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Playlist Wisely.

Artist.Tools x iSpyTunes exclusive partnership

Our friends at deliver daily data on tens of thousands of playlists. Use to track playlists, curators, and keywords. View follower growth, quality rank of playlists, and more.

Playlist wisely and avoid botted playlists. Take advantage of our special 10% discount.


Tested. Trusted.

We have been using for months, assisting with development through its beta stage.

Now, it is ready for independent musicians everywhere.

Here are a few of the current benefits. playlisting information

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"An invaluable investment."

  • Determine real-time playlist statistics

  • View listener estimates and quality indicators

  • Easily find contact information of curators

  • Quickly send personalized emails in the click of a button

Visit to view even more benefits.

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Recently Evaluated Playlists

Spotify playlisting data with ispytunes partner is no extra cost discount code pencil marks 10% off their quality materials and the best art tools for musicians
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artist painting tools like acrylic paint, pencil marks, and other drawing tools

Is legit?

From our experience, is legit and awesome. Their database of playlist and curator information is updated daily and constantly growing. If you are looking for an easy way to verify the best possible playlists, and find playlist curator contact information, is sure to impress. They have even more features that will help independent artists, but we can definitely confirm is legit.

Is free? is an awesome free platform that helps musicians identify the best playlists to target with their music. You can easily create an account for free on their platform. However, upgrading to their paid monthly subscription is extremely valuable and gives even more data and information about each playlist. Click here to claim our exclusive offer, and you can receive 10% off of full access on 

How often is updated? is updated daily. Their platform will pull fresh data from Spotify's API on any given search. That way, if curator contact information changes, or is just hard to locate, will pull the most relevant details whenever you need it. Contact details are synced across a curator's entire catalogue to make the process seamless and fast. Click here to try it yourself today!

Is it free to message curators? can pull the contact information for playlist curators for those on a paid plan. In one click, they can create a message for you to send to that curator pitching your song. Although some curators (like us at iSpyTunes) accept free submissions, every curator is different on their process of accepting new music. However, can help musicians find ideal locations to submit music.

Is playlist research necessary?

How can I tell if a playlist is real or fake?

Playlists are the new Radio. If you are investing time into your music career, it seems advantageous to gain awesome insight and details into relevant playlists to your niche or genre of music. The technology is not yet standard, but Chartmetric and are pushing the boundaries forward. From our testing, has an impressive (and growing) music playlisting database for a far cheaper price. can help. It is not always easy to tell if a Spotify playlist has organic or botted/faked engagement. Thankfully, the numbers never lie. updates historical growth of playlists daily, so it is no longer a mystery how each playlist grows; along with both quality and listener insights. Also, know that we aren't talking about art supplies, an art journal, or essential art tools. We mean the new platform. lol.

Is this technology industry standard?

Monitoring Spotify Playlists to more wisely conduct outreach and handle communication is a great way to save money while also advancing your own career. Every artist will benefit in the long run from knowing which playlist is a good choice for general use and/or specific scenarios. Playlisting isn't one size fits all. This tool can save you a lot of money, and put you ahead of other artists.

How many artists use the platform?

This platform is newer and has around a thousand active users, but also has a growing user base of musicians. The platform actually has nothing to do with art supplies like thin paper, graphite pencils, digital painting, plein air painting, or other literal digital art tools. This service is a growing resource and platform for musicians who consider playlisting an essential part of their path to stardom.

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