euphoria, I thought ericdoa was set to take over. However, it seems his style of music is yet to catch onto the mainstream scene.

I've been listening to his music since mid-2021 and can't get enough a few of his tracks. Another artist that has room for growth, but has developed a strong initial set of fans.

With his talent, I just couldn't keep him off this list.

3. Boslen (750k monthly listeners)

Typical Genre: Lyrical Rap

Boslen is an emerging artist from Vancouver, Canada.

I only discovered Boslen and his music in late 2021, however, I've grown to love and support his style. Most of his tracks and albums just have that "it factor".

As an artist who now has major label backing, there is a good chance Boslen will get the attention he deserves soon enough.

4. S-X (670k monthly listeners)

Typical Genres: Pop, Pop Rap, Grime, among others

You may know him cause he knows KSI. Regardless, S-X makes some awesome a** music.

His singing ability is top notch and he can hit some REALLY high notes. However, although he may be known for his incredible hooks, he can do more than just stretch his vocals.

My personal favorite five tracks of his are "In Real Life", "Same Old Story", "it's over now", "Dangerous", and "who we are."

That's a great place to start if you want to explore this artist. Enjoy.

5. MQX (550k monthly listeners)

Typical Genre: Hardstyle

If you're a gym bro, you probably already know about MQX. This guy has some serious talent, and is constantly releasing new music.

Although he makes strictly hardstyle music at the moment, I think the potential is there for him to expand into various other EDM sub-genres.

One of the best hardstyle producers out right now, and my personal favorite. If you've never heard hardstyle music before, give MQX a chance.

Both the raw energy and trance-like melodies that he combines into a track are simply perfect blend to hit that PR or rave your butt off.

6. Melvoni (280k monthly listeners)

Typical Genres: Melodic Rap, Drill Rap, among others

I have been a huge fan of this artist since mid-2019. This artist has so much talent, that it is actually mind-boggling to me that he hasn't gotten mainstream attention quite yet.

Melvoni is often seen in the studio with A-list musicians, however, to date only a few songs of his have been released featuring these industry titans. That list includes 21 Savage, Lil Tjay, DDG, Tyla Yaweh.

As another artist with major label backing, I have no doubt new age hip hop fans will discover his music sooner rather than later. And although most would describe Melvoni as a rapper, he is honestly an artist who defies classification.

His work spans a wide range of mediums and styles, and he often incorporates found objects and recycled materials into his pieces. Keep your eyes out for Mel.

7. i9bonsai (175k monthly listeners)

Typical Genre: Hyperpop

i9bonsai is one of those somewhat unknown artists that just stands out to me. It's difficult to describe i9bonsai's style of music other than unique, or a breath of fresh air.

Something about the relaxed nature of the music and the pitched-up vocals just hits different. Only having discovered i9 recently, I look forward to see what new music the artist drops soon. One things for sure, I could easily see this style of music catching on. Time will tell.

8. Cajama (95k monthly listeners)

Typical Genre: Bassline

From England, Cajama is one of those awesome unknown artists that I feel special listening to. He produces high quality bassline tracks are packed with energy.

His track "Don't Let Me Down" is one of my favorite EDM songs, period. That drop never fails to produce a stank face reaction. It's nutty.

This style of music may not be for everyone, but give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below. To listen to more music from this underrated sub-genre of EDM, click here.

9. Zzz. (60k monthly listeners)

Typical Genres: Pop Rap, Alternative Rock, among others

Currently, Zzz only has one song on Spotify. That's right, one.

However, when Lil Bibby signed Sam Zelaya, also known as Zzz, it was a wrap. After Bibby proved his talent to sign both Juice WRLD and The Kid LAROI, I think there should be no question on his ability to find future stars, and let them shine.

Although I've only heard a few of his unreleased tracks alongside his debut track "All I Never Wanted" I have NO DOUBT Zzz will be the next big thing. If he was a stock, gdi I'm invested.

10. Laney Keyz (25k monthly listeners)

Typical Genres: Lyrical Rap, Melodic Rap

Laney Keyz is a hip hop artist from the Bay Area, who, although only having six released tracks on streaming services, has worked with the likes of Lil Keed, Lil Yachty, and Calboy.

Since LAPD reported on his home getting lit up with gunfire, he has unfortunately been relatively quiet with releasing new music. Which is a shame as his track knockout is a song I continue to come back to time and time again.

Hopefully, he begins to release new music again, because I think the sky could be the limit for his sound.

Honorable Mention: SSGKobe.

SSGKobe is sitting at 978k monthly listeners right now, so I could technically add him to this list. However, he already feels like such a big part of underground rap culture that I figured he's big enough to leave off this list. It would feel like cheating to include him on this list, but he makes great music though, no doubt.

Do YOU have what it takes?

We want YOU to submit new music! Or, follow our playlists!

Our job is to choose ou have what it takes to be the next big thing? Send us your music for a chance to win our weekly contest and earn a spot in our SOTW playlist. Simply click here.

In Conclusion

Do you have know of any underrated songs or unknown music you would like to share with us or fellow readers? Let us know your favorite song that doesn't have many streams or much attention. We'd love to hear your hidden gems!

Also, be sure to follow our SOTW and Underrated Rap Songs Spotify playlists to be in-the-know with the best unknown music sheltered from the masses. We can weed out the best tracks from unknown artists, so that you can enjoy the best undiscovered artists, updated every week.

Essentially, we'll find the gems, and then you can choose to gatekeep or share the tracks. Sound fair?

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This a brand new artist, Evan DeNicola, out of Nashville you have to hear. Has 3 songs out from his first album. Rest coming out this month. CD available. Recorded and produced (and plays keys) by multi Grammy winner Kevin McKendree.

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