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30 of the Best Music Blogs for Independent Musicians in 2024 | iSpyTunes

Updated: Jan 3

30 of the best blogs for independent musicians

As an independent musician, it is essential to stay up-to-date on the latest music industry news and trends.

One great way to do this is by reading music blogs. In addition to keeping you informed, these blogs can also provide a valuable source of inspiration and new ideas. For example, if you're feeling stuck in a creative rut, reading about the latest innovations in the music industry can help to jump-start your own creativity.

Additionally, many music blogs feature interviews with successful musicians, offering insights into the mindset and process of some of the most successful people in the industry. As an independent musician, reading these blogs can help you to stay informed and inspired, providing valuable resources for success.

We have selected several blogs from industry leaders to small niche publications grouped into categories so you can search for what you are looking for.

Categories of various blogs about music:

Let's dive into these different sections, beginning with some of the more well known general music blogs.

a. General Music Blogs


billboard music blog

Billboard is a one of the most well-known blogs for all things music. With reviews, streaming links and videos to help you discover new artists or songs on the rise in popularity - it's no wonder that this site has over 10 million readers every month!

You'll find charts like Hot 100 which lists America’s favorite tunes right now as well Global 100 list compiled by international experts so they can give good advice about what kind of genre your taste buds prefers best (or if you just need some inspiration).

Rolling Stone

rolling stone music blog

Rolling Stone has been around since 1967, and has established themselves as a go-to platform if you are looking for news, lists, reviews, pictures, and videos related to music and various other entertainment. While they will cover major industry musicians, their Artists You Need To Know and Songs You Need to Know sections of the site will help you discover plenty of new music from less established artists.


pitchfork music blog

Pitchfork is the ultimate destination for music enthusiasts to discover new sounds. With reviews on various genres like electronic, folk and jazz among others as well lists dedicated exclusively towards favorite songs in different categories you're sure not only stay up-to date but learn what's happening within these communities too!

Consequence (formerly Consequence of Sound)

consequence of sound blog

Consequence, aka Consequence of Sound, is a popular source for breaking music news, the latest rumors, song premieres, album reviews, exclusive playlists, and more. Although covering mainly hip hop news, the blog also touches on other genres like R&B and electronic dance music.

b. Tips & Tricks for Musicians

It is important for those around the world aspiring to break into the music industry to familiar themselves with an informational-based music blog, that focuses on the musicians themselves and how to improve their sound or grow their audience.

Independent Musician learning from ISpyTunes Blog


Reverbnation is a site that will help you become the next big thing in music. You can learn how to be better at writing songs, understand copyright laws more easily and even find ways around stage fright when it comes time for your debut performance on nationwide TV!


iSpyTunes delivers weekly content focusing on improving the experience for independent musicians and providing valuable knowledge about various tips and tricks. Our music blog may be relatively new, but it is growing quickly and sure to help aspiring musicians!

Music Entrepreneur HQ

Music Entrepreneur is a music blog that seeks to help facilitate musicians to further their career and navigate the dark corners of the music business, while keeping their artistic integrity intact. Although their blog is a little clunky, some content is invaluable.


Hype Bot has been providing the latest news, trends and technologies since 2004. Some of the emerging technology in the music scene that is discussed include various web3 developments and streaming platform improvements.

c. Music Submission Sites

It is important to have a variety of outlets to reach out and submit your song to when your newest release finally goes live. Here are a list of 8 of the best music blogs that accept submissions.

music submission website worker

Indie Music Spin

One of the biggest submission sites, with plenty of traffic and a large following.

Price: Free to submit - with plenty of upgrades available for a cost.

Indie is not a Genre

Indie is not a genre started in the summer of 2011 in Germany. The website grew into an international project and won the top 50 alternative music blog award. Indie is not a genre has different sections dedicated to pop, rock, electronica, singer-songwriter, post punk, psychedelic and punk.

The website is a great place to discover new music and get updates on your favorite artists. You can also find interviews, reviews, and news on the latest albums and concerts.

Price: $1-3 dollar cost (via: SubmitHub)


music fan enjoying new music

Founded by Montrey Whittaker and Blake Edwards, Earmilk is an online music publication based out of the United States and Canada. With Dance, Hip-hop, Indie, Electronic, Experimental and Pop articles, Earmilk covers all tastes and genres.

