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The 10 Best Headphones for Music (Top Choices & Budget Options)

The 10 Best Headphones for Music Listening | Planar Magnetic Headphones & Closed Back Headphones | Best headphones under 500 & music headphones

Finding the best headphones for music can be a challenging task with so many options available on the market.

Each set of headphones offers unique features, sound profiles, and price points that may suit different needs and preferences.

Whether you are an audiophile looking for top-notch sound quality with audiophile headphones or a casual listener seeking comfort and convenience, there is a perfect pair of headphones out there for you.

In this article, you’ll discover various types of headphones that excel in delivering high-quality music experiences, with discounted affiliate links included.

From noise-cancelling over-ear models to wireless earbuds, the goal is to help you identify which headphones best match your listening style and budget.

So without further ado, let's dive right into the best headphones for music listening!

When it comes to the best headphones, The Sony WH-1000XM5 is one of the best options on the market.

With dual processors, the QN1 and V1 chips, they can effectively block out background noise, making them a great choice for travel or office use.

These headphones feature a new design with smooth and aerodynamic lines.

The comfortable over-ear fit enhances your listening experience, allowing you to enjoy your music for hours without discomfort.

They are also relatively light, weighing just 250 grams.

The headphones sound quality is another highlight of the WH-1000XM5. They deliver clear and balanced audio, making every genre sound great.

From deep bass to high trebles, these headphones excel in providing a rich and detailed soundstage.

Connectivity is seamless with Bluetooth 5.2, ensuring a stable and high-quality wireless connection.

You can easily control playback and adjust settings through touch-sensitive ear cups.

The battery life is impressive too, offering up to 30 hours of playback on a single charge.

Plus, if you value call quality, the WH-1000XM5 won’t disappoint.

The microphones are excellent at picking up your voice clearly, even in noisy environments. This makes them a versatile option for both music and calls.

To learn more, you can explore the Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones and their features in detail.

Whether you are a casual listener or an audiophile, these headphones are a top contender in the market.

The Sonos Ace headphones offer exceptional sound quality and impressive noise-canceling capabilities. They are the first headphones from Sonos, a brand known for its high-quality wireless audio products.

These music headphones are available in black and soft white, making them a stylish choice for any music lover. They have a price point of $449, making them a premium option.

You can enjoy music wirelessly or take advantage of the included USB-C to 3.5mm cable. This makes them a versatile option for those who prefer wired headphones for high-quality audio streaming. This feature is useful for high-quality audio streaming services like Tidal. The connection is stable with no stutters or dropouts.

Their active noise-canceling performance is among the best, allowing you to listen to music without external interruptions. This makes them ideal for travel or noisy environments.

Comfort is another strong point for the Sonos Ace. They are designed to be worn for long periods without discomfort, rivaling even the AirPods Max in terms of comfort.

The battery life of these headphones is impressive, lasting up to 30 hours on a single charge. This ensures you can listen to your favorite tracks without frequent recharges.

For more details on these headphones, you can visit their site by clicking here. This gives you a closer look at what makes these headphones stand out.

With their blend of top-notch sound, comfort, and advanced features, the Sonos Ace headphones are a solid choice for anyone serious about their music.

The Beats Studio Wireless headphones offer high-quality sound and effective noise cancellation. You can enjoy your music with minimal interruptions from outside noise.

These headphones use the Apple W1 chip, which enhances connectivity and battery life.

This means fewer dropouts and more time listening to your favorite tracks without needing a recharge.

Design-wise, the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones combine style and comfort.

They come in various finishes, like camo, black, red with silver trim, white, and gold. This lets you pick a look that fits your personal style.

When it comes to wireless audio, the Beats Studio3 supports SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs. This ensures good sound quality whether you are streaming from your phone or another device.

In comparison with other headphones, the Beats Studio3 holds its own in comfort and battery life. They may not lead the pack in noise cancellation, but they still offer a strong performance in many areas.

These headphones are ideal if you want good audio quality with reliable wireless performance. The stylish designs and comfortable fit make them a popular choice for everyday use.

The Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones are known for their comfort and top-notch noise cancellation, making your music listening experience more immersive.

The ear cushions are soft and fit nicely around your ears, which is great for long listening sessions.

