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What is Slap House Music? The 65 Best Slap House Songs (Our Playlist)

What is Slap House Music? Exploring The 65 Best Slap House Songs (Our Slap House Playlist)

The world of electronic dance music is an ever-evolving landscape, with new sub-genres emerging to captivate listeners and send dance floors into a frenzy.

Slap House is one such sub-genre, a close relative of deep house, and occasionally referred to as Brazilian Bass.

In this review, we'll dive deep into the world of Slap House, exploring its roots, sharing our slap house playlist, and examining some of the biggest songs from the genre.

Let's dive right in!

What is Slap House Music?

Slap House is a sub-genre of house music that places a strong emphasis on deep basslines, groovy rhythms, and vocal chops.

It's known for its infectious, energetic beats, creating a vibe that's both danceable and captivating. Slap House shares its origins with Brazilian Bass, which gained prominence in Brazil's dance music scene before spreading its influence worldwide.

The Slap House genre combines elements from various electronic dance music styles, resulting in a unique sonic experience. Slap House carries the groove and smoothness of its parent genre while incorporating modern electronic elements and, at times, vocal samples that bring an additional layer of depth to the music.

Our Playlist

To listen to all of the best Slap House tracks, click here.

Or, read on to learn more about some of the biggest songs from the world of Slap House music!

Or, read on to learn more about some of the biggest songs from the world of Slap House music!

10 of the Best Slap House Songs

Now, let's dive into some of the most popular Slap House hits.

1. Lovefool by twocolors

"Lovefool" is a prime example of Slap House's groovy allure. Twocolors masterfully combines a catchy vocal hook with a pulsating bassline, creating a track that's both uplifting and dance-worthy. The song's seamless blend of deep house vibes and contemporary elements makes it a must-listen for any Slap House enthusiast.

2. Lay Low by Tiësto

Tiësto, a legend in the electronic music world, ventures into Slap House territory with "Lay Low." This track boasts an irresistible rhythm and a bassline that grabs your attention from the first beat. Tiësto's mastery is evident in the way he melds the essence of Slap House with his signature style.

3. Creep by R3HAB, GATTÜSO

R3HAB and GATTÜSO's "Creep" takes a well-known classic and infuses it with Slap House energy. With soaring synths and infectious beats, this track demonstrates how Slap House can breathe new life into a timeless tune.

4. Alors On Danse - DubDogz Remix by Stromae, DubDogz

DubDogz's remix of Stromae's "Alors On Danse" transports listeners to the heart of the Slap House movement. With mesmerizing vocal chops and a driving bassline, this track showcases the genre's ability to reinvent even the most iconic songs.

5. Sweater Weather by Gauilin, Julian Perretta

"Sweater Weather" by Gauilin and Julian Perretta combines Slap House's energetic rhythms with soulful vocals. It's a testament to the genre's versatility, offering a balance between the melodic and the danceable.

6. Mirrors by DJSM, Robbe, Milan Gavris

"Mirrors" exhibits the darker side of Slap House, with haunting synths and intricate percussion. DJSM, Robbe, and Milan Gavris craft a track that's both mysterious and irresistibly groovy, and is one of my favorites of the Slap House remixes of popular songs.

7. Beggin' - Slap House Remix by Tooz

Moving on to another Slap House remix of a popular song, Tooz's remix of "Beggin'" adds a fresh spin to the underrated pop song. With bouncy basslines and powerful melodies, it's a high-energy rendition that will have you hitting the dance floor without hesitation.

8. Gangsta Paradise - ESH Remix by Ricii Lomperus, KEAN DYSSO, ESH

Ricii Lomperus, KEAN DYSSO, and ESH team up for the Slap House remix of "Gangsta's Paradise." This track retains the original's iconic essence while infusing it with the genre's infectious energy.

9. Piece Of Your Heart - Alok Remix by MEDUZA, Goodboys, Alok

Alok's remix of "Piece Of Your Heart" showcases the Brazilian artist's ability to infuse Slap House elements into a popular hit. The result is a track that's both recognizable and fresh, making it a favorite among Slap House enthusiasts.

10. Sexy Chick by Galwaro, Helion, LIINII

"Sexy Chick" by Galwaro, Helion, and LIINII is a Slap House banger that doesn't hold back. With a powerful bass sound during the drops, the term Brazilian Bass could definitely apply to this Slap House rendition. It's a high-octane track that exemplifies the genre's energetic and club-ready nature.

In Conclusion

Slap House is a genre on the rise, characterized by its distinctive fusion of deep house grooves and modern electronic elements.

These ten tracks exemplify the genre's versatility, taking well-known classics and contemporary hits and giving them a fresh, energetic twist.

As Slap House continues to gain traction in the electronic dance music scene, we can expect even more innovative and captivating tracks to join the ranks of those mentioned here.

Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the genre, Slap House offers a danceable and infectious experience that's impossible to resist.

So, don't be surprised if you find yourself grooving to these beats all night long.

To listen to our full collection of the best Slap House music, click here!

Otherwise, until next Monday, fellow music fans!

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