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Spotify Enhance Explained: How To Discover and Expand Your Playlist

Spotify Enhance Explained: How To Discover New Music and Expand Your Playlist

You (didn't) ask for it, but Spotify delivered!

If you're a playlist aficionado looking to level up your music discovery game, you'll want to get acquainted with Spotify's Enhance button.

This nifty feature offers a seamless way to discover new songs that perfectly match your current playlist's vibe.

In this blog post, we'll dive into what the Enhance button does, how to use it effectively, and how it can revolutionize your music exploration experience.

Unveiling the Magic of Spotify's Enhance Button

Have you ever found yourself in the quest for new songs to enhance your carefully curated playlist?

Look no further than Spotify's Enhance feature.

What does Enhance do on Spotify?

This feature allows you to maintain creative control while receiving a helping hand from Spotify's expert music algorithms. With the tap of a button, you'll unlock a world of recommended tracks that harmonize with your existing playlist's mood and style.

How to Use the Enhance Button

Using the Enhance button is as simple as a few taps. Whether you're on your mobile device or desktop, we've got you covered.


Spotify enhance is no longer accessible with a button! To activate the Spotify enhance feature on mobile, first, locate your desired playlist.

The Spotify Enhance feature works for free users and spotify premium subscribers

Now, you need to tap the shuffle button (while it is green).

With the new feature, "smart recommendations" are added to the queue based on the selection of songs in the playlist.

All spotify listeners, both spotify premium users or free users can have their playlist populated with recommended music

There are two ways to know you have turned on Spotify enhance.

  1. The shuffle button now has a star in the top left corner.

  2. Your playlist now lists "Spotify" as an author of your playlist

Congratulations, you have successfully added new music to your rotation!


To activate the Enhance feature on your desktop device, open your Spotify app and navigate to one of your personal playlists from the "Library" tab.

Add two tracks or more easily as a new track to your playlist based on an algorithm

Once your playlist is selected, simply tap the "Enhance" button at the top of the playlist. Scroll through the songs and look for the green Enhance icons next to the recommended tracks.

what is spotify enhanced, turn enhance on to find tracks for your playlist

To permanently add a recommended song, tap the "+" button. To remove other recommended songs, tap the "Enhance" button again to turn it off.

Web Player

Permanently add any songs that are automatically added with the click of a button, or exclude music

While the Enhance feature is primarily available on Desktop and Mobile devices, you can still explore new songs with Spotify's Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists on the Spotify Web Player.

These personalized playlists offer a similar experience by curating tracks based on your listening habits. Simply navigate to the "Home" or "Made for You" tab to access these playlists and uncover fresh musical gems.

With the web player, you can also choose to exclude certain playlists with a simple tap, so that your personalized recommendations are not influenced.

Supercharge Your Playlist with Spotify's Enhance Button

Imagine effortlessly expanding your playlist with handpicked recommendations that resonate with your musical taste. With Spotify's Enhance button, it's easier than ever to enrich your music library and keep your ears delighted.

Personalize Your Discoveries

As you explore the recommended songs, you'll notice that Spotify tailors its suggestions to match your unique listening preferences. The more you engage with the Enhance feature, the better it becomes at understanding your taste and delivering spot-on recommendations. Be open to new genres and artists, and let Spotify surprise you with hidden musical treasures.

Fine-Tune Your Playlist

If you want to maintain a specific mood or theme within your playlist, the Enhance feature allows you to cherry-pick the songs that resonate most with you. You have the power to choose which recommended tracks to add permanently and which ones to skip and ignore. This ensures that your playlist remains a reflection of your personal musical journey.

In Conclusion

Ready to unlock a world of musical possibilities? Spotify's Enhance feature is your secret weapon for amplifying your playlist and discovering new tracks that hit all the right notes. With its seamless integration, you can trust Spotify's music expertise to expand your horizons while still maintaining your unique style. Don't miss out on this game-changing feature that puts the power of music exploration at your fingertips. Give it a try and elevate your playlist to new heights!

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