Like Indie is not a Genre, Earmilk uses the SubmitHub platform to accept its music submissions. So artists, what are you waiting for? Send your music their way!

Price: $1-3 dollar cost (via: SubmitHub)

A&R FActory

Since 2012, AnRfactory has developed a following and is big in the United Kingdom.

Price: $5 or $25 depending on level of submission


We accept all genres of music from independent musicians. We feature the best submitted music in our blog, on our social media, in our playlist rotation, and more.

Price: Free to submit - with various upgrades available for a cost.

Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle was founded in 2009 and cover a diverse selection of genres. They are sure to make it clear they don’t like auto-tune, commercial music that is made-for-the-masses or commercial sounding.

Price: $1-3 dollar cost (via: SubmitHub)


Blog Writer Listening To Music Submissions by Artist

Stereofox is a blog that focuses on sharing music from artists you've never heard before, as well as reviews and interviews with these up-and coming musical personalities. Every day they post new content for their readers including editorials about different genres in today's industry which keeps things interesting!

Price: $1-3 dollar cost (via: SubmitHub)

This Song Is Sick

This song is sick, and we’re not just talking about the music. This site has been sharing fresh new tracks since 2010 with a mix of genres that will keep you on your toes!

Price: Free & Paid options via their site

Bonus: SubmitHub

Although not a blog, submithub is a platform that allows you to quickly send your music to some of the best music blogs around for cheap. In terms of music marketing, having an easy all-in-one platform for music submission is valuable.

Be sure to explore a blog's reach before submitting music through submithub to avoid wasting any valuable funds.

d. Music Industry Blogs

Music industry blogs come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular ones tend to offer a mix of news, interviews, and opinion pieces.

The music industry is a fast-paced and ever-changing field, so these blogs provide a valuable service by keeping readers up-to-date on the latest developments. In addition to breaking news, many of these blogs also offer in-depth interviews with industry insiders, providing readers with an insider's perspective on the business.

And finally, the best music industry blogs also offer thoughtful analysis and opinion pieces on the latest trends in the industry. By offering a mix of hard news, interviews, and analysis, these blogs have something for everyone who's interested in staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the music industry.

The music industry is always evolving, and it can be tough to keep up with the latest news and trends. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent music industry blogs that can help you stay informed. Here are just a few of the most popular music industry blogs:

Music Business Worldwide

Musing Business Worldwide, or MBW is a comprehensive resource for music business news, analysis, and opinion.

Music Think Tank

Music Think Tank is an online community for music industry professionals, with a wealth of articles and resources on a variety of topics.

The Fader

The Fader covers all genres of music and provides readers with a unique perspective on the latest industry news.

All Music

All Music is not only a great place to get music information and recommendations, but their blog has interviews with some of the greatest musicians ever. They most commonly post these interviews and lists of best songs, in their opinion.

e. Music Blog by Genre

Lets review music blogs via genre of music, as plenty of outlets only focus on one or two genres. Therefore, if an artist is sticking in one lane, it is good to familiarize yourself with the respective outlets.

Hip Hop blogs (4)

01. XXL Magazine
XXL Magazine for Music

Since its inception in 1997, XXL magazine has been a leading voice in the hip hop scene. The publication provides comprehensive coverage of the latest music, fashion and culture trends, and it has helped to break many new artists.

In recent years, XXL has also become known for its annual "Freshman Class" issue, which features up-and-coming rappers who are poised to make a big impact on the scene. As one of the most respected voices in hip hop, XXL magazine has a significant influence on the direction of the music and culture. As such, it is essential reading for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in hip hop.

02. Hot New Hip Hop (HNHH)
Hot New Hip Hop Music Blog

As a relatively new addition to the hip hop scene, the influence of the hot new hip hop blog cannot be understated. In a genre that is often characterized by its heaviness and aggressiveness, the blog provides a much-needed dose of levity and fun.

With its mix of music news, celebrity gossip, and lighthearted humor, the blog has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for hip hop fans. In addition to its wide appeal, the blog has also been praised for its take on industry news.

In an era where the music industry is undergoing massive changes, the blog's willingness to address these issues head-on has made it a powerful voice in the hip hop community. As the blog continues to grow in popularity, there is no doubt that its influence will only continue to increase.

