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The 5 Best Websites for Concert Tickets: A Guide to Buying & Saving

The 5 Best Websites for Concert Tickets: Your Guide to buying tickets, selling tickets, and saving money!

Nowadays, buying tickets online involves too much work. Ticket resale sites provide constantly fluctuating ticket prices, and love to add in those shady service fees.

The thrill of a live concert is unmatched, as fans gather to share the excitement and energy of artists performing their music live. Buying tickets shouldn't be so hard.

Securing a ticket to these events involves knowing where and how to purchase them, and understanding the different types of tickets available, such as general admission or VIP packages, which offer diverse experiences.

The process of finding and buying concert tickets has evolved with technology. You now have access to a multitude of online platforms where you can search for concerts by genre, location, and date.

Today, we'll explore the top platforms to buy and sell concert tickets, and explore the features of each platform — such as price comparison tools, seat selection, and customer reviews, to enhance your overall ticket purchasing experience.

So without further ado, let's dive into the information!

Understanding Concert Tickets

Understand how to sell tickets based on ticket cost, ticket prices, and the amount of valid tickets on ticket resale sites

Before we explore the best place to buy concert tickets, knowing about ticket types and pricing is crucial when you're planning to attend a concert.

Types of Concert Tickets

  • General Admission: These tickets grant you entry to the event without a specific seat. You'll be standing or choosing from non-reserved seating.

  • Reserved Seating: With these tickets, you have a specific seat. It's often categorized into sections like Floor, Lower Bowl, Upper Bowl, and Balcony.

  • VIP Packages: These may include premium seating, merchandise, or meet-and-greet opportunities with the artist.

  • Platinum Tickets: These are premium tickets sold at market value, not face value, often fluctuating with demand.

Pricing Factors

Artist Popularity: The more popular the artist, the higher the ticket price tends to be.

Venue Size: Smaller venues usually translate to higher prices due to limited space.

Location: Obviously, the seat location also impacts the ticket prices; for example, front-row seats are far more expensive than general admission or back-row seats.

Timing: Buying concert tickets early or at the last minute can affect the price. Early birds may have deals, while last-minute sales might offer discounts to fill seats.

Sales Channels:

  • Best place to buy concert tickets: Authorized sellers like Ticketmaster or the venue box office.

  • Cheapest concert tickets: Discount sites or resellers may offer lower prices, but beware of scams.

  • How to get cheap concert tickets: Look for presales, use credit card rewards, or join fan clubs for discounts. Also, be sure to compare prices on all websites.

Lastly, ticket pricing is influenced by dynamic pricing models, where prices change based on real-time market demand. So if you can't easily find tickets, prices go up.

Finding Concerts

Finding cheap ticket prices without a service fee takes great customer service and a trusty ticket seller, and no hidden fees!

When seeking out live performances, your options for discovering concerts and tracking upcoming events are plentiful. Below you'll find specific strategies to immerse yourself in the local music scene and stay ahead of concert schedules.

Discovering Local Live Music

Local Listings and Platforms: Regularly check local music listings on platforms like Ticketmaster and Live Nation for a curated list of live music events. These sites often feature a "concerts near me" section that lists events based on your location.

Mobile Apps: Utilize mobile applications such as Songkick, which can sync with your music library or streaming services to alert you when artists you like are playing nearby. Additionally, Spotify continues to implement the ability to find tickets in-app.

Tracking Upcoming Concerts

Advance Presales: Register for fan clubs or official artist newsletters to gain access to ticket presales. Sites like Ticketmaster often announce presale dates, which you can use to purchase tickets before the general public.

  • Example: A presale for PaleyFest LA: VIP Showrunner All Events Pass was advertised for January 30 at 9:00 AM.

Calendar Integration: By adding concert dates to your personal calendar from sites like JamBase, you maintain an organized schedule of upcoming live music.

  • Stay Informed: Regular updates from venues and ticket platforms will keep you aware of new concert announcements and any changes to events you are interested in.

Purchasing Tickets

Achieve great deals when buying tickets from the best concert ticket sites for sporting events or concerts

When you're planning to attend a concert, knowing where and how to purchase tickets can ensure you get the best seats within your budget.

