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Listen to all of the SOTW winners, ever here.
Updated every Monday.


1st Place: Nightmare by Lord Joey

2nd place: Social Distance by Joezy

3rd place: Past Present Future by Rhine


1st Place: Down For Me by LO5T

2nd place: Ugly by Burgos

3rd place: Licks! by lil sleepy & 97Ares


1st Place: If I Killed Myself, Would You Cry by 6lackhart

2nd place: but i said everything by Oh well.

3rd place: Feeling by MissaKP


1st Place: Can't You See by NO.VEMBER

2nd place: what's coming after by getHome

3rd place: Therapy by $onnyTB


1st Place: Ghost In The Shell by Chief Kelly

2nd place: stay away please by Flowers for You

3rd place: Erase It by Enticement


1st Place: B*tch with a pretty face by Boyan

2nd place: DO YOU LOVE ME NOW by kai kyoto

3rd place: Heaven by FoRD


1st Place: Griselda by Ydotk

2nd place: Applause by YSB Tril

3rd place: so this is what pain feels like by thebummygod


1st Place: She Hates Me by GIANNI TAYLOR

2nd place: HELP ME by Lil Ghostboy

3rd place: Drugz R Gonna Kill Me!


A list of all prior SOTW first place winners can be found in our playlist. For our records, prior artists who have placed in the top three submissions for 2022 can be seen here.

Lastly, feel free to submit a song to us by clicking here!


1st Place: Lost by YSB Tril

2nd place: Bothered (DND) by $AM

3rd place: Felon by Moral

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