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The 99 Best Songs for Villains | A Collection of Music for your own Villain Arc (Our Playlist)

The 99 Best Songs for Villains | A Collection of Music for your own Villain Arc (Our Playlist) Famous Songs for the Bad Guy

In the world of storytelling, villains play a crucial role in captivating our imaginations.

From literature to movies and anime, the concept of a "villain arc" has gained significant popularity as of late.

In this blog post, we will explore the origin of the term "villain arc" and delve into the fascinating realm of villain songs. We will discuss what makes a good villain song, emphasizing the importance of hard-hitting, up-tempo, and dark music that resonates with the villainous nature.

Furthermore, we will share our villain arc playlist featuring two key genres, phonk and hardstyle, which perfectly embody the necessary criteria for creating compelling villain songs while also having a strong association with the gym and working out.

So, let's unravel the enchanting world of villain songs and discover the best musical accompaniments for the nefarious characters!

Understanding the term "Villain Arc"

The concept of a "villain arc" in anime refers to the narrative development and character growth of the antagonist. It provides insight into their motivations, backstory, and internal conflicts, often revealing the complex layers beneath their malevolent actions.

This narrative approach allows the audience to empathize with the villain, blurring the lines between good and evil. As the villain embarks on their arc, their personality evolves, making them more compelling and multi-dimensional.

A "Villain Arc" may be born from a hard rejection, a break-up, a shortcoming, or other stressful event. Similar to the training of a hero, a villainous character trains equally determined on success, or often, revenge.

Characteristics of a Good Villain Song

A good villain song possesses several key characteristics.

First and foremost, it should be hard-hitting and impactful, immersing the listener in the villain's world and capturing their sinister essence.

Ideally, up-tempo music with driving rhythms that create a sense of energy and urgency, amplifying the villain's intensity.

Lastly, a dark and brooding atmosphere adds depth and complexity to the song, reflecting the villain's inner turmoil and malevolence.

Phonk and Hardstyle: Perfect Genres for Villain Songs

When it comes to finding music genres that embody the necessary criteria for villain songs, two standout options are Phonk and Hardstyle.

Phonk, a subgenre of hip-hop, combines elements of Southern rap, chopped and screwed techniques, and haunting samples. Its slow, distorted beats and eerie atmospheres create a chilling ambiance that aligns with the dark themes often associated with villains.

Hardstyle, on the other hand, is a high-energy genre characterized by aggressive kicks, intense melodies, and driving basslines. Its fast-paced nature and relentless energy make it an ideal choice for villains who exude power and determination. Hardstyle's fusion of electronic elements and hard-hitting sounds perfectly captures the essence of a formidable antagonist.

Both phonk and hardstyle have a strong association with the gym and working out, making them an excellent choice for villains who undergo a training arc. The intense rhythms and relentless drums found in these genres can motivate and empower both the villain and the audience, heightening the dramatic tension and creating a captivating experience.

Our Villain Playlist

With 99 of the best songs for villains, our fast-paced & high-energy collection of music will get you amped up.

best hardstyle and phonk villain songs! plus, watch each official music video to hear the catchy chorus from songs like killer queen on modern rock radio!

Otherwise, read on to learn a bit more about some of the best songs for villains.

25 of the Best Songs for Villains

Without any further delay, let's jump into analyzing some of the best villain era songs.

1. My Soldiers Rage by Maul

"My Soldiers Rage" by Maul exudes a sense of power and aggression, perfectly suited for a villainous atmosphere. The hard-hitting beat and intense melodies create a formidable sonic landscape, evoking images of a malevolent force gathering its dark army. The vocal speech from the anime Attack On Titan adds another layer to the song's message of determination and persistence. The track's relentless energy and dynamic progression mirror the uprising of villains, showcasing their determination to conquer and dominate.

2. Way Of The Warrior by MYST

With "Way Of The Warrior," MYST delivers a villainous anthem that embodies strength and resilience. The track's powerful kicks and commanding atmosphere set the stage for a villain's ascent to power. Its intense melodies and captivating rhythm evoke a sense of unwavering determination and serve as a musical representation of the warrior's path embraced by those who embrace their dark side.

3. Sigma by Tevvez

Tevvez's "Sigma" presents an ominous and menacing sound, capturing the essence of a formidable villain. The track's heavy bassline, distorted elements, and haunting melodies combine to create an atmosphere of suspense and foreboding. With its dark and brooding ambiance, "Sigma" immerses listeners in a sonic journey that reflects the twisted machinations of a cunning antagonist.

4. Kaneki x Whatever It Takes (Hardstyle) by AniLifts

AniLifts' "Kaneki x Whatever It Takes (Hardstyle)" intertwines the enigmatic world of anime with the raw power of hardstyle. The track's fusion of haunting vocals and energetic hardstyle elements creates a captivating blend that resonates with the transformation of a villainous character. It encapsulates the relentless drive and determination to accomplish their goals, reflecting the character's unwavering resolve.

5. You Decide by ANIZYZ

ANIZYZ's "You Decide" combines hard-hitting kicks and menacing undertones to create a chilling soundscape that befits a villainous persona. The track's aggressive rhythms and distorted elements mirror the conflicting choices and morally ambiguous nature of an antagonist. With its driving energy and dark atmosphere, "You Decide" immerses listeners in a world where villains make their own rules.


SICK LEGEND's "AOT HARDSTYLE" pays homage to the acclaimed anime series Attack on Titan with a hardstyle twist. The track's intense beat and soaring melodies capture the essence of the show's epic battles and the daunting presence of the Titans. With its high energy and impactful sound, "AOT HARDSTYLE" channels the power and grandeur of villainous adversaries.