Sound quality is another strong point. The Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones offer a balanced audio profile, making it suitable for various music genres. You’ll appreciate the clarity and richness of the sound.

Battery life is also impressive, with up to 22 hours of continuous playtime. Plus, the fast-charging feature adds 180 minutes of playtime with just a 15-minute charge.

The QuietComfort 45 features easy-to-use controls. Adjusting volume, skipping tracks, and taking calls is straightforward.

Bluetooth connectivity is stable and reliable, minimizing drops and lag.

All these features make the Bose QuietComfort 45 a solid option for music lovers who value comfort, sound quality, and effective noise cancellation.

These headphones are definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for reliable over-ear headphones.

The Apple AirPods Max are among the best headphones for music lovers. They offer excellent sound quality, capturing rich bass and clear highs. One standout feature is their spatial audio capability, which provides an immersive listening experience, especially when watching movies on Apple devices. Their noise cancellation is top-notch, rivaling other premium models.

Despite their size, they are comfortable. The weight-distributing design helps reduce strain during long listening sessions.

Premium materials make them heavier than some alternatives, but many find them manageable.

You will appreciate their easy connectivity with other Apple devices. Setting them up is simple, and switching between devices is seamless. This makes them ideal if you already own Apple products.

One thing to note is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack.

You’ll need a separate Lightning-to-3.5mm audio cable to connect to devices that aren’t Bluetooth-enabled. This can be an additional cost.

The AirPods Max come with a premium price tag. They are not the most budget-friendly option, but their features may justify the cost for serious audiophiles.

The Sony LinkBuds S offer a compact and comfortable fit. They are much smaller than the WF-1000XM4, making them easy to carry. The charging case is also small and rounded, fitting nicely into your pocket.

These earbuds deliver solid noise-cancelling performance. They block out background noise effectively, which is handy in busy environments. The sound quality is clear and balanced, making them a good choice for listening to music.

Plus, these audiophile headphones include touch controls, voice assistant support, and an adaptive sound control that adjusts the settings based on your activities.

Priced at around $200, they are a solid mid-range option. Their build and features justify the price.

You can explore more Sony headphones & earbuds if you are looking for different styles or features.

The Sony LinkBuds S are a reliable option in the true wireless earbud market.

They may not stand out as much as the original LinkBuds, but they offer a much more dependable performance. These earbuds are a strong choice if you want a balance of comfort, sound quality, and noise-cancelling features.

The Sennheiser HD 660 S is a popular choice among audiophiles. These wireless headphones are known for their high-quality sound and impressive build.

You will appreciate their neutral sound profile, which is versatile for different kinds of content. The HD 660 S provides a neutral mid-range and a slightly enhanced bass response. This makes them suitable for various music genres.

The headphones come with two 3-meter-long “Y” cables and a short adapter cable. This gives you flexibility in how you connect to your audio devices. The cables are durable and offer good signal transmission.

The design features a smooth, hard-plastic finish and stainless-steel grilles on the ear cups. These materials ensure durability while maintaining a stylish look. They are designed in black, fitting well into most setups.

One challenge is their bulky case, which is great for storage but not ideal for travel.

If you need portable headphones, you might need an additional carrying solution.

With a price tag of around $499, they are positioned in the premium market. The cost reflects their high-quality build and excellent sound performance.

The Jabra Elite 85h over the ear headphones are a solid choice for music lovers.

They offer impressive noise-canceling capabilities, letting you enjoy your tunes without background noise distractions. These over-ear headphones offer a premium price, exceptional noise-blocking power, and glorious audio quality.

The sound quality is balanced, making them suitable for various genres.

One standout feature is the “smart pause,” which automatically stops your music when you take off the headphones. This feature makes them very user-friendly.

Also, they have a long battery life, lasting up to 36 hours with noise-canceling activated.

Comfort is another strong point. The ear cups are well-padded and can be worn for hours without causing discomfort.

They are also durable and feature a unique woven fabric design, giving them a stylish look.

The call quality on the Jabra Elite 85h is top-notch, making them a good pick if you frequently take calls on the go. They handle ambient noise well, ensuring your voice comes through clearly.

