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The 49 Best Brazilian Phonk Songs (& Our Playlist)

Updated: Mar 29

The 49 Best Brazilian Phonk Songs (& Our Brazilian Phonk Playlist)

Brazil, a land known for its vibrant culture and rhythmic diversity, has given birth to an electrifying musical subgenre known as Brazilian Phonk or Aggressive Funk.

This compelling fusion of American phonk beats and Brazilian funk rhythms has been capturing the hearts and eardrums of music enthusiasts worldwide.

In this blog post, we will unravel the mysteries of Brazilian Phonk, exploring its essence as a genre, understanding its roots, and delving into some of the top songs that define the style of music.

Without further ado, let's dive right in!

What is Brazilian Phonk music?

Brazilian Phonk, often referred to as Aggressive Funk, is a captivating subgenre that merges the gritty sounds of American phonk with the infectious grooves of Brazilian funk. It's a musical concoction that's as unique as it is irresistible.

The high-energy phonk rhythms, hard-hitting drums, and lyrical chops provide a high-energy product that is effective for gymgoers and music fans alike.

Our Playlist

To listen to our playlist of the best Brazilian Phonk music, click here.

Or, read on to learn more about some of the top picks from the scene!

10 of the Best Brazilian Phonk Songs

Now, let's delve deeper into this electrifying subgenre by exploring ten of the top Brazilian Phonk songs that have been making waves in the world of music:


"ALORS BRAZIL" is a mesmerizing track that combines the hypnotic beats of Brazilian funk with the distinctive phonk elements. NONTHENSE's lyrical prowess shines through in this song, making it a standout in the Brazilian Phonk scene.

2. PHONK DA FAVELADA by 2KE, broke

"PHONK DA FAVELADA" is a sonic journey that immerses listeners in the heart of Brazil's favelas. 2KE and broke skillfully blend phonk beats with the raw energy of Brazilian funk, creating a track that's both evocative and unforgettable.

3. Essa Mina by DJ VIBER, Phonk, OQTAN

With "Essa Mina," DJ VIBER, Phonk, and OQTAN craft a musical masterpiece that seamlessly marries phonk's dark undertones with the lively spirit of Brazilian funk. The result is a track that's as catchy as it is enigmatic.


"YUM YUM" is a testament to the genre-blurring nature of Brazilian Phonk. LXNGVX and Mc Gw deliver a high-energy track that fuses phonk's gritty beats with Mc Gw's infectious flow, creating a party anthem that's impossible to resist.

5. Oppa by NECROLX, YOUK3IV, Slowboy

"Oppa" is a prime example of how Brazilian Phonk pushes musical boundaries. NECROLX, YOUK3IV, and Slowboy collaborate to deliver a track that's equal parts haunting and hypnotic, showcasing the genre's versatility.

Enjoy the best brazilian phonk music with our brazilian phonk playlist

6. Bate Forte e Dança by 0to8, DJ Ritmo55

"Bate Forte e Dança" invites listeners to do just that—beat strong and dance. 0to8 and DJ Ritmo55 infuse this track with infectious rhythms and phonk's signature groove, making it an irresistible dancefloor filler.

7. FIM DO MUNDO by S3BZS, DJ FKU, Skorde

"FIM DO MUNDO" (End of the World) takes Brazilian Phonk to new heights. S3BZS, DJ FKU, and Skorde create a sonic landscape that's both apocalyptic and captivating, proving that this subgenre knows no musical boundaries.

8. SUSSURROS DA NOITE by Tooz, Rodricci

"SUSSURROS DA NOITE" (Whispers of the Night) is a hypnotic journey through the dark alleys of Brazilian Phonk. Tooz and Rodricci craft an immersive soundscape that's as mysterious as it is alluring.

9. MONTAGEM CORAL by DJ Holanda, Mc GW, Mc Th, Mc Cyclope

"MONTAGEM CORAL" is a collaborative masterpiece that brings together the talents of DJ Holanda, Mc GW, Mc Th, and Mc Cyclope. This track is a testament to the subgenre's ability to unite artists from diverse backgrounds in a sonic celebration.

10. VUKI VUKI by Shipu, Flame Runner

"VUKI VUKI" is a high-octane Brazilian Phonk anthem. Shipu and Flame Runner infuse this track with explosive energy, creating a sonic experience that's bound to get your heart racing.

To listen to the full collection of the top Brazilian Phonk songs, click here to listen to our playlist.


Where did Brazilian Phonk come from?

Brazilian phonk originates from two primary sources of inspiration: the funk carioca genre from Rio de Janeiro and the phonk style from the Southern USA.

Is Phonk music dark?

Yes, Phonk music typically uses distorting methods that involve cutting or screwing for darker sounds.

Why is Brazilian phonk so popular?

Brazilian Phonk is emerging as a dynamic and stimulating subgenre within musical landscape, merging Brazil's infectious rhythm and the distinctive Phonk sound.

The Fusion creates a fascinating music experience that honors and infuses the rich culture of Brazil while creating urban sound. Furthermore, the high-energy nature of the music makes Brazilian Phonk perfect for gym workouts.


In Conclusion

Brazilian Phonk, also known as Aggressive Funk, is a captivating fusion of American phonk beats and Brazilian funk rhythms.

This unique subgenre marries gritty sounds with infectious grooves, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

From the mesmerizing beats of "ALORS BRAZIL" by NONTHENSE to the high-octane anthem "VUKI VUKI" by Shipu and Flame Runner, Brazilian Phonk embodies a dynamic and stimulating musical experience.

Brazilian Phonk music has become popular not only for its cultural infusion, but also for its gym-friendly, high-energy nature.

If you're ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Brazilian Phonk, our playlist awaits... CLICK HERE to let the sound of Brazilian Phonk transport you to a world where rhythm reigns supreme.

Enjoy the music, and take care!

Also, let us know your favorite Brazilian Phonk songs in the comments below! :)

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