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The 69 Best Hyperpop Songs (+ Our Playlist)

The 69 Best Hyperpop Songs (Our Hyperpop Playlist) | Ft. PC music, alice gas, tommy cash, rico nasty, and more new wave artists

Hyperpop is a genre of music that has been making waves in recent years.

Hyperpop is a subgenre of pop music that combines elements of electronic dance music (EDM), hip hop, and punk rock. The genre is known for its high-pitched vocals, fast-paced beats, and bright, colorful aesthetic.

The genre has been embraced by a new generation of music fans, particularly on social media platforms like TikTok. The genre has also been associated with a number of young, up-and-coming artists who have made a name for themselves in the music industry.

Despite its growing popularity, hyperpop is still a relatively niche genre. Today, we'll explore the best hyperpop songs and the analyze genre as a whole.

So without further ado, let's jump right in!

Our Playlist

To listen to all of the best hyperpop songs in our Spotify playlist, click here.

Or, read on to learn more about the genre, new music, and prominent figures!

15 of the Best Hyperpop Songs

Now, let's dive deeper into some of the biggest and best hyperpop songs from the last decade.

1. GOOD LOYAL THOTS by Odetari

Odetari's "GOOD LOYAL THOTS" is a mesmerizing blend of glitchy elements and ethereal vocals. The track's unpredictable twists and turns keep the listener on the edge, creating a sonic landscape that's both chaotic and captivating.

2. dancinwithsomebawdy by ericdoa

There may be other artists who are bigger or more renowned with the word hyperpop, but ericdoa is likely my favorite hyperpop artist. As a personal favorite, this song is a rollercoaster of bubbly sound and infectious energy, capturing the essence of Hyperpop's carefree spirit.

3. Just for Me by PinkPantheress

PinkPantheress brings a touch of nostalgia to the hyperpop sound on "Just for Me." The track beautifully merges glitchy production with dreamy vocals, creating a unique and addictive listening experience.

4. #BrooklynBloodPop! by SyKo

SyKo's "#BrooklynBloodPop!" is a sonic whirlwind that combines aggressive drums with a playful melody. It's a prime example of Hyperpop's ability to seamlessly blend contrasting elements into a cohesive and dynamic composition.

5. 5g by brakence

"5g" by brakence stands out with its distorted vocals and glitch-infused instrumentation. The track's experimental nature and raw emotion showcase the genre's capacity to convey a wide range of feelings.

6. livestream by horrormovies

"horrormovies" takes listeners into the virtual realm with "livestream." The song's digital aesthetics and glitchy elements create an immersive experience, echoing the influence of internet culture on Hyperpop.

7. Beautiful by A. G. Cook

A. G. Cook, founder of the PC Music label, provides a masterclass in production with "Beautiful"; featuring a dazzling array of sonic elements. The track's intricacy and innovation highlight Cook's influence as a pioneer in the Hyperpop scene.

8. I like u by Tove Lo

Tove Lo's "I like u" introduces a pop sensibility to Hyperpop, combining catchy hooks with experimental production. The result is a track that bridges the gap between mainstream appeal and the genre's avant-garde roots.

9. Haunted by Laura Les

Laura Les brings an emotional depth to Hyperpop with "Haunted." The track's haunting vocals and atmospheric soundscape create an introspective and immersive sonic experience.

10. astrid by glaive

glaive takes a dreamy approach in "astrid," with lush melodies and distorted vocals. Featured in Spotify's hyperpop playlist, this track showcases the genre's ability to evoke a sense of otherworldliness and fantasy.


BRONZE AVERY's "IT IS WHAT IT IS" delivers a mix of vulnerability and defiance. The track's introspective lyrics combined with glitchy production make for a compelling exploration of emotion within the Hyperpop spectrum.

12. vacation bible school by Ayesha Erotica

Ayesha Erotica's "vacation bible school" is an energetic and provocative Hyperpop anthem. The track's bold sound and fearless approach to experimentation mirror the genre's rebellious spirit.

13. TOO MANY LINES! by asteria, kets4eki

"TOO MANY LINES!" by asteria and kets4eki is a collaborative Hyperpop gem, sampling Eiffel 65's "Blue (Da Ba Dee)". The track's dynamic shifts and unpredictable structure showcase the genre's commitment to breaking traditional musical molds.

