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The 69 Best Dariacore Songs (Our Playlist)

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The 69 Best Dariacore Songs | Top Mashcore Music (Our Playlist) | Self-Released Maschore or Hyperflip songs | ft. Jane Remover

Today, we will be exploring the absurdity and innovation of the Dariacore genre, one of the underground EDM subgenres you are likely not too familiar with.

Dariacore is a captivating fusion of adventurous and often out-of-the-box mashups, which has been making waves for its bold approach to sonic experimentation.

Without further ado, let's dive into the heart of this unique style of music, as we dissect its essence and unravel of the top tracks from the scene.

What is Dariacore?

At its core, Dariacore, also known as "Mashcore or Hyperflip," emerges as a genre that melds different musical elements into a single, harmonious masterpiece.

The Dariacore genre draws substantial influence from a blend of musical styles, such as Mashcore, Digicore, Nightcore, and various subgenres within the realm of electronic music, such as Future Bass and Happy Hardcore.

Dariacore also features high BPMs and rather unexpected song structures.

Dariacore thrives on the art of the "song flip," which is a creative practice where artists heavily sample existing songs and ingeniously transform them into unique creations by altering their genre, mood, or other defining elements.

This can be seen on nearly any Dariacore song, with multiple different vocals from popular pop music songs or rap songs, along with plenty sampling of meme sounds and other sound effects.

Dariacore albums will consist of mash up tracks from seemingly incompatible genres, inviting listeners to experience familiar melodies and sounds in refreshingly new ways.

Why is it called Dariacore?

Daria, the affectless teenage girl and the internet's love hate relationship with the character

The genre name is inspired by the character "Daria," a main character from the original Beavis and Butt-Head TV show in 1993. Due to her popularity, she starred in a spin-off MTV sitcom titled "Daria."

Daria is known for her distinct personality in the shows, and just as Daria brought a unique perspective to her world, Dariacore blends diverse musical elements to form harmonious compositions that defy norms.

The name "Dariacore" embodies a fusion of creativity and humor, inviting listeners to embrace the unexpected, much like the character herself.

Dariacore Song Titles

One of Dariacore's defining features lies in its boldly named tracks that perfectly complement the genre's absurd song structure.

Titles like "marshall is arrested on 11 counts of shoplifting" and "mashups aren't real music imagine making them" evoke a sense of playful chaos, mirroring the delightful chaos within the music itself.

These light hearted song titles serve as a testament to the genre's refusal to take itself too seriously, inviting listeners into a realm where imagination runs wild and the boundaries of sonic expression are gleefully pushed.

Our Dariacore Playlist

Listen to our Dariacore Playlist with songs like copyright strike my fucking nuts and virginity rockstar

Or, read on to learn more about some of the best Dariacore songs and artists!

10 of the Best Dariacore Songs

Now for the fun stuff, let's dive into reviewing ten of the best Dariacore songs.

1. "The Elon Musk SoundCloud Acquisition" by Xaev

Xaev ingeniously melds distinctive soundbites and three different vocal samples with a vibrant musical backdrop, creating a mesmerizing synergy and vibe.

2. "I Gotchu Onmymind" by Marshall4

Marshall4's up-tempo remix of Ellie Goulding's "On My Mind" boasts a strong synth sound as a lead, with various other catchy melodies. Although it's a more modest and calm than others on this list, it's arguably my favorite song from the genre.

3. "A Funk You Can't Dance Out" by C0ncernn

This track off of the album Dariacore 3 serves as a sonic playground where funk, jersey club, dubstep, and classical elements converge, creating an enigmatic fusion that defies categorization. Oh wait, yeah it's called Dariacore.

4. "2012 Was a Different Era" by Tictacto

Tictacto's nostalgic voyage through time merges iconic tracks from 2012, orchestrating a symphony that tugs at the listener's memories and emotions. It's cover art of the Wii's Mii Channel also brought back some good memories too.

5. "I Found a Bag of Meth in My Kinder Egg" by ConZhela

In this audacious electronic music composition, ConZhela weaves together some pop music classics with drops that have a big stage EDM style and feel.

6. "Ta1lsd003" by Ta1lsd0ll

Ta1lsd0ll' has plenty of top-tier Dariacore songs, but this is my personal favorite song. This track ventures into the realm of glitch and experimental sounds, crafting an auditory landscape that challenges conventions and ignites the imagination.

7. "Night of the Living Half-Baked Album Idea" by Fwpmachine

Fwpmachine's creation dances on the edge of organized chaos, with glitched-out fragments merging into an intricately woven song that embodies the title's irregularity. And the continuous car crash samples has grown on me over time, but might throw you off on your first listen.

8. "2008" by Dashie

Dashie's track "2008" extensively edited vocals are a testament to heavy influence of Jane Remover and other big dariacore artists, although Dashie is an established artist in their own right.

9. "Hit the Quan" by Gingus

Gingus's rendition of the viral dance hit takes an unexpected turn, evolving into a genre-defying escapade that keeps listeners guessing with every beat.

10. "Showtime" by Tdstr

Last but not least, Tdstr's "Showtime" invites listeners to a sonic carnival, with layers of textures and melodies converging in a mashup of sound that enchants and mystifies.

Top Dariacore Artists

Additionally, here are a list of ten of the biggest Dariacore artists in the scene.

  • Jane Remover

  • xaev

  • marshall4

  • dashie

  • gingus

  • Tdstr

  • ta1lsd0ll

  • c0ncernn

  • Chronix

  • tictacto

There are also a lot of smaller yet talented Dariacore artists, so feel free to explore new and exciting producers as well! :)

In Conclusion

Dariacore emerges as a sub-genre of electronic music that fearlessly bridges gaps, merges opposites, and challenges the boundaries of music itself.

With its unique style of music pushing the boundaries of creativity, Dariacore stands as a testament to innovation, reminding us that even in the realm of music, there are no limits to what can be achieved when imagination takes the lead.

Otherwise, until next time music fans!

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