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SOTW (2023)

Listen to all of the SOTW winners, ever here.
Updated every Monday.

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1st Place: Crazy by 7ru7h

2nd place: No More by JUMUNJ

3rd place: what have we become by kmrnxo & Xaxanity

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1st Place: Away From You by $cary Jerry

2nd place: Needle On Skin by Blurrie & MillyMad

3rd place: i dont wanna be this way no more by CRYSTÉ


1st Place: IN MY HEAD by 150lated, Emo Fruits & pink cig

2nd place: Love Me Back by Bezeau

3rd place: Breezin' Through by OF Kenny


1st Place: Can Do by Tripple D & Sean Kingston

2nd place: Just Another Sad Song by Caspa

3rd place: Pickup Truck by Queen Kenzie & PFG Nuk


1st Place: MIA by Sini

2nd place: Hurt Me by Jake Hope

3rd place: Feel So Far by SWIM


1st Place: Heavy Rain v4 by RZB

2nd place: Over by luqi & Mills

3rd place: Incredible by Tinyvix


1st Place: Fallin Behind by Rhine

2nd place: she wanted to be everything by Oscar Basza

3rd place: Love Me Better by Cardo, Niko Noir & Haile'


1st Place: looking back by $cary Jerry

2nd place: Better by Rhine

3rd place: High Fashion Crazy by Rex Darling


1st Place: ASTRAYED by RXGED & The Ushanka Boy

2nd place: Lost Inside by MOLE & OTJE

3rd place: STAY DOWN by St3v


1st Place: Spaceship by Fee-G

2nd place: Between My Fingers by CRKD FNGRS

3rd place: One More Shot by A$CE HIGH


1st Place: 880 by Ahtea Darlene

2nd place: LOCK ME UP by Layth

3rd place: Friday by RIOT SUN


1st Place: BROKEN by Rella

2nd place: Blue Feelings by Keegan Hayes & PxTchWrk

3rd place: THE SEARCH by Saint Kwam


1st Place: GRIEF by CRKD FNGRS

2nd place: Songbird by Hole in The Wall

3rd place: LOTP by Bailey Drip & LGuapo


1st Place: wrote u a letter by Christos, Paris Shadows

2nd place: I'm convinced by Tourboh

3rd place: You a star by LGuapo, Bailey Drip


1st Place: Messed Up by RXGED, Pawnzii, Tsukkomi

2nd place: DIRECTION by Louis Power

3rd place: Manipulate by Floris


1st Place: DOWN BAD by Melvoni

2nd place: ShortTermMemoryLoss by ancientrelic, Kevin Padron

3rd place: Bad At Love by Pich


1st Place: All Black (Intro) by Kaleb Mitchell

2nd place: BRB by Marco XO

3rd place: Ball Control by Tourboh


1st Place: Shadows by RXGED

2nd place: Hold Back by Young Castro, Kayla Rae

3rd place: you know me too well by Mayo Carter


1st Place: dear u, by Shxsta

2nd place: Up All Night by $cary Jerry

3rd place: introspection by scrapp


1st Place: The Broken Loner by Conkrete

2nd place: slumber.mp3 - slowed by tysnightmares

3rd place: ZOOM by Slushex


1st Place: Dodging in December by Hole in The Wall

2nd place: Vois Sur Ton Chemin - Hardstyle by Bern-AT & WARLEX

3rd place: LIST OF REGRETS by $AM


1st Place: left wrist by Oscar Basza

2nd place: Why Do I Find Myself Alone by Rhine

3rd place: My Heart Went - slowed + reverb by vlaadul


1st Place: Nevermind by Danzi

2nd place: Where You At by E Bandz

3rd place: In Too Deep by Pt Lee


1st Place: thx 4 nothing by Trillium

2nd place: Raise Up by Barely Legal

3rd place: Do Me Like That by Merge


1st Place: Ascension by Traudi Lacunza

2nd place: no god! by ebnyrave

3rd place: Loner by $am


1st Place: Highway to Hell by Charlie Ricch & Nikko

2nd place: Purple Maserati (Slowed + Reverb) by Sam Karody

