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How to Make a Perfect EPK for your music (Ultimate Guide) | Electronic Indie Band Press Kit Tutorial

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

How to make a perfect EPK for your music

Are you a musician who is looking to get noticed by agents, managers, and labels? If so, you need an EPK! EPK stands for electronic press kit, and it is a digital portfolio that showcases your music and talent.

Many industry professionals compare an EPK to a resume or business card for your music, that can help you stand out as an artist or band.

In this blog post, we will show you how to make an EPK that will impress everyone who sees it. So let's get started!

The 8 key things that should be in every musician's electronic press kit

An electronic press kit, or EPK, is a necessary tool for any musician or band looking to get their music out there. However, with so much information to include, it can be tough to know where to start. Here are 8 essential elements that every EPK should have:

1. A bio

This should include a brief history of the band, as well as each member's role in the group.

2. Press photos

High-quality images are essential for catching the eye of potential fans and media outlets.

3. Music

Include a few of your best tracks, preferably in multiple formats (MP3, WAV, etc.). If you have any music videos, that's a bonus.

4. Tour dates

Let people know when and where they can see you live.

5. Contact info

Make it easy for interested parties to get in touch by including your website, email address, and social media links.

6. Reviews and testimonials

Positive press can help persuade someone to check out your music. Include quotes from reviews or testimonials from other musicians or industry professionals.

7. Press coverage

If you've been featured in any popular publications, YouTube videos, or blogs, be sure to include links or clips.

8. Merchandise

Include photos and descriptions of any available merchandise, such as t-shirts, CDs, or vinyl records. To learn more about creating a brand, click here.

How to Make an EPK That Will Get You Noticed (Step-by-Step)

1. Start by creating a professional website for yourself

We recommend Wix, which was used to build this platform. Wix offers a plethora of pre-made designs and templates to make it super easy to create a website that looks good without any coding skills. Learn more about the platform here.

2. Gather relevant visual content

Make sure to include high-quality photos and videos of live performances or BTS of creating your music. Stay on par with your brand and include music videos or album art to have further branding.

3. Write an artist bio and discography

A bio should be a concise, but thorough overview of who you are as an artist. It should touch on your musical influences, major achievements, and any other relevant information that would be of interest to a journalist or music industry professional.

A discography is simply a list of all the recordings you have released, including singles, EPs, and albums. This is a helpful way for journalists to quickly see what you have to offer and get an idea of your style.

Including these materials in your EPK will help to give journalists the information they need to write a well-rounded article or review about your music.

4. Attend industry events and showcase your work to music professionals

As an independent artist, it can be difficult to get your music noticed by industry professionals. One way to get your music in front of the right people is to attend industry events.

Industry events provide a great opportunity to network with other music professionals, as well as to gain exposure for your music.

Music Industry Executive Meeting

Attendees of industry events are often looking for new talent, so connecting with a promoter or booking agent is a great way to begin the process of taking your music to the next level. These professionals will be the judge of your music quality, so make sure your EPK reflects your values and sound as best as possible.

What is a booking agent?

Booking Agent Shaking Hands With Independent Artist

A booking agent is someone who works on behalf of music artists to secure performance dates and locations. In most cases, booking agents work with promoters, venues, and festivals to schedule live shows.

They may also negotiate fees, transportation, and accommodations for the artist. While it is possible for an artist to book their own shows, most prefer to work with a booking agent in order to free up their time to focus on creating new music.

Booking agents play an important role in the music industry, and their efforts help to ensure that live music remains an integral part of our culture.

5. Stay up-to-date

There is very little value to an outdated EPK. Keep your page fresh and accurate, showcasing your newest and best material at all times. That way, when booking agents or talent buyers are searching for new musicians, you give off a strong first impression.

It is also important to keep with the latest trends in the music industry so that you can stay ahead of the game and incorporate these trends and themes into your content and music.


Is an EPK necessary?

By including all of these elements, a band can give music industry professionals a comprehensive picture of who they are and what they have to offer. With a strong EPK, a band can increase their chances of landing bookings, press coverage, and other opportunities for career advancement.

How do I make an Electronic Press Kit for a musician?

Once you've gathered all the necessary materials, you can create your Electronic Press Kit (or EPK) yourself using a variety of different software programs or online services. Some of the most popular options include Sonicbids, ReverbNation, and Bandzoogle. Or, a music manager can handle the process.