03. Elevator
Elevator Music Blog

Elevator is an awesome blog and magazine that covers topics from music reviews and interviews to general music industry new and trends.

The elevator is an iconic symbol of modern society. It's where we go to get from our offices or homes into the ground floor, and then ride up highest so that you can reach your destination without any trouble!

Just like how an elevator makes life easier for everyone using them, the Elevator website provides great value for those in the hip hop rap culture.

04. Hip Hop DX
hip hop dx music magazine

Launched in 2008, Hip Hop DX has become one of the most influential voices in the hip hop scene. With a team of experienced music journalists, the website provides up-to-date coverage of hip hop news, albums, mixtapes and more.

In addition to breaking news stories, Hip Hop DX also features in-depth interviews and reviews, giving readers a well-rounded view of the hip hop world. Thanks to its comprehensive coverage and high-quality journalism, Hip Hop DX has become a go-to source for anyone wanting to stay up-to-date with the latest hip hop news.

Electronic Dance Music blogs (3)

01. Dancing Astronaut
dancing astronaut electronic dance music blog

This website is a must for all dance music fans. Dancing Astronaut delivers with the latest news and events in this genre, as well as videos from around DJs like Tiesto, Marshmello, and David Guetta that will make your day! Dancing Astronaut has built their media platform on delivering independent voice, so you can be sure it is being told how it is. blog logo

The website offers a variety of content that includes features, interviews and reviews from the world's top musicians as well as gear coverage for all walks-of life; this was demonstrated during COVID 19 when managing editor Jason Heffler helped keep us entertained by outlining weekly livestreams. This was one way they kept people informed about what was going on within the community while also providing some much needed relief through entertainment! has been a reliable and diverse set of coverage since 2014 about the electronic dance music scene.

03. Run The Trap
run the trap music blog logo

If you're looking for some quality trap music, look no further than Run the Trap. The site only promotes songs that are worth listening to and has a strict policy of only featuring one song per artist or group in order not distract from their other work too greatly!

Pop Music Blogs (2)

01. Popcrush
pop crush pop music blog

PopCrush delivers the latest pop music, celebrity and entertainment news to your inbox every day. With a fresh perspective on these topics as well an irreverent sense of humor that will have you laughing out loud, and keep pop culture fun as it should be.

02. Pop Matters
best pop music blog logo

Pop Matters is the digital destination for everything about pop culture. From detailed pop music reviews to the latest news or Los Angeles drama, this website touches on all things relevant to pop fans around the world.

Rock Music Blogs (2)

Lastly, two of the best outlets for rock music are Louder than War and Grimy Goods. Both of these rock metal platforms feature the best of the genre, and cover a variety of topics from music reviews of different popular music from established artists to artist interviews and Q&As. Grimy Goods also features the Los Angeles music scene specifically.

Important Tips When Submitting to Blogs

There are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to improve your chances of getting your music accepted to a music blog.

01. Do your Research

independent musician submitting music to blogs

First, make sure to do your research and only submit your music to blogs that are a good fit for your style. There's no point in submitting a heavy metal song to a blog that only covers pop music, for example.

Or, some blogs prefer brand new music while others prefer promoting songs that already have a lot of plays and exposure. Therefore, check out what the music blog in question prefers or seems to post more of, and this should increase your chances of success.

02. Follow the Rules

following the rules as a musician

Secondly, be sure to read the submission guidelines carefully and follow them as best you can. Blogs receive hundreds of submissions, so they're often very specific about what they're looking for.

For example, if you submit hip hop music to an online music magazine that only covers electronic music, you played yourself. Or, if you expect reviews, interviews, features or some other specific added benefit make sure you make that clear.

03. Don't lose Hope

stay positive as an independent musician

Lastly, don't be discouraged if you don't get accepted right away. Keep trying and don't give up on your dreams.

Not everybody will have the same reaction to your latest music. Emerging artists often have to be told repeatedly their music need improvement or simply isn't good enough. However, if you work hard and stay persistent, you'll eventually find success as a musician. Prove 'em wrong.

Music Blog FAQs:

What value do music blogs have today?

Long story short, music blogs still have a lot of pull in the industry. Even with the rise of social media and video content, music blogging remains a vital aspect of a marketing strategy.

