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The 51 Best Nightcore Songs (Our Playlist)

The Best Nightcore Songs (Our Nightcore Playlist) | The best nightcore II dance music for nightcore fans!

Put simply, nightcore music reimagines the original tracks with a high-pitched vocal and a fast-tempo beat to bring a unique listening experience.

It's not just about speeding up a song, but also about creating a different atmosphere that resonates with energy and emotion.

Originating from the early 2000s, Nightcore has evolved into a genre its own right, with dedicated fans and an ever-growing list of songs that get the Nightcore treatment.

Whether you have been a fan for years or are just discovering this genre, there are plenty of tracks that stand out as the best in Nightcore.

Whether you're looking to dive into the classics that defined Nightcore or search for the freshest tracks, there's something for every mood and preference.

So without further ado, let's dive into the world of nightcore remixes!

Our Nightcore Playlist

To listen to all of the best nightcore songs, click here!

Or, read on to learn more about the world of Nightcore music!

Understanding Nightcore

Enjoy nightcore edits all night long with the nightcore version of popular tracks from electronic music and other genres!

In this section, you'll get to grips with the essence of Nightcore, from its fast-paced beats to its unique history that colors the world of music.

What is Nightcore music?

Nightcore is a music genre where songs are sped up, often increasing the pace by 10-30%. This results in a higher pitch and more energetic rhythm.

Essentially, when you listen to Nightcore, you're experiencing a track that's been transformed to feel more upbeat and fast-paced.

It's not a different song entirely but an altered version of existing songs, often from genres like pop, techno, and electronic dance music.

History of the Nightcore Genre

The Nightcore genre was born in the early 2000s in Norway, with DJs Thomas S. Nilsen and Steffen Ojala Søderholm, known as DJ TNT and DJ SOS respectively, spearheading the movement.

They created the first Nightcore remixes by speeding up trance and eurodance music, aiming to make it more danceable and appealing to happier club-goers.

This style quickly caught on and became popular through the first nightcore videos on platforms like YouTube and early remixes on Spotify. From there, nightcore edits became a staple for fans.

Exploring Popular Nightcore Songs

The original song’s melody, rhythm, and harmony play a crucial role when sped up into the Nightcore version.

The quality of the transformation is paramount; as nightcore edits will have the signature combination of sped-up tempo and high-pitched vocals that nightcore fans crave. However, there is far more to a popular nightcore remix.

Sources for Nightcore Music

You can find a popular Nightcore remix on various online platforms. To ensure you're accessing high-quality tracks, here are some trusted sources:

  • YouTube Music: Home to playlists like "Ultimate Nightcore Playlist - The Best Nightcore Songs," which curates some of the most engaging Nightcore tunes available.

  • Spotify: Offers playlists such as "Best Nightcore Songs," with an extensive collection of songs that have earned substantial likes and are a testament to their standing in the community.

  • Your search may also lead you to personal channels on YouTube, where dedicated content creators share their own Nightcore renditions, providing a unique and often fresh take on popular songs.

Top Nightcore Songs

When you explore Nightcore music, you'll find that it's a genre characterized by a high-tempo beat with re-pitched vocals, typically from dance, trance, and hands-up tracks.

If you're looking for the best Nightcore songs, the following list is a compilation of hits that have resonated with fans.

  • Ultimate Nightcore Playlist: A selection of highly-regarded Nightcore tunes available on YouTube, featuring tracks that have shaped the Nightcore community, available for your listening pleasure.

  • Best Nightcore Songs on Spotify: A curated playlist that includes 51 songs embraced by listeners, reflecting the latest pulse of the genre.

In your search for energizing and catchy Nightcore songs, these lists offer a starting point to experience the best of what Nightcore has to offer. Discover the faster-paced, high-energy world of this distinctive genre.

Nightcore Music Culture

Nightcore is a genre of electronic music; but it's also a vibrant subculture with a dedicated community and influence that extends into the wider music industry.

Nightcore Community

The Nightcore community is a global phenomenon where you can find like-minded enthusiasts who share a passion for the high-tempo, chipmunk-esque vocals characteristic of Nightcore remixes.

Creators on platforms like YouTube and Spotify play a crucial role in this community, crafting and curating playlists like the "Ultimate Nightcore Playlist" or "Best Nightcore Tracks" that not only feature popular tracks but also serve as a gateway for newcomers to experience the genre.

Impact on Music Industry

Your discovery of Nightcore music can lead to broader implications in the music industry.

Nightcore artists manipulate existing tracks by increasing the speed and pitch, creating a distinctly upbeat sound that has caught the ear of the industry.

Although these artists primarily operate on online platforms, their impact is evident in the growing popularity of high-energy, electronic-infused tracks in mainstream music.

Nightcore remixes can influence music trends, highlighting an audience's desire for more vibrant and accelerated music experiences.

