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The Best 25 Karate Songs (Our Playlist of Karate Music)

The Best 25 Karate Songs (Our Playlist of the best Karate music)

If you love karate and music, you might be wondering what are the best songs to listen to while practicing your martial arts skills.

Whether you need some motivation, inspiration, or just want to have fun, there are plenty of karate songs that can get you in the mood for some kung fu action.

Here are the best 25 karate songs that you should add to your playlist right now.

Our Playlist

To listen to our playlist of all the best karate music, click here.

Otherwise, read on to learn about some of our top picks!

10 of the Best Songs for Karate

Now, let's discuss a bit more about some of the best karate music.

1. Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas

This is the ultimate karate song, and probably the most famous one. It's catchy, upbeat, and has lyrics that celebrate the art of kung fu. You can't help but sing along and feel like a martial arts master when this classic kung fu song comes on.

2. You're The Best by Joe "Bean" Esposito

Featured in the classic movie The Karate Kid, this song is a perfect anthem for those who want to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. It's one of those songs about karate that everyone can enjoy, regardless of the atmosphere.

3. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Another iconic song from a movie, this one from Rocky III. It's a song that pumps you up and makes you feel like you can take on anything. It's a song perfect for karate kumite, that inspires you to fight for your dreams and never give up.

4. We Will Rock You by Queen

This is a song that everyone knows and loves, and it's a great song to listen to before or during a karate session. It's a song that makes you feel powerful and confident, and it's a song that gets everyone clapping and stomping along. Therefore, this song is a staple in kick boxing music, jiu jitsu music, and karate music.

5. Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson

This is a song that reminds you that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and that you can overcome any obstacle or adversity. It's a song that encourages you to stand up for yourself and be resilient, regardless of consequence.

6. Hall of Fame by The Script

This is a song that motivates you to pursue your dreams and reach your potential. It's a song that tells you that you can be anything you want to be, and that you can make it to the hall of fame if you work hard and believe in yourself.

7. Sweet Victory by David Glen Eisley, Bob Kulick

This is a song that celebrates the joy of winning and achieving your goals. It's a song that makes you feel proud and satisfied with your efforts and results. It's also a song that was famously performed by Spongebob Squarepants and his friends at the Bubble Bowl, which makes it even more awesome.

8. No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper

This is a song that acknowledges the difficulties and struggles that come with pursuing your hopes and dreams. It's a song that tells you that there's no easy way out, no shortcut home, but that you have to face your fears and keep on fighting.

9. Superheroes by The Script

This is a song that celebrates the everyday heroes who overcome their challenges and make a difference in the world. If you are looking for music for taekwondo, this song tells you that you can be a superhero, too, if you have faith and courage.

10. The Final Countdown by Europe

This is a song that builds up anticipation and excitement for the final showdown or challenge. In terms of ideal martial arts music, this is a song that makes you feel like you're ready for anything, and that this is your moment to shine.

To listen to our full list of the best karate music, click here.

In Conclusion: Best Karate Songs

Karate songs are great for boosting your energy, confidence, and fun while practicing martial arts.

They can help you achieve your goals, overcome your challenges, and celebrate your victories. Whether it's kung fu fighting, eye of the tiger, or sweet victory, there's a karate song for every occasion and mood.

So grab your headphones, turn up the volume, and get ready to rock your karate session with these awesome tunes.

Click here to listen to our karate music playlist.

Otherwise, until next time fellow music listeners!

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