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The Best Place to Buy Vinyl Records Online (Explained)

The Best Place to Buy Vinyl Records Online or In Person (Explained) | Find your favorite online record store!

Vinyl records, once an artifact of the past, are experiencing a resurgence in popularity in today's digital age.

There's a certain nostalgia and warmth in the sound of a vinyl record that many music lovers and audiophiles find irresistible.

In this guide, we'll explore what vinyl records are, how they work, and the best places to buy them both online and in-person.

Let's dive right in!


Table of Contents:


1. What Are Vinyl Records?

Vinyl records are analog sound storage mediums, typically made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

The process involves etching grooves into the surface, which a stylus reads to reproduce sound. This physical format offers a unique and authentic audio experience cherished by music enthusiasts.

A vinyl record collection bought from both the best online record stores and independent record store

From its humble beginnings in the early 20th century to its peak popularity in the mid-20th century, vinyl records have witnessed a fascinating journey.

With the advent of digital media, they saw a decline but have made a remarkable comeback in recent years, captivating a new generation of music lovers.

2. Best Places to Buy Vinyl Records Online

Our Pick: Vinyl Me Please

Vinyl Me Please is a subscription-based service that delivers vinyl records right to your doorstep. Alternatively, they also offer the ability to buy individual records.

Their selections often include exclusive pressings, colored vinyl, and stunning artwork. The focus here is on quality and curation, making it an excellent choice for both new collectors and seasoned enthusiasts.

Why Vinyl Me Please?

  • Curated Selections: The team at Vinyl Me Please handpicks albums across various genres, ensuring a diverse and exciting collection.

  • Exclusive Pressings: Subscribers get access to exclusive pressings and limited-edition releases, adding unique value to their vinyl collection.

  • Art and Extras: Each record comes with beautiful, exclusive artwork and additional content like cocktail pairings and album-inspired recipes.

Expanding your vinyl collection is not just about amassing records; it's about curating a personal musical journey. Vinyl Me Please aligns with this ethos, delivering an experience beyond the vinyl itself.

Other Options: eBay, Walmart, & Target

Explore the best online vinyl stores and buy vinyl online to become a vinyl record collector
  • eBay: eBay is a treasure trove for collectors, offering a vast array of both new and vintage vinyl records. eBay vinyl records consist of of both rare and hard-to-find albums, making it an excellent platform.

  • Walmart: Walmart vinyl records are at a premium, with a surprisingly good selection at competitive prices. It's convenient and a reliable source for popular titles.

  • Target: Lastly, Target vinyl records are another mainstream option for vinyl collectors. They carry a selection of new releases and classics, making it convenient for those looking for popular titles.

While these options of the best online record stores vary in terms of selection and price range, they all contribute to the vinyl community's growth and accessibility.

3. How Do Vinyl Records Work?

after your buy vinyl records online, be sure to play the record label hits via a trusty victrola record player

Vinyl records operate on a simple but fascinating principle. The grooves on the record contain the audio information.

When a stylus is placed in the groove and the record spins, the stylus detects the modulations, translating them into an electrical signal. This signal is then amplified and sent to speakers, producing the audio.

Understanding this process often adds appreciation for vinyl records. It's a beautiful interplay of mechanics and acoustics that brings music to life in a unique way.

4. Best Vinyl Record Player

Victrola offers a range of record players suitable for various budgets and preferences. They blend a nostalgic aesthetic with modern technology, delivering a fantastic audio experience.

Why Victrola?

  • Diverse Selection: Victrola offers a range of record players, from vintage designs to modern, sleek units, catering to different tastes.

  • Quality and Durability: The brand is known for producing reliable, long-lasting record players that provide excellent sound quality.

  • Additional Features: Many Victrola record players come with modern features like Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to integrate them into your contemporary audio setup.

Investing in a quality record player is pivotal to ensure your vinyl records are played at their best, preserving their sonic integrity.

5. Other Useful Vinyl Topics

Next, let's share some valuable tidbits of information when it comes to vinyl records.

Cleaning Vinyl Records

Cleaning vinyl records is an essential aspect of maintenance. Dust and dirt can accumulate over time, affecting sound quality. To clean records, follow these steps:

  1. Gather Your Supplies: You'll need a cleaning brush, cleaning solution, and a microfiber cloth.

  2. Apply Cleaning Solution: Apply a few drops of the cleaning solution to the brush.

  3. Gently Brush the Record: Hold the brush at an angle and gently brush the record's surface in the direction of the grooves.

