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Song Submission

Song Submission

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For a better experience, you can also use our updated "submit a song" page.


Submit a song to be reviewed by one of our team members! Submitted songs are granted potential placements in our Spotify playlists (ex. Heavy Bass Rap Songs, Depressing Rap, etc.) By submitting a song, you grant us access to repost the song on our network. Each song submission will be considered for the iSpyTunes SOTW, or "song of the week" competition. Multiple winners each week will gain playlist placements in our network, written promotion, and other means of exposure.


Another way to submit your song is to become a VIP artist and earn free entries. Check out our VIP page for more info.


*IMPORTANT*: When submitting, please hit add a note, and enter a link to the song.


We will contact you if your song has been selected for either a blog post or earned spotify playlist placement. If other marketing services are approved for your track, we will let you know as well.


Please only submit up to 3 songs a day. Allow up to 7 days for a response if selected.

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