Where do I get started making an EPK?

When creating an EPK, it's important to keep a goal in mind. For example, if you're trying to get booked for shows, highlight information about your live performance experience. If you're trying to get signed by a record label, highlight information about your recordings and radio play. Including high-quality photos and videos is also essential for making a good impression. Keep your audience in mind, and try to use creativity while staying professional.

Can a website serve as an EPK?

A website is arguably the best interface to showcase relevant information for a typical musician press kit, or EPK. However, it should be private and not accessible to the general public by search. To create an EPK, we would recommend a simple drag-and-drop website tool to get the job done.

As a Wix user, we can vouch for this platform and recommend using it due to its ease-of-use. Wix can beautifully assemble an epk or electronic press kit, with their long list of templates and pre-made designs. Learn more here.

Are press kits like EPKs still relevant in the Music Industry?

The short answer is yes. Although they are now digital, press kits still hold their importance as a great first impression for an artist or band. While social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have made it easier for artists to reach out to fans and promote their work, a press kit still offer a number of advantages.

First and foremost, they are more professional and organized than a simple social media page. A well-crafted press kit will include high-quality photos, press releases, and other materials that give potential promoters and booking agents a clear sense of who the artist is and what they do. Furthermore, a press kit is meant to be more private than a musician's social media page may be.

For example, you can think of the difference between a social media account and an electronic press kit for an artist similar to the difference between how you portray yourself on LinkedIn versus on TikTok. One outlet is more casual and lighthearted while the other is more professional and serious. A press kit should be professional and make it easy to see a snapshot of your career with a short bio and collection of relevant information.

Lastly, an artist can have multiple EPKs, with each press kit customized for specific audiences, making it easier to target the right people with the right information.

What are some key tips for an electronic press kit?

As discussed, an electronic press kit, or EPK, is a digital version of the traditional press kit that is used to promote a musician, band, or other type of artist. Here are some key tips for creating an effective EPK:

A EPKs organization is key
(1) Good design often leads to a a good experience.

1. Keep it organized.

An EPK should be well-organized and easy to navigate. Make sure to include links to all of the relevant information, and consider using sections or subsections to keep things tidy.

2. Include high-quality content.

Your EPK should include content that is professional and engaging. Be sure to include photos, videos, audio tracks, press clippings, and anything else that will give music industry professionals a good sense of who you are and what you do.

Keep your EPK up to date
(4) Always update your EPK to maintain accuracy.

3. Make it unique.

Your EPK should be unique to you and your work. Be sure to customize the content and design to reflect your individual style and personality.

4. Keep it updated.

An EPK should be kept up-to-date with your latest news, projects, and releases. Be sure to check back regularly and make updates as needed. Show off your newest releases and latest achievements!

5. Promote it!

Once you create an EPK is complete, be sure to promote it far and wide. Share the link with music industry professionals, social media followers, and anyone else who might be interested in learning more about your work.

How can you make an EPK stand out?

EPKs should be unique
Stand out from the crowd. Be different.

As a general rule of thumb, your EPK should include three key components: biographical information, high-quality photos, and audio or video samples of your music. However, there is no one-size-fits-all template for an EPK, the most important thing is to tailor it to your own unique style and needs.

Using a website with professional EPK templates is a great start. That's why we would recommend you consider using Wix to create your EPK.

Will an EPK help me get signed to a record label?

In the music industry, an EPK (electronic press kit) is a powerful tool that can help an artist to get signed to a record label. As mentioned, an EPK typically includes a biography, high quality media such as promotional photos, press clippings, and audio/video samples of the artist's work. But importantly, an EPK allows the artist or band contact information to be easily accessible to any potential music industry connections that want to connect.

If you want to learn more about how to get a record label offer as an independent musician with quality music, click here.

Why use Wix for music sites?

When it comes to creating a music portfolio website, we recommend using Wix. This is because Wix has simple template creation tools similar brands simply do not offer in a drag-and-drop setting, like Wix does. Also, we built our website with Wix and love it.

To learn more about their free platform, click here.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! You are now ready to create your own EPK and start impressing music industry professionals. Be sure to subscribe to our blog so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest tips and trends in the music industry. And, if you need help putting together an EPK or any other aspect of your music career, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to assist you!

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