14. Immaterial by SOPHIE

SOPHIE's "Immaterial" is a Hyperpop classic, known for its innovative production and futuristic sound. The late artist's contribution to the genre continues to resonate, influencing contemporary Hyperpop creators.

15. UDNTHAVE2KNOW by Marluxiam

Marluxiam's "UDNTHAVE2KNOW" brings a darker edge to Hyperpop with its brooding atmosphere and distorted vocals. The track exemplifies the genre's versatility, capable of exploring a wide spectrum of moods.

Origins and Evolution of Hyperpop

How did hyperpop begin and grow as a genre? Let's take a step back and look.

Early Influences

Hyperpop, a genre that blends elements of pop, electronic, and hip-hop music, has its roots in the early 2010s. Artists such as A. G. Cook from PC Music, SOPHIE, and GFOTY were some of the early pioneers. They experimented with sounds, melodies, and vocals that were intentionally over-the-top, hyperactive, and often abrasive.

One of the key inspirations for hyperpop was the 2000s Eurodance and bubblegum pop music. The genre also drew influence from J-pop, K-pop, and anime soundtracks. The result was a genre that was both nostalgic and futuristic, with a distinct aesthetic that was colorful, glitchy, and surreal.

Rise of Hyperpop

Hyperpop gained popularity in the mid-2010s, thanks to the rise of SoundCloud and social media platforms. Artists such as 100 gecs, Charli XCX, and Dorian Electra brought the genre to the mainstream, with their catchy and experimental tracks.

Hyperpop has since evolved into a diverse and inclusive genre, with artists of all kinds contributing to its growth. The genre has also become more polished and refined, with a focus on songwriting, production, and performance.

Today, hyperpop continues to push the boundaries of pop music, with its infectious hooks, eclectic sounds, and avant-garde sensibilities. It has become a platform for self-expression and creativity, and a reflection of the zeitgeist of the digital age.

Characteristics of Hyperpop Music

What makes a song "hyperpop"? Let's explain.

Musical Style

Hyperpop is a genre of music that is characterized by its energetic and upbeat tempo, high-pitched vocals, and the use of electronic and synthetic sounds.

The music is often described as being a fusion of pop, electronic dance music (EDM), and hip hop. The use of autotune and vocal manipulation is also a common feature in hyperpop music, which gives the vocals a robotic and futuristic sound.

The genre has been influenced by a variety of other music styles, including bubblegum pop and punk rock. Plus, the use of video game sounds and samples is common in hyperpop music, which adds to its unique and futuristic sound.

Lyrical Themes

Hyperpop music often features lyrics that are focused on themes such as love, relationships, partying, and having fun. The lyrics are often simple and repetitive, which makes them easy to sing along to. The use of humor and irony is also common in hyperpop music, which adds to its playful and lighthearted nature.

The genre has also been known to tackle more serious topics such as mental health, social justice, and political issues. However, these themes are often approached in a more abstract and metaphorical way, which allows the music to maintain its upbeat and energetic tone.

Overall, hyperpop music is a genre that is defined by its unique combination of electronic and pop music elements, its energetic and upbeat tempo, and its playful and lighthearted lyrics. It is a genre that continues to push boundaries, making it an exciting and dynamic genre for both artists and listeners alike.

Leading Figures in Hyperpop

Hyperpop has been gaining popularity in recent years, and it is largely due to the efforts of the leading figures in the genre. These young artists have pioneered the sound and style of hyperpop, while also inspiring emerging talents to pursue their own unique take on the genre.

Pioneering Hyperpop Artists

The pioneers of hyperpop include names like 100 gecs, SOPHIE, and Charli XCX. These artists were among the first to experiment with the hyperpop sound, blending elements of pop, electronic, and hip-hop music to create something entirely new.

100 gecs, in particular, has been credited with popularizing hyperpop through their debut album "1000 gecs." The album features a frenetic mix of glitchy instrumentals and distorted vocals that have become hallmarks of the hyperpop sound.

SOPHIE, on the other hand, was known for her innovative production style and her ability to create futuristic, otherworldly sounds. She tragically passed away in 2021, but her influence on the genre will undoubtedly live on.

Charli XCX has also been a key figure in the hyperpop movement. Her 2019 album "Charli" features collaborations with several hyperpop artists, including SOPHIE and 100 gecs. The album was praised for its experimental sound and its ability to blend different genres seamlessly.

