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Radio Station Placement (5)

Radio Station Placement (5)

$149.99 Regular Price
$98.99Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

Ever wanted to get your song heard on the radio?


Now's your chance. We have connections with over 40 radio stations that play independent artists like yourself. Based on the genre of the song, we will directly communicate, streamline, and ensure your song gets in rotation on at least 5 stations. 


The traditional way of marketing music can still work when done effectively, and our partners are regulary montiored to ensure strong results. Let's get your music on the air!


Note: Legally, paying for this gig does not guarantee you will be approved for 5 radio stations. That being said, there has yet to be a submission approved by at least 5 of our partner stations. Paying for this submission only means we will consider your song, and if selected, the radio stations will also only consider your track. Payola is a serious offense and is not tolerated by our team.

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