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Tunebat Review: Elevating Your Music Experience

Tunebat Review: Elevating Your Music Experience with a BPM and key finder, among other useful tools for music fans

In the growing world of music tools, Tunebat emerges as a versatile and comprehensive platform, catering to both seasoned professionals and budding musicians alike.

Tunebat is most known for its key and BPM finder, but also a plethora of other tools for both music fans and musicians alike.

Today, we'll take a look at all of the features Tunebat has to offer. So without further ado, let's dive right in!

Key & BPM Finder: Precision in Every Note

Tunebat's Key & BPM Finder stands as a valuable resource for those in need of a BPM or song key finder when attempting to remix songs or crafting a playlist.

An example of the Tunebat bpm and key finder in action, with key information like happiness detection and energy

With a vast database of over 70 million songs, this tool becomes a navigational compass for artists exploring the intricate landscapes of musical keys and tempos.


  • Search Spotify songs for free

  • Advanced song search to help you find the right audio files

  • Clean UI with easy to read results presented in table format

  • No download required, a completely web-based platform

  • Extensive song database for accurate key and tempo detection

  • Offers song recommendations for harmonic mixing based on your song


  • Some advanced features are paid, such as unlimited uploads of your own music for song key & BPM information

  • Tunebat BPM estimates and key information are occasionally incorrect

Vocal Remover

Powered by a robust AI engine, Tunebat's Vocal Remover transcends mere audio manipulation. It allows artists to sculpt their own sonic landscapes by extracting vocals from recordings.

This Tunebat feature opens doors to creating custom samples, stems, and even karaoke tracks from a single audio file.

Tunebat offers harmonic mixing with their vocal remover which needs no additional data depending on the upload

While accessible in the free plan, the Pro subscription unlocks additional options and ensures secure cloud processing. Tunebat allows Professional DJs looking to create acapella audio files for harmonic mixing with only a few seconds of effort.

Song Mastering

Tunebat's Song Mastering service offers a lifeline to musicians striving for sonic excellence.

By uploading your track alongside a reference in a similar genre, you can witness the magic unfold. Through feature extraction and meticulous parameter matching, your track aligns with the reference, offering a professional touch.

The Pro version, priced at $17.99/month, provides unlimited mastering capabilities. This machine learning tool from Tunebat has advanced analysis algorithms, helping you to replicate the mastering style of your provided reference track.

BPM & Tempo Tapper

This BPM Tapper empowers musicians with a hands-on approach to tempo detection. Whether you're jamming in a studio or at home, this tool allows you to tap out the rhythm, providing accurate BPM information for your compositions.

Try the Tunebat BPM tapper and determine the pace of audio files without the need for any analysis algorithms

This easy-to-use tool is perfect as a quick solution for DJs interested in determining the BPM of a particular song. While listening to your desired song, simply click or press spacebar for each beat of the track. As a tip, I'd recommend using at least 12 or more beats for the most accurate result.


Tunebat's Metronome serves as the heartbeat of your BPM needs.

Whether you're a solo artist honing your skills or a band syncing up for a flawless performance, this BPM counter by Tunebat provides the rhythmic foundation for musical brilliance.

Although extremely simple, this feature allows music fans and musicians alike to hear the pacing of their desired BPM. When used in unison with the BPM tapper, mastering the pacing of songs can become a breeze.

Solo atists refining their skills and bands striving for flawlessness can rely on this tool to set the tempo and ensure the synchronicity that defines musical brilliance.

Music Video Maker

Last but not least, in partnership with Specterr, Tunebat's Music Video Maker is a high quality tool for independent musicians.

Offering cloud-rendered, visually captivating videos, this tool amplifies your music's impact. Although listed as a music video maker, the tool is more designed for creating visualizers or lyric videos.

However, whether opting for professional visualizations or dynamic lyric videos, Specterr's intuitive interface simplifies the creative process.

This tool, empowered by cloud rendering, breathes life into music, transforming it into visually captivating videos. It can make anyone look like an expert video editor, with effects synced to the BPM of the song and various instrumental elements.

However, to remove the watermark branding, you will need either a monthly or yearly subscription. Without the annual discount, $25/month will likely be the best plan for most musicians. With that high of a price tag, you have to be serious about releasing a lot of music and accompanying those releases with their style of visuals.

We are soon to partner with their service, so Tunebat, good find here lads. Specterr is a little expensive, but the quality is definitely there. Stay tuned for a full review of their service soon!

An Alternative BPM & Key Finder: Musicstax

For those looking for an alternative to the Tunebat BPM & key finder, Musicstax is our recommended backup option.

Musicstax offers similar key & BPM song database; with additional data about the popularity, energy, danceability, loudness, and more. Their database is actually larger than Tunebat, with over 100 million songs to search through.

Otherwise, the only real difference is between Tunebat and Musicstax's key and BPM finder is the layout of how the data is presented. Also, there might be a few more ads on Musicstax's website.

Musicstax offers a very similar service to Tunebat and their BPM & key finder, so if you are need of similar analysis algorithms, click here to check Musicstax out!

In Conclusion: Our Tunebat Review

Tunebat, driven by the Spotify Web API, emerges as a powerhouse for musicians seeking not just key and tempo insights but a comprehensive suite of creative tools.

Tunebat has a seamless integration of features, though tiered, ensures accessibility for musicians at different stages of their journey.

Whether unlocking the nuances of song composition or crafting visually immersive experiences, Tunebat resonates as a valuable ally in the ever-evolving landscape of music creation.

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