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How To Turn on Spotify Light Mode (2024) [iPhone Tutorial]

Updated: Jan 3

How To Turn on Spotify Light Mode (2023) [iPhone Tutorial for Light Mode Spotify Theme] Does Spotify have light mode answered

For years, Spotify users have been begging for a light theme in-app when enjoying their music.

Although the only Spotify theme is the default dark mode, today we will share an easy way to manually activate the Spotify light mode feature, without any third-party apps or downloads.

Sound good? Let's dive right into it!

How to Activate the Spotify Light Mode Feature (Step by Step)

Spotify only offers it standard dark mode, so any tutorial that claims you can turn on light mode from inside the app is misleading you.

Here's the real way to turn on Spotify light mode.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone

Look for the gear icon of the Settings app, or search your phone library to locate the app.

To turn on Spotify light mode in the spotify app and change the dark theme default setting go to your system settings

2. Select Accessibility

In the settings menu, scroll down the accessibility option, or use the search bar to locate the option.

how to add spotify light mode and a white theme to your colour scheme

3. Open Per-App Settings

At the bottom, you should find the option to explore Per-App Settings. Click there.

Add light mode spotify and change the dark mode or darker color scheme display options for your spotify account

4. Add The Spotify App

Click "Add App", and then select the Spotify app from your options.

5. Turn on Smart Invert

Now, open the per-app settings for Spotify. Locate Smart Invert and choose "on" to access a light theme.

Ta-da! Now, no longer is Spotify only dark mode, but you have access to a light theme option as well!

In Conclusion

Although there is no official way through Spotify to access a light mode, this easy technique gets the job done, and allows you to enjoy a vibrant and visually appealing interface while streaming your favorite music.

The Light Mode offers a refreshing change, adding a touch of modernity to your Spotify experience.

We hope you enjoy our makeshift technique to access Spotify light mode, let us know if you have any questions below in the comments!

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Does Spotify have a light mode?

At the moment, Spotify has no official light mode for users. However, with our 5-step technique, you can easily access a hidden light mode theme on the iPhone!

How do I turn off dark mode on Spotify?

Using Smart Invert on iPhone, you can toggle dark mode on and off to light mode. Learn how to do this with our step by step guide!

Why Spotify doesn't have light mode?

Although there isn't really a great reason why Spotify hasn't introduced a light mode over the years, it may be because Spotify's color schemes are always very distinctive and distinct. Black and Green are their two main brand colors, so introducing a lighter theme would likely make a huge difference in their official design.

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Lauren Carter
Lauren Carter
02. des. 2023

I hate how the invert color stuff makes emojis a different color in Spotify app, is there a way to fix this ?

05. des. 2023

Good question. Unfortunately not to my knowledge, this is more of a makeshift solution where emojis are incorrectly grouped into the inverted field.

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