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Top 25 Jersey Club Songs | Best Jersey Club Music Playlist | iSpyTunes

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Top 25 Songs of the Jersey Club Music Genre, featuring DJ Sliink, DJ Tameil, and other DJs in our Spotify Playlist!

Welcome to our ultimate Top 25 Jersey Club songs review & playlist.

From feel-good basslines and beats, to catchy dance hooks and inventive sonic switches, our selection is sure to satisfy even the pickiest music fanatics.

If you're a fan of Jersey club, then this playlist is just what you need – all your favorite bangers in one place, with some surprises and deep cuts thrown in for good measure.

So if you’re ready join us as we celebrate the best Jersey club has to offer! Or, hop right into our playlist by clicking here.

A Brief History of Jersey Club Music

Jersey Club music originated in Newark, New Jersey during the late 1990s when producers began to create remixes of popular songs by splicing together snippets of different tracks. Eventually, DJs began to incorporate these remixes into their sets, which gave rise to an entirely new genre that was heavily influenced by hip-hop and house music.

City of new jersey club music dj tameil dance music parties scene

More specifically, DJ Tameil and other members of the Brick Bandits crew are most commonly credited for this new style of up-tempo dance music.

The Genre's Rise of Popularity

Over time, Jersey Club music gained traction outside of its hometown and started popping up in nightclubs around the world. In 2013, Diplo included a track from DJ Sliink called “Express Yourself” in his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, giving the genre of music international recognition. Since then, more and more artists have begun incorporating elements from Jersey Club into their own work, helping to spread its influence even further.

Most recently, with the rise of TikTok, Jersey Club music has become extremely popular with content creators. The genre of music can be seen on videos ranging from dance challenges to edits of various pop culture figures. As a result, major industry artists like Drake and Lil Uzi Vert have created music heavily inspired the growing genre.

enjoy the best jersey club rap songs and jersey club remixes with our favorite speakers

Biggest Hits from Jersey Club Music

Without further ado, let's dive into reviewing some of the biggest hits from the jersey club scene over the years.

We're going to separate our favorite tracks into two categories. We'll first list our favorite original Jersey Club tracks, then move into the best Jersey Club remixes.

Let's do it.

10 Original Tracks:

The sound of EDM and rap belended so perfectly makes each listen special. Enjoy.

1. Just Wanna Rock by Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert's hit single "Just Wanna Rock" is a power-packed song sure to draw in any crowd. With its intense energy on an EDM beat, the track will have you stirring up a mosh pit in no time!

It is easy to jam along to booming vocals and rapid drum lines, as this combination creates a unique sound that leaves the listener wanting more.

With the power of hip hop and dance music all rolled into one, it comes as no surprise why this track has been all the rage in the club scene. Ultimately, the track has undoubtedly helped push the genre even more mainstream. Thanks Uzi.

2. Currents by Drake

Off of Drake's controversial album "Honestly, Nevermind", "Currents" is a perfect embodiment of the Jersey Club Style. The track highlights Drake's signature delivery with a noteworthy clever message regarding the challenges we face in our daily lives.

Overall, it is a song that fully encapsulates what modern jersey club music should be - upbeat, timeless and undeniably catchy.

3. attachment (she wanna love) by Kanii & Bossa

Kanii & Bossa's song "Attachment" is an uplifting and energetic jam that is sure to get you out of your seat. It's catchy, bouncy beat serves as the perfect backdrop for its motivating lyrics about experiencing and enjoying love on one's own terms.

The combination of old-school beats with modern music production style makes it a unique song that stands out among the rest.

4. let me see you do it by DJflykidd & DJ Big Chris

This energy-packed jersey club track is sure to get even the most reluctant people to dance. Taking a classic approach to beat production with its quick drum patterns, this floor-filling banger also has some unexpected twists, incorporating moments of deep atmospheric sound design for a fresh and inventive take on the classic jersey club sound.

Filled with infectious lyrics and enthralling rhythms, there's no denying why this song has been making waves in the world of dance music.

5. Cmonnn (Hit It One Time) by 5Star (feat. Lay Bankz)

"Cmonnn" by 5 Star is an absolute banger of a jersey club song that invigorates any space with its pulsating energy. With its high-paced tempo, unique synth line, and infectious hook, this track results in what can only be called an energetic masterpiece.

6. Sri Lanka by 2Rare, PGS Spence & D STURDY

"Sri Lanka", empowered by vibrant yet mellow synth tones and commanding beats, brings unrivaled fire to the genre. Yet its genius lies in the ability to express complex themes without getting lost along the way; as the artists succeeded in producing a fun and innovative track that blends an upbeat rhythm with careful lyrical precision.

7. GET HIT! by benihxnx

"GET HIT!" is an upbeat and infectiously catchy jersey club song from producer Benihxnx. The song's high-energy beat, abundant use of vocal samples, and call-and-response hooks make for an exhilarating listening experience.

8. shake it by wolfacejoeyy

"Shake It" by Wolfacejoeyy is one of the most popular Jersey club songs to date. Released in 2019, the track has become one of the hallmark productions defining the genre.

9. Jade by LilC4

"Jade" by LilC4 is a high-energy, Jersey Club track with driving drums and catchy melodic sections. From the iconic bass drop in the chorus to the hyperactive energy of the instrumental, this track invites you to move along and have a good time.