Emerging Talents

As hyperpop continues to grow in popularity, new artists are emerging with their own unique take on the genre. Names like glaive, quinn (formerly osquinn), and ericdoa are quickly making a name for themselves in the hyperpop scene.

glaive, for example, has been praised for his ability to blend emo and pop-punk influences with hyperpop production. His debut album "all dogs go to heaven" showcases his unique sound and has been well-received by fans and critics alike.

quinn, on the other hand, is known for his introspective lyrics and his ability to create dreamy, ethereal soundscapes. His debut album "i might be selfish" is a testament to his talent and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of the genre.

ericdoa is another emerging talent in the hyperpop scene. His music is characterized by its catchy hooks and playful production, and he has quickly gained a dedicated following on social media. His debut album "COA" features collaborations with several other hyperpop artists and showcases his ability to create infectious, danceable tracks.

Overall, the leading figures in hyperpop have paved the way for a new generation of artists to explore and experiment with the genre. As hyperpop continues to evolve and grow, it will be exciting to see what new talents emerge and how the genre will continue to push the boundaries of pop music.

Hyperpop in Popular Culture

Hyperpop has been making waves in the music industry and beyond, such as on social media platforms or in online communities.

Mainstream Recognition

Hyperpop has been featured in various mainstream media outlets such as Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and Billboard. Many popular hyperpop songs have made their way onto the Billboard charts, including "Stupid" by Ashnikko and "Gec 2 Ü" by 100 gecs.

These songs have also been featured on popular hyperpop playlists on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Hyperpop has also gained recognition through its use in popular culture.

For example, "Money Machine" by 100 gecs was featured in a commercial for the video game "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2." Additionally, hyperpop songs have been used in popular TikTok videos, further increasing their exposure to a wider audience.

Online Communities

Hyperpop can be easily defined as internet born music, as the genre has gained a significant following in online communities. Many hyperpop artists have gained popularity through social media platforms such as TikTok and SoundCloud. These platforms have provided a space for hyperpop artists to showcase their music to a wider audience and gain recognition.

Hyperpop playlists on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music have also become popular among online communities. These playlists feature some of the best hyperpop songs and provide a convenient way for listeners to discover new hyperpop artists. To listen to ours now, click here!

In Conclusion

Hyperpop is a genre that defies conventions, and these tracks serve as a testament to its boundless creativity.

From glitchy beats to dreamy vocals, the extreme pop music sound continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of music, offering a sonic adventure for those willing to explore its vibrant landscape.

We hope you enjoy hyperpop as much as we do, and check out our hyperpop playlist to dive right into the music! Click here to listen now.

Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap up our article, here are a few commonly asked questions, answered.

Who are some of the top artists in the hyperpop genre?

Hyperpop is a relatively new genre, but some of the top artists in the genre include 100 gecs, Charli XCX, SOPHIE, and Dorian Electra. These artists have gained a significant following for their unique and experimental approach to pop music.

What are some defining characteristics of a hyperpop song?

Hyperpop songs are known for their high-pitched vocals, heavy use of autotune, and fast-paced beats. They often incorporate elements of electronic dance music (EDM) and hip-hop, and often feature lyrics that are playful and irreverent.

Which hyperpop tracks are currently trending on TikTok?

TikTok has been instrumental in popularizing hyperpop music, and some of the most popular hyperpop tracks on the platform include "Stupid Horse" by 100 gecs, "XS" by Rina Sawayama, and "Money Machine" by 100 gecs.

Can you list some essential hyperpop albums everyone should know?

Some essential hyperpop albums include "1000 gecs" by 100 gecs, "Pop 2" by Charli XCX, "Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides" by SOPHIE, and "Flamboyant" by Dorian Electra.

What are the most popular hyperpop songs as of 2023?

As of 2023, some of the most popular hyperpop songs include "Ringtone" by 100 gecs, "Vroom Vroom" by Charli XCX, and "Faceshopping" by SOPHIE.

Who is considered to be the pioneer of the hyperpop music movement?

SOPHIE is often credited as the pioneer of the hyperpop music movement. Her experimental and boundary-pushing approach to pop music has inspired a new generation of artists and helped to define the sound of the genre.

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