Notable Contributions to Music:

  • Speed Alterations: Increasing tempo influences

  • Pitch Modulation: Producing unique vocal styles

  • Electronic Elements: Inspiring mainstream electronic trends

Creating Your Own Nightcore Music

Creating dance music and nightcore edits requires the nightcore switching vocals trick that nightcore artists rely on.

Nightcore music is essentially a remix track that speeds up the tempo and pitch of the original song. It gives a more upbeat, high-energy feel to the music which is perfect for dancing or gaming.

Basics of Speeding Up Songs

The fundamental step in creating Nightcore music is increasing the speed of your chosen song.

Aim for a tempo increase of 10-30%, which should be sufficient to give it the signature Nightcore energy.

Steps to increasing song speed:

  1. Select your song: Choose an MP3 file or any other compatible audio file.

  2. Increase tempo: Use a slider or input box to adjust the song's speed by 10-30%.

Note: Maintaining the song's original pitch while speeding it up is key to true Nightcore, but some variations might slightly increase the pitch for an even more energized version.

Software and Tools

To create Nightcore music, you can use various software and online tools that streamline the process.

Recommended Tools:

  • Nightcore.Studio: This online generator allows for easy tempo and pitch adjustments.

  • Nightcore Creator App: Directly upload an audio file and modify its speed for nightcore edits.

  • Audacity: A free, open-source software where you can manipulate the speed and pitch manually.







Tempo and pitch sliders, download support

Nightcore Creator App


Browser-based speed changes, supports MP3/FLAC


Windows, Mac, Linux

Manual control, more advanced editing options

Staying Updated with Nightcore

To stay current with Nightcore trends, you should focus on channels and streams dedicated to the genre, as well as keeping an eye out for upcoming events and music releases.

Nightcore Channels and Streams

YouTube is a treasure trove for Nightcore enthusiasts.

With dedicated channels such as Astrid Starl, who curates yearly playlists like "Best Nightcore Songs 2024," you're never far from the latest beats.

Additionally, channels that specialize in gaming mixes offer a blend of EDM and Nightcore, perfect for a high-energy gaming session.



Content Type


Best Nightcore Songs 2024

Curated Playlists


Best Nightcore Gaming Mix 2024

Gaming Mixes


Best Nightcore Tracks by iSpyTunes

Music Playlist

Nightcore radio stations are another avenue where you can immerse yourself in non-stop mixes.

Streams available through online radio platforms ensure you have a constant stream of Nightcore music at your fingertips.

Nightcore Events and Releases

To keep abreast of fresh Nightcore releases, subscribe to notifications from your favorite Nightcore music platforms.

These services often alert you to new additions, providing real-time updates on the latest tracks.

Music release calendars on platforms like Spotify or even on the artists' social media pages are invaluable for anticipating new Nightcore events or album drops.

For live experiences, Nightcore events or concerts are periodically announced on social media pages and specific Nightcore community forums.

Ensure your participation in upcoming gatherings by regularly checking these online communities for dates and locations.

Key Takeaways

  • Nightcore enhances songs with a distinctive, energetic twist, offering a different auditory experience.

  • There are standout tracks known for their popularity and influence within the Nightcore community.

  • Curated playlists and mixes are invaluable resources for both new and seasoned listeners to discover Nightcore's diverse sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy a nightcore remix in happy hardcore, hardstyle, or other genres! The best nightcore mix in the sped up music genre

In this section, you'll find answers to the most popular queries about Nightcore music including the top tracks, classic favorites, and where to find high-quality downloads.

What are the top Nightcore tracks of all time?

The most celebrated Nightcore tracks of all time often include sped-up versions of dance and pop songs. As playlists and forums suggest, songs like "In The Name Of Love (Nightcore)" by Syrex consistently rank high due to their popularity and high energy beats.

Which Nightcore songs are considered classics by the community?

Classics within the Nightcore community typically originate from the genre's early days, featuring songs that defined the Nightcore remix style. Tracks like "Angel with a Shotgun" and "Monster (DotEXE Remix)" are often revered as staples.

How can I find a list of the best Nightcore songs that were hits in 2021?

You can find lists of hit Nightcore tracks from 2021 on music platforms like Spotify or curated playlists on YouTube. These collections are updated regularly with tracks that were trending in the Nightcore scene during that year.

What are some Nightcore versions of popular hip hop songs?

Nightcore isn't limited to electronic music; there are popular versions of hip hop songs too. Examples include Nightcore remixes of "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X and "God's Plan" by Drake.

Who are the artists behind some of the most popular Nightcore tracks?

The Nightcore genre is unique in that many tracks are remixes by fans, but some original artists responsible for the source material have gained recognition in the community. Additionally, creators like Syrex and Maikel6311 are notable for their Nightcore remixes.

Where can I download high-quality MP3s of Nightcore music?

High-quality MP3s of Nightcore music can usually be downloaded from platforms that host royalty-free music. You can also find them directly from the remixers’ official websites or SoundCloud pages.

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