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The 7 Best Recording Studios in Seattle, WA

The 7 Best Recording Studios in Seattle, WA | Find a mixing and mastering studio for the music production and recording experience!

Seattle boasts a diverse and vibrant music scene, one that's echoed through its expansive collection of recording studios.

Whether you're an aspiring artist, a seasoned musician, or an audiophile curious about where the magic happens, you'll find that the city’s recording spaces span an impressive range, catering to a multitude of genres and artistic visions.

Each studio in Seattle not only offers unique acoustic qualities and state-of-the-art equipment but also brings its own history and character, contributing to the rich tapestry of the city's musical heritage.

So without further ado, let's explore the best Seattle recording studios!

The 7 Best Seattle Recording Studios

In the vibrant city of Seattle, you have access to an array of top-notch recording studios, each offering unique facilities to cater to your musical endeavors.

Enjoy the best recording studios in Seattle across the music industry and music business with a live room and full range of equipment!

Whether you're into hip-hop or rock, looking for vintage gear or cutting edge technology, these studios have the expertise and equipment to elevate your sound.

1. Orbit Studios

Address: 219 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

Orbit Studios offers a professional environment that's been the choice of both renowned and emerging artists. With a history that spans over two decades, Orbit Audio Studios provide a space that combines technological sophistication with a comfortable, creative atmosphere.

Phone: (206) 381-1244

2. Mirror Sound Studio

Address: 301 NE 191st St, Seattle, WA 98155

Mirror Sound Studio caters to a variety of audio production needs, from band recording sessions to voice-overs. They pride themselves on a comfortable working environment and a client-centered approach to ensure your project sounds exactly as you envision.

Phone: (206) 877-3023

3. Sendai Studios

Address: 918 S Horton St #706, Seattle, WA 98134

At Sendai Studios, you'll find a blend of state-of-the-art recording technology with an acoustically tuned space, designed to capture your music with precision and warmth. With experienced engineers, the process of recording, mixing, and mastering is a breeze.

Phone: (503) 506-8155

4. Seattle Studio T-48

Address: 1128 Poplar Pl S suite 212, Seattle, WA 98144

Seattle Studio T-48 is known for its inviting space that sparks creativity. It's a recording studio in Seattle that appreciates the importance of a relaxed environment to get the best performances from its clients.

Phone: (848) 266-0146

Website: N/A

5. Undercaste Studios

Address: 20340 24th Ave NE, Shoreline, WA 98155

Specializing in genres like rap, hip-hop, and R&B, Undercaste Studios is where you can find cutting-edge tools and services, including auto-tune and beat revamp. They offer a 24/7 music studio space by appointment, ensuring your project fits into your schedule.

Phone: (206) 679-5313

6. JWK Studios

Address: 918 S Horton st Suite 1514 #801, Seattle, WA 98134

JWK Studios stands out for their personalized service and commitment to delivering high-quality audio production. Here, your unique sound is honed with the help of passionate professionals, and of course amazing equipment.

Phone: (206) 370-4262

7. Earwig Studios

Address: 4000 Wallingford Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Earwig Studios combines the allure of vintage analog with contemporary digital sounds. With premium equipment like the YAMAHA PM2000 console, they are equipped to provide you with recordings that have both the warmth of the past and the clarity of today.

Phone: N/A

5 More Honorable Mentions:

The best musician can go to robert lang studios, orbit audio studios, earwig studios, or another recording studio in Seattle!

Luna Sound

Address: 9016 4th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117

At Luna Sound, you find a studio that combines state-of-the-art technology with an intimate setting ideal for fostering creativity. It's an excellent choice whether you're an emerging independent artist or an established musician looking to lay down some new tracks.

Phone: (206) 302-8203 Website:

London Bridge Studio

Address: 20021 Ballinger Way NE suite a, Shoreline, WA 98155

London Bridge Studio is steeped in the city's grunge history, having played host to iconic bands such as Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. Modern equipment paired with a rich musical heritage makes this studio a must-visit for recording artists.

Phone: (206) 364-1525

Studio Sage Recording

Address: 7930 230th St SW, Edmonds, WA 98026

When recording at Studio Sage Recording, you get more than just high-quality sound. Their team of experts provides a supportive environment that's tailored to help you realize your artistic vision through meticulous production and engineering.

Phone: (425) 835-0597

MOB Studios

Address: 624 S Lander St, Seattle, WA 98134

MOB Studios stands out with its versatile space that accommodates not just recording sessions but also photoshoots and events. This multifaceted studio is perfect if you’re looking to blend audio recording with visual creativity.

Phone: (206) 899-5447

Temple of The Trees Studio

Tucked away in a serene location, Temple of The Trees Studio offers a retreat for artists looking to record in a peaceful setting. Here, you can escape the bustle of the city and immerse yourself in a calming environment that inspires musical brilliance. Designed and owned by Joe Reineke and Karyn Reineke, this studio is an incredible and unique place to record music.

Phone: (206) 381-1244

In Conclusion: Recording Studios in Seattle

The best recording studios in Seattle are known for their professional environment and high-quality services, attracting both local talent and renowned artists.

From sleek, modern facilities focused on electronic music to warm, analog-rich rooms ideal for rock, folk, or pop, there's a space for every sound.

Accessibility, affordability, and the expertise of sound engineers further distinguish these studios, helping to refine your sound and bring your creative vision to life.

Hopefully, you have found your new home for recording music. Best of luck, artists!

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy the best Seattle recording studios to record music with recording, mixing, and mastering offered at each recording studio!

When exploring the landscape of recording in Seattle, you have access to a rich heritage of music production and a variety of studios catering to different needs.

Here are some commonly asked questions that can help guide your journey into the Seattle recording studio options.

What are the most notable recording studios in Seattle?

Seattle is home to several prominent studios like Sendai Studios, known for supporting independent artists, and the famed Robert Lang Studios, which has a legendary status in the music industry. Orbit Audio and London Bridge Studio are also highly regarded for their quality services and rich history.

Can you take a tour of recording studios in Seattle?

Many studios do offer tours. It's best to check with each studio individually as they have different policies. Some may offer structured tours, while others might accommodate visits by appointment to prospective clients and students.

What types of jobs are available at Seattle recording studios?

Jobs in Seattle recording studios range from audio engineers and producers to studio technicians and administrative roles. The thriving music scene also opens up opportunities for sound designers and studio musicians to change their life forever!

Which artists have recorded albums at Seattle's famous studios?

Artists such as Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam have recorded at studios like Robert Lang Studios and London Bridge Studio. These venues have played a significant role in the careers of various renowned bands and solo artists.

What are the average recording session rates for studios in Seattle?

Recording studio rates in Seattle can vary, with averages around $118 per hour. Costs can fluctuate based on the studio’s size, reputation, and the services offered. Smaller spaces may charge closer to $105 per hour, and larger, more equipped studios could charge upwards of $180 per hour.

Are there any famous recordings made at studios in Seattle related to Nirvana?

Yes, Nirvana's legacy in Seattle includes several famous recordings at local studios. Notably, Robert Lang Studios was where Nirvana recorded their final song. Meanwhile, London Bridge Studio was where the band recorded part of their seminal album "Nevermind."

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