Online platforms offer a convenient way to secure a spot at your favorite events, whether you're planning ahead or seeking last-minute tickets.

Buying Tickets Online

With great customer service, valid tickets, and a low service fee, all for one of the top resale sites!

Choosing a Vendor: Start with reputable ticketing websites like Ticketmaster or StubHub—they are often considered some of the best sites to buy concert tickets.

These platforms offer:

  • Verified tickets to prevent fraud.

  • A wide range of events from concerts to sports.

  • VIP packages and presales for eager fans.

Purchasing Process:

  1. Create an account on the vendor's website.

  2. Browse for your event.

  3. Select seats based on your preferences and budget.

  4. Complete the checkout process, including payment and delivery options.


  • To increase your chance to get tickets for popular events, sign up for presales.

  • Always check the full ticket price, including fees, before purchasing.

Getting Last Minute Tickets

Finding Last-Minute Deals: Sometimes the best website to buy concert tickets can also mean finding great last-minute deals.

For spontaneous plans, check:

  • SeatGeek for dates and locations close to the event time, offering competitive pricing.

  • Ticketmaster, which may have released additional tickets.

Steps to Secure Tickets:

  • Use dedicated mobile apps for alerts on last-minute ticket availability.

  • Seek platforms that facilitate resale from fans who can no longer attend.


  • Be flexible with seating options, as choices may be limited.

  • Confirm the authenticity of the tickets when purchasing last-minute.

Exploring the 5 Best Websites for Concert Tickets

When looking for the best concert tickets, it's essential to consider selection, ease of use, pricing, and additional features.

The following reviews will assist you in navigating some of the top ticket providers, ensuring you make informed decisions for your next live music experience.

StubHub Review

StubHub stands out for its fanProtect guarantee, offering you peace of mind with each purchase. This secondary market titan includes a wide selection of tickets for sold-out events that you can't find elsewhere.

  • Selection: Broad, including resale

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive

  • Pricing: Market-based, can be above face value

  • Features: FanProtect guarantee

Ticketmaster Review

Ticketmaster is often your go-to platform for a direct and comprehensive selection of tickets. Their user interface is streamlined, making your search and purchase straightforward. You may find verified tickets for a vast array of events, reducing the risk of fraud.

  • Selection: Extensive

  • Ease of Use: High

  • Pricing: Variable, with service fees

  • Features: Verified tickets, fan reviews

Vivid Seats Review

With Vivid Seats, expect an easy-to-use platform and a rewards program that could save you money on future purchases. Their 100% Buyer Guarantee ensures the authenticity and timely delivery of your tickets.

  • Selection: Robust

  • Ease of Use: User-friendly

  • Pricing: Competitive, with potential discounts

  • Features: Rewards program, 100% Buyer Guarantee

SeatGeek Review

SeatGeek offers a sleek platform with interactive seat maps that provide view-from-section imagery. Their straightforward pricing includes all service fees upfront, so you're not surprised at checkout.

  • Selection: Wide-ranging

  • Ease of Use: High, with an interactive seating chart

  • Pricing: Transparent

  • Features: View-from-section previews

Songkick Review

Lastly, Songkick specializes in tracking your favorite artists and notifying you when they're playing nearby. While not a primary ticket seller, Songkick will redirect you to trusted vendors where you can secure your tickets.

  • Selection: Curated to your tastes

  • Ease of Use: Personalized experience

  • Pricing: Varies, as they redirect to other vendors

  • Features: Artist tracking, concert alerts, all on Songkick

Our recommendation: StubHub

Although each platform can get the job done, we recommend StubHub for it's ease of use and numerous features (trending events nearby, music genre categories, last minute deals, etc.)

Here's a quick breakdown to help you compare:


Notable Feature

Seller Fee

Reward Program


Large audience, 1.3 tickets sold per second




Primary box office, easy ticket resale



Vivid Seats

Rewards program after buying 10 tickets




Competitive pricing, transparent fees




Focus on music events, competitive pricing

Not Specified


Remember that each platform's fees and features may change, so it's wise to verify the current details before committing to a sale or purchase.