Many young artists are hesitant at making a big investment when getting started. Blogs can serve as an inexpensive and essential step for them as they start out building their audience online with others who share similar interests.

A music blog gives these aspiring stars an opportunity to get feedback from a new audience of highly engaged music fans about what works well or doesn’t.

Is submitting music to a blog worth it?

In a world filled with streaming services and social media, it can be easy to forget the importance of music blogs. However, these websites continue to play a vital role in today's music industry.

For unsigned artists, these blogs provide an important platform for gaining exposure. In addition, many blogs offer in-depth reviews and previews of upcoming albums, giving readers a chance to make informed decisions about their musical purchases.

Perhaps most importantly, though, music blogs help to create a sense of community among music lovers from all over the world. In an increasingly fragmented world, it is more important than ever to have places where we can come together and share our love of music.

Which music blog is the best?

When it comes to music blogs, there are many different options to choose from. Although it is hard to pick a favorite. For musicians, Pitchfork is one of the best resources. The site provides in-depth reviews of new albums, as well as a variety of news articles and interviews with high-profile artists. For music fans, Consequence of Sound is a great option. In addition to album reviews, the site also offers a wide range of features, including lists of upcoming releases and concert listings. Whatever your musical taste, there is sure to be a blog that suits your needs.

How do I find music blogs to submit to?

In the above article, we have compiled a list of 30 of the best music blogs for independent musicians. Depending on your goal, and your genre of music, there are plenty of great outlets that you can easily reach music lovers. Or, if all else fails, a paid platform like SubmitHub allows you to easily send your music to specific blog authors and Spotify playlisters.

Is being featured on a music blog still a good music marketing strategy?

Without a doubt, a music blog is still a relevant and effective method of music marketing.

While social media platforms have become increasingly popular in recent years, music blogs have maintained a dedicated and engaged audience. Readers of music blogs are typically passionate about music and actively seek out new artists to discover. As a result, being featured on a music blog can help to reach new fans and build buzz around an artist or release.

In addition, music blogs often have strong relationships with other industry professionals, such as journalists and radio programmers. A well-placed article on a respected blog can lead to further coverage and help an artist to break into the mainstream.

How do I find good music blogs to submit to for free?

As mentioned, we know a lot of blogs unfortunately charge for music submissions. However, several such as This Song is Sick, Indie Music Spin, and iSpyTunes do not charge a fee to submit a track to be considered for music reviews or other forms of music publication.

Which Indie Music Blog is the best to submit music to?

We would recommend Indie Music Spin due to the fact they allow for free submissions through their platform. However, there are even more indie outlets that accept music submissions, which we discuss in the above article.

Should I pay to get on a music blog?

Getting your new music featured onto a blog is a great form of music marketing. However, make sure to maximize the opportunity by following the proper steps to ensure the featured article will be successful. People on a music blog are seeking music discovery themselves, making it highly likely for success. That is why being featured on a blog is extremely sought after, and a great way to establish yourself as an independent artist.

Can a music blog increase the likelihood of getting a record deal?

In the music industry, there are a lot of ways to get noticed. One of the most effective ways to gain exposure is to be featured on a music blog. Not only does this provide a platform for your music to be heard by a wider audience, but it also gives you the opportunity to build relationships with key industry figures.

Many music blogs are run by journalists and editors who have connections with record labels and A&R reps. As a result, being featured on a blog can be an excellent way to increase your chances of getting a record deal. So if you're looking to take your career to the next level, don't underestimate the power of the music blog.

If you want to learn the keys to get a record deal as an independent artist, click here.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, reading music blogs can help independent musicians improve their craft.

These blogs often feature interviews and profiles of successful musicians, as well as advice from industry experts. By reading these blogs, musicians can learn about the latest trends and developments in the music world, and get insights into how to improve their own work.

Additionally, submitting music to these blogs can result in plenty of new fans. Most music blogs have a large and engaged readership, and they are always on the lookout for new and exciting artists to feature.

As a result, submitting your music to a blog can be a great way to reach a new audience and build buzz around your work.

In short, both reading music blogs and submitting your music to them is a great way to improve your craft and get your music out there. Get familiar with the brands discussed in this article and utilize these outlets to better yourself as a musician!

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