In terms of price, they are more affordable than some other high-end models. While they might not have the absolute best sound or noise-canceling, they offer great value for the money.

If you want a reliable pair of headphones for music and calls, the Jabra Elite 85h is worth considering.

The Bowers & Wilkins PX7 headphones are highly regarded in the world of audio.

Known for their high-quality sound and advanced features, these headphones offer an immersive listening experience. Some models in the market also feature planar magnetic drivers, which provide more accurate bass reproduction and distortion-free audio quality.

These are Bluetooth wireless headphones with active noise canceling (ANC). The ANC helps block out background noise, making these ideal for listening in noisy environments.

Comfort is a key feature of the PX7. The ear cups are well-padded and can be worn for long periods without discomfort.

The build quality is solid, adding to their durability. Battery life is impressive with up to 30 hours of playtime on a single charge. A quick 15-minute charge can give you up to seven hours of listening time.

The headphones also come with the Bowers & Wilkins Music App. This app allows you to customize the EQ settings and control playback directly from your device.

Priced at around $319, the PX7 headphones are a premium choice. They are designed for music lovers who value both sound quality and comfort in their headphones.

The JBL Quantum 800 is a wireless gaming headset that also delivers a good music experience. It uses both Bluetooth and a USB dongle for connectivity, giving you flexibility in how you use it.

It's built solidly, which means it's durable and can handle daily wear and tear. However, it’s worth noting that the headset feels bulky, and this might not suit everyone.

For music, the headphones offer active noise cancelling (ANC) to help reduce background noise. This can make your listening experience more immersive by cutting out distractions.

The sound quality is clear with a bit of extra emphasis on the bass and highs, which works well for most music genres.

The buttons and controls might feel a little cluttered, but once you get used to them, they are manageable.

These headphones are not very portable because of their size, so they're better suited for home use.

For those looking for a multi-functional headset that performs well with music, the JBL Quantum 800 is a solid choice.

Factors To Consider for Music Lovers

When it comes to the best headphones for music production, look for closed back headphones with a neutral sound and spatial audio, among other factors.

When choosing headphones for music, it's important to focus on sound quality, comfort and fit, and durability. These factors ensure you get the best listening experience for your needs.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is crucial for music lovers. Look for headphones with a wide frequency range, typically from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This range covers both deep bass and high treble frequencies.

High-quality headphones should also have a balanced sound profile, meaning no frequency is too overpowering.

Consider headphones with high-resolution audio support like 24-bit/44.1kHz or better. This support ensures that you hear more detail in the music.

Technologies like LDAC (used by Sony) provide high-quality wireless audio, making them a great option for audiophiles.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is essential, especially for long listening sessions.

Over-ear headphones with plush ear pads and adjustable headbands usually offer the best comfort. Look for materials like memory foam or breathable fabrics to reduce ear fatigue.

In-ear options should come with multiple ear tip sizes to ensure a snug fit. A good fit not only ensures comfort but also improves sound isolation.

If you wear wireless headphones for hours, lightweight designs with ergonomic shapes are beneficial.


Durability affects how long your headphones will last.

Headphones made from quality materials like metal or reinforced plastic are typically more durable than those made from cheaper components.

Check for strong hinges and cables to ensure they can withstand daily use.

Water and sweat resistance are also important if you plan to use the headphones while exercising or outdoors.

Look for ratings like IPX4 or higher for water resistance. Replaceable parts, such as ear pads or cables, add to the lifespan and are worth considering.

Types of Headphones for Music

The best studio headphones can be audiophile headphones or planar magnetic headphones that act as the best budget studio headphones.

When choosing headphones for music, it's important to understand the different types available. Each type has unique features that can make one more suitable for your needs than another.

Over-Ear Headphones

Over-ear headphones are known for their large ear cups that fully cover your ears. This design provides excellent sound isolation, allowing you to focus on your music without outside noise interruptions.

These headphones often offer superior sound quality, with a deep bass response and clear highs. Planar magnetic headphones are a great example, offering detailed and expansive audio quality that appeals to audiophiles.

They are a great choice for those who prioritize audio quality. Many over-ear models also feature active noise canceling (ANC), making them ideal for use in noisy environments like airplanes or crowded places.

