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3 Ways How To Find GOOD Playlists on Spotify (Spotalike & more)

Do a professional Spotify playlist search with Spotalike, Chosic, or the iSpyTunes Spotify playlist finder

Nowadays, with millions of Spotify playlists, it makes your job to find playlists you actually like much harder.

Thankfully, a Spotify playlist finder acts as an intermediary, making the process of finding the perfect collection of music far easier.

Today, we'll look at the three best free services Spotify users can use to find the perfect playlist, quickly.

Let's dive right in!

Note: If you are an artist looking to find popular playlists to showcase your music, check out our article here. If you are a listener looking for great playlists, read on!

How to Find Playlists on Spotify: A Guide

Spotify, with its vast library of edtiorial and curated playlists, has limitless options.

In the Spotify app or desktop version, their native search will let you type keywords, artists, or genres, and Spotify will unveil an array of playlists tailored to your taste.

However, often times this method will send you directly to label-controlled playlists that may fail to bring you the best songs or the new music you are looking for.

Therefore, we recommend trying out one of these three free services when looking for the perfect Spotify playlist.

Spotalike makes it easy—just enter a track, and it crafts a playlist with songs like your chosen track. This tool acts as a personal playlist curator, seamlessly extending your favorite songs into a new playlist.

Use the Spotify playlist finder Spotalike as a way how to find good playlists on Spotify

Navigating Spotalike: Using Spotalike is an intuitive experience. Enter your track, and witness as it unfurls a playlist filled with songs that share the same vibe. In one click, you can turn the songs suggestions into a brand new Spotify playlist, nice and easy.

Spotalike's Unique Features: Beyond crafting playlists, Spotalike also offers a way to receive diverse music suggestions. Spotalike is versatile, providing a refreshing angle to playlist creation beyond the conventional methods. On the downside, often when it goes to automatically generate results, it will provide an error message. For more particular/niche listening habits, you may be left in the dark.

The iSpyTunes playlist finder can do it all—enter a mood, genre, or artist, and it reveals a list of tested and verified high-quality Spotify playlists. This tool allows users to find playlists directly based on their present music tastes or desired style.

Enter in an artist name, mood, or genre into the iSpyTunes Spotify Playlist finder to discover a new playlist

Exploring High-Quality Playlists: With this tool, playlist discovery becomes super easy. Whether you're seeking playlists based on a mood, genre, or artist, this tool delivers a playlist that has been tested and verified for its quality. The search is updated each week with more of the best playlists, after being listened to and tested for quality curation. There is no better way to find some of the best user created Spotify playlists, as it takes the guesswork out of your listening experience.

iSpyTunes' Other Features: Beyond its Spotify playlist search feature, iSpyTunes serves as a comprehensive platform for music enthusiasts. iSpyTunes' weekly music blog is a place to find new music and playlists. Furthermore, as one of the top playlist curators, you can navigate their Spotify playlists to find more music, completely in the Spotify app.

Last but not least, let's take a look at Chosic. Enter a track, and this Spotalike alternative will unveil the most popular playlists that house your cherished music. This makes it easy to find a popular playlist that likely has a similar vibe or theme.

Use Chosic to search and find the best user created Spotify playlists mix to listen to

Chosic's Similar Song Finder: If you'd rather find new songs than a new playlist, you can also try Chosic's similar song finder tool. Again, enter in a track, and the search results will now list other popular songs that have similar energy, BPM, or danceability, among other factors.

Chosic's Unique Features: It is amazing how many ads this site has. Joking aside, Chosic has a plethora of tools to help you discover new music, such as find songs by lyrics, song title search, similar artists finder, find songs by theme, and more.

It would be ideal if Chosic combined some of the relevant tools into one feature to save time, but nonetheless, you have plenty of options when it comes to music discovery with Chosic.

Discover New Music, Algorithmically

Now that we have tackled three of the best ways how to find good playlists on Spotify, what if you are just looking for new music rather than playlists?

Finding new music doesn't require stuffing key words into a search box, instead, Spotify's algorithmic playlists can get the job done well.

With discover weekly, release radar, Spotify DJ, and/or daily mixes, you can receive algorithm-based recommendations based on your music tastes, which no other playlists can offer.

In Conclusion: Playlist Discovery with a Spotify Playlist Finder

In the intricate symphony of Spotify's music library, the pursuit of the perfect playlist transforms into an art form, guided by tools like Spotalike, Chosic, and iSpyTunes.


  • Spotalike is best for creating new playlists

  • iSpyTunes is best for finding high-quality playlists

  • Chosic is best for finding niche playlists

Whether you are looking for the best party playlist Spotify has to offer, the best workout playlist on Spotify, or another one of the best playlists ever; these three Spotify playlist search tools can help you find the perfect music with ease.

So best of luck fellow music fans, and let us know in the comments which of the three tools is your favorite!

Otherwise, until next time!



Lastly, let's answer a few relevant questions to the topic of a Spotify playlist finder.

How do I find amazing playlists?

You can always find playlists in the Spotify app via a simple search, but for the best Spotify playlists around, we recommend using a third-party Spotify playlist search. The three tools we recommend can be found by clicking here.

Are there any good playlists on Spotify?

There are lots of Spotify playlists, but how can you find the best playlists ever made on Spotify? You should use a custom-made playlist finder to locate the best user created Spotify playlists around. Click here to try ours out now.

How do I find similar tracks?

To find similar tracks to one of your favorite songs, try out Spotalike. Simply enter a song of your choosing, and you'll be given a playlist with similar music you'll really appreciate!

What is Discover Weekly?

Discover weekly is an algorithmic playlist that will recommend you new songs based on your current listening habits. Other algorithmic popular playlist options include daily mixes and release radar, from the current Spotify mixes available.

Can you search a playlist on Spotify?

Of course, you can find playlists in the native Spotify app as well. Simply search relevant key words, like "chill rap" or "most popular songs of the 2000s", and then tap the playlist option at the top of the screen. Now, Spotify will only present playlist options that meet your search term. However, we do recommend you test out a third-party playlist finder, as these tend to work better. Click here to try ours now.

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