3rd place: Dumb by Andrea Carax & Nyemiah Supreme


1st Place: Rabbit Hole by Patouille

2nd place: Bloodstain by Bluezy

3rd place: Vacant by 2aminthemorning


1st Place: Fastlane by Troubleman

2nd place: how u feel by Brett Jamez & Shanty the Hound

3rd place: I Love My Mom by DJ J Rd & Rugrat Nami


1st Place: WOAH by Oscar Basza

2nd place: delete? by Dethwish

3rd place: Living My Life by badass keema & Jaquae


1st Place: Bothered (DND) by $AM

2nd place: WHY DO YOU LOVE ME? by Oscar Basza

3rd place: Jealous by Traudi Lacunza


1st Place: gone in the wind by Roderick Porter

2nd place: prom night by Josh The Author

3rd place: High Society by Eric Reprid


1st Place: star by she loves boom

2nd place: By Myself by IamDAM

3rd place: 90's RnB Love (Sped Up) by Emma Alves


1st Place: I just want a break! by ebnyrave

2nd place: grieving you by Brett Jamez

3rd place: Commando by Deline


1st Place: FALLING by Oscar Basza

2nd place: Number++Head by OPHEO

3rd place: down2hell by Wasted Potency


1st Place: Missed Calls by Chris Miles

2nd place: Crystal Clear by RIKKACVLTVRE

3rd place: S. Pellegrino by Raygun Radiostar


1st Place: Whole Different Person by Rhine

2nd place: roadkill by Undead Papi

3rd place: Warrior by JUXZI


1st Place: Just Like You by Stromer Hills

2nd place: 4 Quarters by TAIN

3rd place: Numb by Kayze


1st Place: Want U Rn by AdLo & Lil Yawh

2nd place: Counting Sheep by Drugsta & AZENE

3rd place: mind Drive by myspacemark


1st Place: Ain't No One Like Me by South South Vice

2nd place: hurricane szn by Brett Jamez

3rd place: Jimmy Spit by Trillpunk Dibbs


1st Place: IWY ILY by Tylertheasian & snooze

2nd place: No Cinderella by Matthew Little the Truthteller

3rd place: tragic love song by Brett Jamez


1st Place: New Day by Noah XO

2nd place: start again. by Jonah Michael

3rd place: For The Weekend by MIKE SOY


1st Place: back 2 me by Peak Zen

2nd place: farewell by denia

3rd place: Shade by 7DAZE


1st Place: Antidote by OF Kenny

2nd place: Famous by Shyler

3rd place: Time by Darkko Bans


1st Place: let go by Oh well.

2nd place: trapped ! by Doku

3rd place: Hate Myself by 6ixexex


1st Place: Losing Interest by Milo

2nd place: Dead End by LO5T

3rd place: SUMMER 2022 by J. Morales & Doku


1st Place: Martyr by Aaryan Shah

2nd place: Vibe by Herman

3rd place: Whatever by Kon


1st Place: BRIDGE by Jay Sek

2nd place: ROCKSTAR by Rella

3rd place: All on Me by Stickbaby Juan


1st Place: Alligator by Moza Kaliza

2nd place: Insane by Young Evicc

3rd place: Sympathy by Gimmefive


1st Place: FREAKSHOW by End In Sight

2nd place: NEW TAT! by ebnyrave

3rd place: ENERGY by Simon Davis


1st Place: Till Death Do Us Part by South South Vice

2nd place: Way Out by Young VC

3rd place: Versatile by Little Benji


A list of all prior SOTW winners can be found in our playlist of winners. For our records, artists who have won top 3 recognition in 2022 can be viewed here.

Lastly, feel free to submit a song to us by clicking here!


1st Place: GUTS by Reid Coke

2nd place: SABOTAGE (DJ C-Him Remix) by Julian Bones

3rd place: might go down by Trillium


1st Place: A Letter by Robin Che

2nd place: Let Me Down by LO5T

3rd place: The other side of LoVe by DYAH Goldie

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