  4. Wipe Clean: Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining solution.

Regular cleaning ensures your records stay in optimal condition, providing a crisp, clear audio experience.

Storing Vinyl Records

Proper storage is crucial for maintaining the quality of your vinyl collection. Here are some storage tips:

  • Vertical Storage: Store records vertically to prevent warping and maintain their shape.

  • Cool, Dry Place: Store records in a cool, dry place to prevent mold or warping due to excessive heat or moisture.

  • Use Plastic Sleeves: Place records in plastic sleeves to protect them from dust and other contaminants.

Adhering to these storage practices will help preserve your collection for years to come.

How Big Are Vinyl Records?

Vinyl records come in three main sizes: 12-inch, 10-inch, and 7-inch.

The 12-inch records are the standard for full-length albums, while 10-inch records typically hold shorter albums or EPs.

The 7-inch records, often referred to as singles, contain one song on each side.

Understanding the sizes helps in organizing and storing your collection efficiently.

6. Local Record Stores vs. Online Vinyl Shopping

Lastly, let's explore the debate between shopping at your local record store and buying vinyl records online. Each avenue has its own merits and demerits, catering to different preferences and circumstances.

Let's delve into the pros and cons of both an online record store and a local record store to help you make an informed decision.

Local Record Stores


  • Tactile Experience: Browsing through physical records, feeling their texture, and examining album art up close is an enriching sensory experience unique to local record stores.

  • Instant Gratification: When you find that sought-after album in the store, you can immediately take it home and enjoy it without waiting for shipping.

  • Community Engagement: Local record stores often host events, vinyl swaps, or live performances, fostering a sense of community among music enthusiasts.

  • Expertise and Recommendations: Store owners and staff often have extensive knowledge about music. They can provide recommendations based on your taste or current vinyl record collection, and introduce you to hidden gems.


  • Limited Selection: Local stores may have a limited inventory compared to online platforms, making it challenging to find specific or rare records.

  • Potentially Higher Prices: Due to operational costs, prices at local independent record stores might be slightly higher compared to online retailers.

  • Location Dependency: Your choices are limited to what's available in nearby independent record stores, especially if you live in a smaller town or rural area.

To find a local independent record store near you, click here!

Online Vinyl Shopping


  • Vast Selection: Online record stores offer an extensive range of vinyl records, including new releases, rare finds, and imports, giving you a broader choice.

  • Convenience: The process of buying records online allows you to browse and purchase records from the comfort of your home, at any time, regardless of your location.

  • Price Comparisons: You can easily compare prices across different platforms, ensuring you get the best deal for the record you want.

  • Detailed Information: Online platforms often provide detailed descriptions, reviews, and artist information to help you make an informed purchase.


  • Shipping Time and Costs: Waiting for your record to arrive can be frustrating, especially if you're eager to listen to it. Additionally, shipping costs can add to the overall expense.

  • Risk of Damage: Records may sometimes arrive with slight damage due to mishandling during transit, although reputable platforms take precautions to minimize this.

  • Inauthenticity Concerns: Unfortunately, with sites like eBay and Target there's a risk of purchasing counterfeit or unauthorized pressings online, especially if you're seeking collectible records. That's why we recommend Vinyl Me Please.

Both local record stores and online platforms have their merits, and the ideal approach often involves a combination of both.

Exploring your local stores for unique finds while taking advantage of the vast selection online provides a well-rounded vinyl collecting experience.

7. Exploring the Vinyl Frontier

Whether you opt for the tangible charm of a local record store or the convenience of online shopping, the world of vinyl records awaits your exploration.

Every record holds a story, a melody, and a piece of musical history.

Stay tuned for more vinyl tips, reviews, and updates as we continue to navigate the vinyl frontier.

8. In Conclusion

Vinyl records offer a unique listening experience, blending the nostalgia of the past with the authentic sound cherished by music lovers and audiophiles alike.

Whether you prefer online shopping or the thrill of crate digging in stores, the joy of vinyl is in the hunt. So start your vinyl journey today, and let the rich, warm sounds of vinyl envelop you in a world of musical nostalgia!

Stay tuned for more vinyl tips, reviews, and updates as we continue to explore the world of vinyl records.

Until next Friday, music lovers! Have a great weekend!

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