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Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Best yeat songs playlist and uncovering more about the artist

Today, we're taking a look at some of Yeat's biggest hits and sharing more information about the young superstar rapper.

Whether you're a long-time fan or just getting into Yeat's music, his unique vocals and production makes him a standout artist of the modern rap scene.

To listen to a collection of the best Yeat songs, click here.

Otherwise, let's learn a bit more about Yeat, and how he rose to fame.

Who is Yeat?

who is yeat yeet rapper

Noah Oliver Smith, better known by his stage name "Yeat", is a rapper, singer, and songwriter who grew up in Portland, Oregon. He was born on February 26th, 2000. His music is a blend of hip hop, R&B, and hyperpop, while most of his instrumentals feature hard hitting 808s and trap-influenced melodies.

He began releasing music in 2016 under the name Lil Yeat, however, he eventually dropped the "Lil." Now he is deemed as one of the leaders of the Soundcloud 2.0 wave.

Yeat Ethnicity

Noah Oliver Smith is half Romanian (Mom's side) and half Mexican (Dad's side).

Yeat Net Work

It's estimated Yeat's net worth is in the multi-millions, and as of 2023, that figure is upwards of 5 million.

How did Yeat rise to fame?

Yeat first gained attention with his single "Sorry Bout That", which went viral on the social media platform TikTok.

Shortly after his new song took center stage, a snippet of “Gët Busy” also began trending due to its unique use of a bell. In the song, Yeat states "This song was already turnt, but here’s a bell", which was followed by, of course, a bell ding sound.

The lighthearted and creative nature of the lyric and song became a staple for future Yeat music. "Gët Busy" and "Sorry Bout That" both helped push his music into the spotlight, and he signed to Interscope shortly afterwards.

What is Yeat know for? Well, yeat lyrics.

Similar to how Playboi Carti's fanbase jokingly dubs the rapper's lyricism as its own language "cartinese", Yeat's lyrics are often hard to comprehend at first listen.

While it's true his image and lingo often paint him as a mumble rapper, Yeat actually does bring some clever references and meanings with his bars.

Yeat Lyricism

On Trëndy way:

  • "Percy got me snail, you should call me Gary."

  • "This not breaking bad but my brother selling meth-ods"

Yeat commonly references pop culture with his lyrics.

Yeat Funny Lyricism

On Bäk 2 BED:

  • "I just woke up to some bullshit, I went back to bed"

  • "I'm a alien, not from here, I feel like a Teletubby thing"

These two lines crack me up for real... lmao.

He makes up his own lingo

However, Yeat certainly do use his own language. He has a knack for creating phrases that don't exist in, let's say, a dictionary. Twizzy as an example is a word Yeat uses a lot, which means “twin” or "brother".

He gives an unclear explanation of its source. It seems that simply, throughout his life, his own language evolved and came up with terms such as “luh geeky,” and “luh shmunk”. (Luh = Lil in these scenarios.)

If you get confused, online reddit threads describe pretty much everything about his lingo, so look there for guidance, lol.

Let's reivew some of Yeat's best songs.

Now the juicy stuff. Let's review some of the tracks from our playlist of the best Yeat songs. If you haven't already, listen the playlist here.

It's hard to narrow his tracks down to a top 10, but let's try. (Not in order)

Ok, let's dive in.

Top Ten Yeat Music Songs as of December 2 2022, September 26 2000

1. Out thë way - Yeat

The adlibs on this song are too crazy. Lyrical Lemonade music video was a disappointment imo, but this track still slaps.

2. Rackz got më - Yeat feat. Gunna

One of the most streamed tracks off of his album 2 Alivë, and also one of my personal favorites. Gunna holds his own and does a great job matching Yeat's energy.

3. Rokstar - Yeat

This one is so underrated. Give a listen. The beat is insane on this one, it definitely deserves far more popularity.

4. Tonka - Yeat

Yeah this one is crazy underrated too, with one of my favorite hooks of his in this one. One of my favorites of the alivë album.

5. Talk - Yeat

Steph Curry's championship celebration is cemented to the hook of this track. Such a classic, and it has grown on me a lot since it was released.

6. Turban - Yeat

Not only has Turban been streamed over a hundred million times, it was even featured in an advertisement for Nike. That's a thing very few rappers have achieved, and it signifies his popularity has finally pushed him mainstream.

7. Flawlëss - Yeat feat. Lil Uzi Vert

An iconic song on TikTok edits. An iconic song in my rap playlists as well. Uzi killed his part as well, just such a good release.

8. Bäk 2 BED - Yeat

Biased since this is one of the first songs I ever heard from the rapper, and has stuck with me ever since I first hear the record. Also, that Teletubby bar I referenced earlier is from this song, that's just too good.

9. LOCK IT UP - Whethan feat. Yeat, midwxst & Matt Ox

Even though this technically isn't his song, Yeat pretty much took over the track with his verse. Like, it's his now. Sorry. One of my favorite verses from him, period. Each artist holds their own as well.

(p.s. Writing this list right now I'm now realizing how much Yeat music is consistently in my FYP on TikTok. Anyone else? Lmao)

10. Monëy so big - Yeat

Had to include it. It's one of his biggest songs but it really is that good, arguably the best Yeat song.

Very Honorable Mentions:

Systëm and Up off X (Lyfë Album)

Poppin and On tha linë (2 Alivë Album)

Swërved It, Dëserve it, and U could tëll (Up 2 Më Album)

Sorry Bout That and Money Twërk (4L Album)

Diëd B4 and WAR 1 (Alivë Album)

Yeat Merch

If you are also a Yeat fan, you're probably wondering where you can cop some Yeat merch.

Unfortunately, it's hard to find as his official website is often sold out. However these two hoodies we found are still a way to rep the artist.

Or, hilariously, you can cop some Yeat Sunglasses here: Yeat Sunglasses (Amazon)

In Conclusion

Yeat has risen to popularity faster than most, and at the end of 2022 he boasted a catalogue with over a billion total plays on Spotify. His music is certainly in a lane of its own, and if you are still craving your Yeat fix, we hope you check out our playlist of his best songs.

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