Criteria for these 5 ticket resale sites:

The criteria that we used to curate our list of the best place to buy concert tickets:

  • Ease of Use: The best website to buy concert tickets should ensure a user-friendly interface, guiding you smoothly from event selection to checkout.

  • Variety: A top-tier ticket site offers a comprehensive listing of events, from indie bands to chart-topping pop stars, and venues that range from intimate clubs to massive stadiums.

  • Reliability: Trust in transaction safety and ticket authenticity is paramount. Your chosen platform must deliver peace of mind alongside your passes.

  • Price Options: Whether you're looking for affordable seats or VIP packages, these sites accommodate diverse budgets and provide transparent pricing.

These platforms not only provide access to tickets but also offer a streamlined process for purchase and delivery.

Securing the Best Deals

Exploring the process of selling tickets for music events, as when people sell concert tickets, service fees are not included

Navigating the world of concert tickets can be a challenge, but with the right approach, you can secure the best deals and make the most of your live event experience.

Smart Shopping for Concert Tickets

Timing Is Key: The right timing can significantly impact the cost of tickets. Prices often drop the day before or on the day of the event as sellers aim to offload remaining tickets.

If your schedule allows, waiting until the last minute could yield cheaper concert tickets, though this comes with the risk of tickets selling out.

  • Check Official Sales First: Always start with the official ticketing platforms as soon as tickets go on sale. Be ready at the time of release, as the best-valued tickets sell out quickly.

  • Presale Access: Gain presale access by joining fan clubs or subscribing to newsletters from artists and venues. Presale tickets are reserved for a select group before general sales open, offering a better chance at lower prices.

  • Utilize Resale Platforms: If you missed the initial sale, tools like SeatGeek have features to help you compare resale prices and find the best deal. Use platforms that offer price recommendations or alerts for price drops.

  • Avoid Peak Times: Buying tickets when demand is highest often leads to premium prices. Try to identify off-peak times when fewer people are looking, which might be during weekdays or atypical hours for shopping.

Digital Tickets

Use coupon codes when buying tickets online to save money on hidden fees from ticket sites

Digital tickets have revolutionized the way you attend live events, providing a seamless and secure alternative to traditional paper tickets.

E-tickets and Mobile Entry

E-tickets, or electronic tickets, are delivered to you in a digital format.

Typically, you can purchase e-tickets from ticket resale sites such as StubHub.

After purchase, you receive an email with a link to your e-ticket, which you can print at home or use in a digital format.

It's crucial to ensure your e-ticket is saved on your device before the event.

For Mobile Entry, your e-tickets are stored directly on your smartphone, which can be accessed through a specific app like the Ticketmaster app.

Here is a simple guide to access your mobile entry tickets:

  1. Install the app associated with your ticket purchase, such as the Ticketmaster app.

  2. Log in to your account.

  3. Select 'My Events' to view your purchased tickets.

  4. Before the event, add your tickets to your phone's digital wallet to avoid any issues due to internet connectivity.

Ticket Resale

When you can no longer attend a concert, reselling your tickets is a viable option.

Learn the legal ways to transfer your concert pass to someone else, ensuring safety and compliance.

How to Resell Tickets Legally

  • Research Ticket Resale Laws: Before you resell your tickets, it's important to understand the laws governing ticket resale in your area. Unfortunately, some regions may have restrictions or require a license.

  • Choose a Reputable Platform: Resell your concert tickets on authorized platforms to ensure a safe and legal transaction. Ticketmaster and TicketSwap are examples of marketplaces that verify tickets and facilitate secure sales.

  • Set a Fair Price: While you might be tempted to sell at higher prices, especially if the event is in high demand, keep in mind that many platforms have guidelines and policies to prevent price gouging.

  • Transfer Tickets Securely: Once you find a buyer, transfer the tickets using the platform's secure transfer option. This often involves a transfer feature within the platform that ensures the buyer receives authentic tickets.

  • Receive Payment Safely: Payment should be processed through the chosen platform to protect both you and the buyer, often releasing funds to you after the event has taken place to ensure that the transaction goes smoothly.

Avoiding Scams

When looking to attend a concert, your choice of ticket source is crucial to avoid scams. Ensure you're dealing with legitimate vendors and authentic tickets.

