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Spotify Jam: Reviewing the New Collaborative Listening Feature

Spotify Jam: Start a Jam Spotify and experience the Joy of Collective Music Discovery

In the rapidly evolving realm of music streaming, Spotify continually innovates to enhance its position in the market.

A testament to this constant evolution is Spotify Jam, a collaborative feature designed to let you and your friends enjoy your favorite music in real-time.

Today we will dive into what this new feature is, how it works, and discuss if it is beneficial or not for listeners.

Let's dive right in!

What Exactly is Spotify Jam?

Spotify Jam is a shared listening experience that recreates the feeling of being in a live concert or a house party, where you and your friends can listen to your favorite tunes together.

The real-time listening session allows Spotify premium users and free users alike to add songs they like to the shared queue, making the process much more interactive and impressive than simply a collaborative playlist.

How Does Spotify Jam Work?

While initiating a Jam session requires a Premium account, both free users and premium subscribers are able to join and interact with the virtual listening space.

You can use any song or a playlist as a starting point, and then invite your friends to the Spotify Jam session in various ways.

4 Ways to Invite Friends to a Jam Session:

  1. Sharing a Link: Directly share a link through text, social media, or other messaging platforms.

  2. Tap Phones: Activate your Bluetooth and tap your phone with a friend's mobile.

  3. Scanning a QR Code: Send a QR code to your friends for them to scan and join the Jam session.

  4. Wi-Fi Connection: If on the same Wi-Fi network, friends will be prompted to join an active Jam session when they open the Spotify app.

Once in the session, all participants can contribute by adding music to the shared queue and listen to the same tunes simultaneously. Spotify also provides music recommendations during the session based on your group's listening activity.

Importantly, you can always see which user added which song. However, the host maintains control over adding or removing people, changing the song order, and editing privileges altogether.

How to Start a Spotify Jam Session

Starting a Spotify Jam session is a breeze. Make sure your Spotify app is updated, and follow these simple steps:

How to do a Spotify Jam Session: The Host Screen Hit the Three Dot Menu and Friends scan the QR code
  1. Launch the Spotify app. Ensure you're signed in with your Premium account.

  2. Choose a Song or Playlist. Select your starting point for the Jam.

  3. Initiate the Jam Session. Hit the speaker icon at the bottom left of the screen when you expand a song menu. Choose "Start a Jam" from the options. Alternatively, tap the three dots within any song or playlist, and then tap "Start a Jam"

  4. Invite Your Friends. You’ll be presented with three options to invite your friends: by sharing a link, tapping phones, or scanning a QR code.

  5. Personalize the Session. Spotify gives you the option to "Let others change what's playing" during the session. Toggle this on or off as per your preferences.

  6. Add More Songs. You can add more songs to the session by hitting the "Add songs" button. Spotify's algorithm recommends songs based on your group's activity. Swipe left to view your Liked Songs and tap the plus button to add a song to the session.

  7. End the Jam Session. You can conclude the Jam session anytime by tapping the "End" button.

Pros and Cons of the Spotify Jam Feature

Naturally, this new feature has both benefits and disadvantages.

"Does this bring people together?"

"Is a de-centralized aux truly a good thing?"

Let's discuss.


  1. Real-Time Collaboration: Spotify Jam enables real-time collaboration, offering a seamless way for friends to add and queue songs instantly. This feature encourages spontaneous contributions, creating a dynamic playlist that adapts to the group's vibe and preferences.

  2. AI-based recommendations: If you are feeling stuck with the next song to listen to, you can use the AI-based Spotify algorithm to add songs to the queue that fit the same vibe.

  3. Flexible Listening Options: Participants in a Jam session have the flexibility to listen via their own devices, headphones, or even the same speaker as the host. This adaptability caters to various preferences and ensures a comfortable listening experience for everyone involved.


  1. Loss of 'Aux' Control: With Spotify Jam, the traditional role of an "aux" controller, typically a trusted music enthusiast setting the mood and/or controlling the vibe, is diminished. The shared decision-making erases the person on aux's ability to shape the musical atmosphere and control the vibe.

  2. Potential Disruptions: Allowing multiple participants to modify the queue can sometimes lead to abrupt changes in the musical flow. It might disrupt the mood or theme intended by the host or cause incongruent transitions between songs, affecting the overall listening experience.

  3. Dependency on Premium Subscription: While Spotify Jam is accessible to both free and premium users, only premium subscribers can initiate and manage a Jam session. This dependency on a premium subscription might limit the availability of this feature to a broader audience.

In Conclusion

Spotify Jam transforms the act of listening to music into a shared experience, uniting people across the globe through the magic of music. It offers real-time listening, collaborative playlist creation, and joint recommendations, making it a highly engaging way to enjoy music with friends.

Starting a Jam session is easy and accessible to all Spotify users. Once a premium user initiates a Jam session on their own device, anyone Spotify users invited, whether premium listeners or a free users, can join, contribute, and enjoy.

Will this feature be an overall plus or negative to real-time listening sessions?

Only time will tell.

So, gather your friends and embark on a musical adventure with Spotify Jam.

Experience the joy of collective music discovery, because after all, music is best enjoyed when shared.

Spotify Jam has started rolling out. Update your Spotify app and give it a try. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences on the Spotify Jam group session feature in the comments below.

Otherwise, until next Friday, fellow music fans!

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