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5 Tips for Independent Artists Just Getting Started

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

1. Don't stress the small stuff

It can be easy to overthink so many things when getting your feet off the ground in your music journey. Don't stress, just take everything day-by-day and value the feedback you are given.

2. Create Social Media accounts

Use social media to interact with potential fans, and begin to build a fan base. You can slowly garner real fans in your desired category or genre by staying active and posting relevant content! Easy enough!

3. Register for a Distributing Platform

Get your music HEARD! To get your music on digital streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple music, unsigned artists need a platform like Distrokid which will submit your song to all the necessary and desired locations.

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4. Get the right Marketing

Check out our Marketing offers to help get your music heard and promoted to your desired audience. Our team of digital marketers are on standby. Check out Spotify Promotion, Blog Promotion, and other potential routes to boost your music effectively as an independent artist in 2022.

5. Take feedback and improve

Lastly, you just got to keep getting better! Work on your craft enough and you can achieve anything!

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