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What is the Spotify Family Plan? (Our Review)

What is the Spotify Family Plan? Our Review of the Spotify Premium plan for up to six people!

Understanding the Spotify Family Plan is key if you're seeking a music streaming option that caters to multiple users under one roof.

This plan is designed specifically for families, allowing up to six users to enjoy their own Premium accounts while sharing one discounted bill. With the Family Plan, every member gets ad-free listening, offline playback, and personalized playlists, ensuring that each user's experience is tailored to their own tastes and preferences.

Managing your family's music needs becomes easier with the Spotify Family Plan.

You can invite members who live at the same address to join your plan, seamlessly integrating their existing Spotify accounts if they have one.

Not only does this keep everyone's music separate and private, but it also allows family members to enjoy Spotify Kids—an app designed specifically for children with curated, age-appropriate content.

Without further ado, let's explore everything that you need to know about this cost-saving subscription plan!

Understanding Spotify Family Plan

Spotify offers a unique subscription service for families, ensuring that each member can enjoy their own personalized music experience under one payment umbrella.

What is a Spotify Family Plan?

The Spotify Family Plan is a bundled subscription service that allows up to people residing at the same address to each have an individual Spotify Premium account.

With this plan, Spotify family plan members still retain their own playlists, preferences, and library of saved music or podcasts. It also ensures personal privacy, as everyone has their own login credentials.

Benefits of Spotify Premium Family

The Spotify Premium Family plan offers several enticing features:

  • Ad-Free Listening: Each account enjoys uninterrupted music without ads.

  • Offline Playback: You can download songs and listen offline.

  • Personalized Playlists and Recommendations: Spotify's algorithm tailors music recommendations to your individual tastes.

  • Cost Effective: At $16.99/month, all six accounts benefit from Spotify Premium features at a fraction of the cost compared to individual plans.

This plan not only adds value for larger households but also enhances the listening experience with its user-specific personalization.

By ensuring that each user enjoys independence and privacy in their listening habits, the Family Plan is engineered for a harmonious shared musical journey.

For more details and how to sign up, you can read further on the Spotify website about the Premium Family plan.

Cost and Value

Understanding the cost of Spotify's Family Plan can help you evaluate its value compared to your needs and other available subscription options.

Spotify Family Plan Cost

The Spotify Family Plan is priced at $16.99 per month. It allows up to six separate Premium accounts per household, providing a significant saving over six individual Premium subscriptions.

Here's a brief look at the cost breakdown:

  • Monthly Cost: $16.99

  • Annual Cost: $203.88

  • Cost Per User (If Six Members): Approximately $2.83 per person per month

Now, let's see how that amount differs in cost from of six separate accounts.

Comparing Family Plan to Other Spotify Subscriptions

When comparing the Family Plan to Spotify's Individual Premium subscription, which is priced at $10.99 per month, it's evident that if your household maximizes all six accounts, you can achieve substantial savings.

Consider this:

1. Individual Premium:

  • Monthly Cost: $10.99

  • Annual Cost: $131.88

2. Family Plan (up to 6 users):

  • Monthly Cost per User: ~$2.83

  • Annual Cost per User: ~$33.96

In contrast, an Individual Premium plan for each Spotify account of the six family members would cost nearly $800 annually, which is almost more than four times the Family Plan's annual cost.

If your family utilizes all six of the available slots, the Family Plan offers a more cost-effective solution. In fact, even if 3-4 slots are used on the family plan, it will still save you money.

Take advantage of all that a spotify family plan offers, and play songs from our top playlist search

Managing the Family Plan

When managing your Spotify Family Plan, you have the tools to easily bring family members under one subscription for a seamless music-listening experience.

Here's how to get your family members on board and manage your plan effectively.

How to Add Members to Your Spotify Family Plan

Once your Family Plan is active, adding members to your plan is straightforward. As the plan manager, you:

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Go to your 'Account' page.

  3. Select 'Premium Family' from the menu.

  4. Choose 'Invite a Family Member' and follow the on-screen instructions.

An invite will be sent to their email, and upon accepting, they will be prompted to verify the same address.

Remember, members can only be added if they live at the same address as you, ensuring that everyone on the plan is part of the household as per Spotify's terms.

How to Join Spotify Family Plan

To join a Spotify Family Plan, make sure that an existing account already signed up for the Spotify family premium plan with the previously mentioned four steps.

In the e-mail that is connected to your Spotify account, you should see that you have been invited to join a Spotify premium family plan. Simply accept the invite, and bingo, you are now part of a Spotify premium family subscription.

Only the plan manager will be able to send out invites, so be sure to coordinate with the person responsible for setting up the joint subscription.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this article provided some insight into the world of Spotify subscriptions.

The Spotify family plan is an easy way to save money with multiple accounts.

Notably, if you only have two members interested, the Spotify duo plan might be the best option.

Otherwise, that is all. Best of luck with setting up your Spotify premium family plan, and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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