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We are back!

Thank you for your patience.

We want to give each artist we work with the best possible resources and marketing tools to take their music and career to the next level.

This summer, we have revamped our website from top to bottom. We have built out new playlists and are continuing to create new playlists to encompass each genre and mood. We have also expanded our team and are ready to give each artist and song the quality care it deserves.

Just by scrolling around our website, you may tell that we changed things. The flow of our website has improved and our services are more niche and accurate. As a brand, we will be accepting even more artists to our label and VIP programs. We will begin producing some of the best material for independent artists to grow with our more inclusive content strategy. Lastly, stay tuned for even more free-to-enter contests and prizes rewarding our favorite independent artists.

All song submissions over the summer have been stockpiled and will be reviewed over the coming weeks, three at a time. This will ensure each track gets the quality care it deserves, alongside playlist placements and a 33% chance of earning a blog post dedicated to that track on our website. The first return of our SOTW press release will be on 9/12.

If you have any questions, comment on this post or email our contact address at any time. We look forward to picking up where we left off, while also being more prepared for higher quantities of submissions and offering even more to the artists who trust us with their promotion needs.

In other words, iSpyTunes is ready to deliver on your independent music marketing needs.

Stage two begins now. Buckle up.

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