Comfort is another key advantage. Cushioned ear pads and adjustable headbands make them suitable for long listening sessions. However, they can be bulky and less portable, so they might not be the best option for on-the-go use.

On-Ear Headphones

On-ear headphones sit on your ears rather than around them. They are more compact and lighter than over-ear models, making them a good choice for portable use.

While they don't provide the same level of isolation as over-ear headphones, they still offer decent sound quality and are often more affordable.

Some users find them less comfortable for extended wear because they press against the ears, which can cause discomfort after a while.

On-ear headphones are versatile and can be found with both wired and wireless options. They're a solid choice if you want a balance between portability and sound quality.

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones, also known as earbuds, are small and fit directly into your ear canals. They are highly portable and easy to carry around, making them perfect for everyday use.

Despite their size, in-ear headphones can deliver impressive sound quality.

Many models offer noise isolation by creating a seal in your ear, and some high-end versions include active noise canceling features similar to their larger counterparts. For the best sound quality, some users prefer wired listening, which ensures no loss in audio fidelity.

Comfort can vary depending on the design and fit of the earbuds. They typically come with different sizes of ear tips to ensure a snug fit.

In-ear headphones are ideal if you need a compact and convenient option without sacrificing too much on sound performance.

Importance of Noise Isolation

Noise isolation is a key feature in headphones for music lovers, ensuring a better listening experience. It helps you focus on the music and reduces distractions from outside sounds.

Passive Noise Isolation

Passive noise isolation relies on the physical design of the headphones. Over-ear and in-ear headphones often provide a good seal around or inside your ears. This seal blocks out ambient noise effectively.

Closed-back headphones are particularly good at passive isolation. The snug fit creates a barrier between your ears and the external environment. Studio headphones are designed to provide excellent passive noise isolation, making them ideal for professional use.

In-ear monitors (IEMs) also excel due to their ability to fit tightly in the ear canal. They come with various ear tip sizes to ensure a proper fit for any ear.

Well-designed ear pads and ear tips create a physical blockade that prevents outside noise from entering. This means less interference when you’re listening to your favorite tracks.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active noise cancellation (ANC) goes beyond passive methods by using advanced technology. It works by using microphones to pick up external sounds and then creating sound waves that cancel out these noises.

Microphones inside the headphones detect external noises. The ANC system then produces opposite sound waves to neutralize these noises.

Dual audio chips, such as those used in high-end models like the Sony WH-1000XM5, enhance the ANC performance. This makes the headphones more effective in different environments, whether you’re on a plane or in a busy café.

ANC can significantly reduce low-frequency sounds, like the hum of an airplane engine or the rumble of traffic. This technology ensures your music is not just loud but also clear, making your listening experience more immersive.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you find the ideal headphones for your music needs, let's address some common questions and provide guidance on selecting the best features and brands.

What are the best wireless headphones for an immersive music experience?

The Sony WH-1000XM5 stands out for its exceptional sound quality and comfort. Additionally, the Apple AirPods Max offers top-notch noise-canceling and a premium listening experience.

How do music professionals choose headphones for optimal sound production?

Music professionals often pick headphones that deliver accurate and balanced sound. Models like the Sennheiser HD 25 and Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro are popular for their precise sound reproduction.

What features should I look for in over-ear headphones specifically for music listening?

For over-ear headphones, prioritize sound quality, comfort, and noise-canceling capabilities. Long battery life and wireless connectivity are also beneficial for uninterrupted listening.

Which brands are known to provide the best sound quality for headphones?

Brands like Sony, Bose, Sennheiser, and Audio-Technica are renowned for producing high-quality headphones with excellent sound reproduction and durability.

What are the top-rated noise-cancelling headphones for enjoying music without distractions?

Top-rated noise-canceling headphones include the Sony WH-1000XM5, Bose QuietComfort 45, and Apple AirPods Max. These models offer impressive noise reduction and superior sound quality.

How important is Bluetooth connectivity when selecting the best headphones for music?

Bluetooth connectivity is essential for wireless convenience and mobility. It ensures you can enjoy high-quality sound without being tethered to your wired headphones. This makes wireless headphones ideal for both casual and professional use.

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