10. WHO YOU TOUCH by Sha EK & Bandmanrill

"WHO YOU TOUCH" by Sha EK & Bandmanrill is an infectious and upbeat jersey club rap song with a great beat and clever lyrical flow. Featuring outstanding production values and heavy use of bass, the track really captures a powerful energy which radiates through its colorful soundscape.

10 Remixes:

Now, let's review some timeless classics with a modern jersey club spin.

1. Drowning by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie (feat. Kodak Black) [Official Jersey Club Remix]

Who doesn't love the original track? Well, the Jersey Club remix "Drowning" is a dynamic and captivating take on the hit single. With fast-paced rhythms and piercing piano melodies, this track is designed to take any gathering from 0 to 100 in seconds, making it a great tool for DJs or party throwers needing to pick up the energy of any event!

2. WAIT FOR U by Future [KilSoSouth Jersey Club Remix]

This upbeat remix draws on the sounds of hip-hop and incorporates the thumping beats of jersey club music - complete with drum machines, claps and air horns. As its contagious rhythm builds, cosmic synth melodies combine with lyrics from Future's classic tune to make you feel like you are on top of the world. Finally, as the chorus kicks in and drops at unexpected moments, we are taken on a sonic journey filled with euphoric highs and nighttime dancefloor vibes.

3. Ayo by Chris Brown & Tyga [DJ Bake & Kyle Edwards Jersey Club Remix]

The DJ Bake & Kyle Edwards Jersey Club remix of "Ayo" by Chris Brown & Tyga is a surefire hit. Featuring upbeat and soulful rhythms, this remix brings together two of the hottest music stars on the planet in a toe-tapping, crowd-pleasing anthem perfect for any dancefloor.

4. Streets by Doja Cat [Dj Sliink Jersey Club Remix]

This remix of Doja Cat's "Streets" is a perfect blend of sultry vocals with an electronic beat. As the song progresses, Doja's voice becomes more powerful and the robust synths become more prominent in the mix. With its memorable sample rising to a thrilling crescendo at the end, this sound will keep you going from start to finish.

5. Latch by Disclosure [DJ Taj Jersey Club Remix]

This remix uses a unique yet familiar jersey club beat to bring new life to one of the biggest club tracks of the decade. The tempo and energy of the remix thrives on an infectious bass line with well timed snares, allowing it to transition seamlessly between verses and choruses while still maintaining its distinct personality.

It may sound like an obvious choice for a club anthem but its blend of old school and new school sounds ensures that this classic gets a fresh twist with each listen!

6. Boo'd Up by Ella Mai [DJ Bake & Kyle Edwards Jersey Club Remix]

This Jersey Club edit of "Boo'd Up" has the perfect sound, featuring twinkling synths overlaid with a vibrant piano hook. From its catchy rhythm to its smooth 808s, DJ Bake and Kyle Edwards crafted an electrifying production that is a fan favorite on the dance scene.

7. Orange Soda by Baby Keem [Sjayy Jersey Club Remix]

With its head bopping beat and uptempo rhythm, this remix has been making waves amongst the EDM and trap music communities. The hypnotic bassline keeps the energy high while its catchy ad-libs and vocal layerings bring the track to new levels.

8. Somebody Else by Mario (feat. Nicki Minaj) [Rrodney Jersey Club Remix]

Rrodney's remix of "Somebody Else" by Mario is an upbeat throwback-style remix that will take listeners on a nostalgic journey through time. Teeming with soulful vocals, thumping basslines and sleek production, this ingenious track mixes elements of house and EDM together to provide the perfect soundtrack for any night out. It also offers up a fresh sound compared to its original version; something every music lover can appreciate.

9. Bad Habit by Steve Lacy [SteezTheProducer Jersey Club Remix]

This remix keeps the classic hip-hop aesthetic of the original song and spices it up with a Jersey Club twist. Even though this remix doesn't follow the traditional structure of a Jersey Club remixed track, SteezTheProducer's production efforts manages to make it stand out in all the right ways.

10. Starboy by The Weeknd [DJ Smallz 732 & Kyle Edwards Jersey Club Remix]

The Weeknd's hit single "Starboy" received a fun twist courtesy of two talented producers, DJ Smallz 732 and Kyle Edwards. This remix increases the tempo and layers it with some new flavor for an enhanced version of the already popular track.

5 Honorable Mentions:

  • My Humps by The Black Eyed Peas [JBroadway Jersey Club Remix]

  • Miss The Rage by Trippie Redd (feat. Playboi Carti) [Rrodney Jersey Club Remix]

  • #miles by skaiwater [DJ Sliink Jersey Club Remix]

  • Sexy Can I by Ray J [DJ Shodd, DJ Bake, DJ Smallz 732, Kyle Edwards Jersey Club Remix]

  • D!ck by StarBoi3 (feat. Doja Cat) [DJ Jayhood Jersey Club Remix]

For the full list of Jersey Club music, with over 50 songs, check out our playlist dedicated to the best of genre:

In Conclusion:

When it comes down to it, there’s no denying that Jersey Club music is here to stay. It’s been gaining steam since its inception in late 1990s and continues to grow in popularity today thanks to its infectious beats and energizing rhythms. Whether you’re heading out for a wild night on the town or just want something fun to dance around your living room with your friends - give this genre an ear! You won’t regret it!

Check out our playlist of the best jersey club music, updated weekly, by clicking here.

Or, check out a few more of our hand-picked playlists by choosing another blog below! Much love.

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