Identifying Fraudulent Tickets

Purchase Source: For maximum reliability, buy your tickets from the official venue or their authorized sellers. Here are two of the best options you have:

  • Best Place to Buy Tickets:

  • The venue's box office

  • Authorized ticket sellers or partners

  • Best Website for Concert Tickets:

  • Official event websites

  • Reputable ticket selling platforms with guarantee policies

Payment Method: Use secure payment methods that offer protection, such as PayPal's Goods and Services, for instances where you might consider a peer-to-peer purchase.

To recognize counterfeit tickets, keep an eye out for:

  • Blurry text or images

  • Misspellings and incorrect information

  • Lack of official seals or holograms

Attending the Concert

When you have your concert tickets and are preparing for the event, there are several aspects to consider for an enjoyable experience. Your adherence to venue policies and concert etiquette will ensure a seamless concert-going experience.

Concert Etiquette

Concert etiquette plays a pivotal role in the enjoyment and safety of all attendees. Here is a simple guide:

  • Arrival Time: Arrive at the venue with enough time to locate your seat or spot, particularly if it's general admission. Late arrivals can disrupt the performance and the audience.

  • Behavior: Be considerate of those around you. Avoid obstructive actions like standing on seats or prolonged recording that blocks others' views.

  • Noise Level: While singing along is part of the fun, keep your voice at a level that does not interfere with others' ability to hear the performance.

Venue Requirements

Each venue will have its own set of requirements which you should be aware of to avoid any surprises:

  • Prohibited Items: Check the venue's website for a list of banned items. Standard prohibitions include weapons, large bags, and recording equipment.

  • Dress Code: Some venues enforce a dress code; verify in advance to adhere to their regulations.

Accessibility and Accommodations

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), concert venues and ticket sellers are required to cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities. This ensures equal enjoyment of events with accessible seating and appropriate accommodations.

Special Needs and Seating Arrangements

When you are looking to purchase tickets for concerts, it is critical to be aware of the seating arrangements for special needs.

  • Accessible Seating: Venues are obligated to have a specific percentage of their seating reserved for individuals with disabilities. Typically, this is around 1% of the total available seating.

  • Seating Purchase: To buy tickets, you should refer to official venue websites or authorized ticket sellers like Ticketmaster, which provide options to purchase accessible seats directly.

  • Advance Purchase: It is advisable to purchase tickets as early as possible since accessible seating is limited and tends to sell out quickly.

In Conclusion: Key Takeaways

  • Concert tickets are essential for entry to live events, with various types available to suit different preferences.

  • Technology has simplified ticket acquisition, with many online platforms offering a convenient way to purchase.

  • Being informed on ticket sellers' policies, and guarantees can help secure the best deals and avoid potential scams.

Whether you choose our top pick StubHub, or a service like SongKick, we wish you the best of luck with buying concert tickets near you!

Until next Friday, fellow music fans!

Frequently Asked Questions

When seeking information on concert tickets, you may have a number of inquiries. This section aims to provide you with concise answers to some of the most common questions.

How can I find the best sites to purchase concert tickets?

For purchasing concert tickets, it's advisable to start with official venue or event websites. You can also use reputable ticketing platforms such as, which often provide details like ticket purchasing limits to prevent scalping.

Where can I find affordable tickets for concerts?

Affordable concert tickets can often be found by looking for early bird specials, discounts, and promotions. Organizations like The Florida Orchestra offer reasonably priced tickets, starting at $28, and sometimes free tickets for children for specific performances.

How do I find out when tickets go on sale for a specific concert?

Ensure you're signed up for newsletters of your favorite artists and venues. These often send out presale codes and alerts for when tickets will be available for purchase. You can also keep an eye on official social media channels for announcements.

What are some tips for securing tickets for high-demand concerts?

To secure tickets for high-demand concerts, be ready right when tickets go on sale, have multiple devices logged in to the ticketing site, and consider joining fan clubs for presale access. It's crucial to act quickly as tickets for popular events sell out fast.

What venues in Chicago host the most concerts?

In Chicago, venues like the Symphony Center, United Center, and the Chicago Theatre are known for hosting a variety of concerts. Check their individual event calendars to see the wide array of performances scheduled.

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