7. DUEL OF THE FATES (Hardstyle) by Tevvez2.0

Tevvez2.0's "DUEL OF THE FATES (Hardstyle)" reinvents the iconic Star Wars composition with a hardstyle interpretation. The track's relentless energy, pounding kicks, and epic melodies create an atmosphere of conflict and confrontation, perfectly suited for a climactic villainous battle. "DUEL OF THE FATES (Hardstyle)" captures the grandiosity and intensity of a confrontation between opposing forces.

8. |BONKERS| by staplegun

"BONKERS" by staplegun takes listeners on a wild and chaotic sonic journey that reflects the unpredictable nature of a villain's actions. The track's frenetic drums, distorted elements, and intricate sound design create a sense of mayhem and madness. With its unconventional structure and captivating rhythm, "|BONKERS|" mirrors the inner workings of a villain's mind.

9. Demons Around by yatashigang

"Demons Around" by yatashigang immerses listeners in a sinister and malevolent soundscape. The track's dark and haunting atmosphere, combined with its heavy basslines and menacing synths, evokes a sense of lurking evil. It captures the essence of villains conspiring in the shadows, their presence felt even when unseen.

10. GOD COMPLEX by Maul

Maul's "GOD COMPLEX" exudes an aura of godlike power and arrogance, perfectly fitting for a villain with an inflated sense of superiority. The track's motivational vocals, cinematic elements, and epic sound design create a larger-than-life experience. "GOD COMPLEX" reflects the villain's relentless pursuit of dominance and control, driven by their grandiose delusions.

11. NEON BLADE by MoonDeity

With "NEON BLADE," MoonDeity transports listeners to a futuristic world of darkness and villainy. The track's pulsating basslines, futuristic synths, and captivating melodies create a mesmerizing soundscape. "NEON BLADE" captures the essence of a technologically advanced villain, lurking in the shadows with a malevolent agenda.

12. If I Lose It All (Hardstyle) by WierdKid

WierdKid's "If I Lose It All (Hardstyle)" explores the vulnerability and desperation that can drive a character down a villainous path. The track's emotive melodies, energetic kicks, and atmospheric elements mirror the inner turmoil and conflict experienced by a fallen hero turned antagonist. "If I Lose It All (Hardstyle)" embodies the darkness that emerges when all hope is lost, plus, it draws its melody from the Attack on Titan theme music, one of the most popular anime ever.

13. Zeus by Tevvez

Tevvez's "Zeus" commands attention with its thunderous bass and majestic melodies. The track's powerful energy, catchy melody, and epic sound design embody the mythical deity after which it is named. "Zeus" evokes a sense of awe and intimidation, capturing the essence of a larger-than-lifevillain with godlike powers and an imposing presence.


TR3NVHN's "GODS OF OLYMPUS" transports listeners to a realm of mythical villains and divine malevolence. The track's epic orchestral elements, thunderous percussion, and haunting chants create a sense of grandeur and power befitting the gods of ancient mythology. "GODS OF OLYMPUS" embodies the sinister forces that lurk among the pantheon, instilling fear and awe in their wake.


"Midnight" by PLAYAMANE & Nateki sets a haunting and atmospheric tone, immersing listeners in a world of darkness and intrigue. The track's brooding melodies, chilling vocal samples, and intricate production create a sense of mystery and foreboding. "Midnight" encapsulates the essence of a villainous character lurking in the shadows, their presence felt but their motives unknown.

16. Chasing Stars by descent

"Chasing Stars" by descent creates an atmosphere of relentless pursuit and determination, perfectly suited for a villain's insidious ambitions. The track's driving beats and dynamic melodies mirror the adrenaline-fueled chase as the villain relentlessly pursues their goals. With its captivating soundscapes and infectious energy, "Chasing Stars" captures the essence of a villain on the hunt.

17. The Perfect Girl (Hardstyle) by Anor

"The Perfect Girl (Hardstyle)" by Anor immerses listeners in a dark and twisted narrative of obsession and control. The track's aggressive kicks, haunting synths, and sinister melodies reflect the villain's fixation on the object of their desires. With its intense energy and chilling undertones, this particular song embodies the distorted perception of a villain driven by their deranged obsession.

18. LIKE A SICKVNT by Areus

"LIKE A SICKVNT" by Areus evokes an atmosphere of chaos and mayhem, perfectly encapsulating the mindset of a villain reveling in their wickedness. The track's relentless rhythm, distorted elements, and aggressive sound design create a sense of unbridled aggression and malevolence. With its unapologetic intensity, "LIKE A SICKVNT" mirrors the mindset of a villain embracing their dark nature.

19. You Got Me by Mqx

"You Got Me" by Mqx immerses listeners in a sonic journey of deception and manipulation. The track's mesmerizing melodies, catchy beat, and even the song's lyrics reflect the villain's ability to entice and captivate their unsuspecting victims. With its alluring atmosphere and irresistible rhythm, "You Got Me" captures the essence of a charming and manipulative antagonist.

20. STAY A LITTLE WHILE - Instrumental by Tooz & visioner

"STAY A LITTLE WHILE - Instrumental" by Tooz & visioner sets a haunting and melancholic tone, mirroring the inner turmoil and complexity of a tormented villain. The track's emotive melodies, ethereal textures, and atmospheric elements evoke a sense of longing and introspection. "STAY A LITTLE WHILE - Instrumental" embodies the fragile emotions and conflicting desires that drive a villain's actions.


"SHADOW" by ONIMXRU & SMITHMANE delves into the depths of darkness and secrecy, capturing the essence of a villain lurking in the shadows. The track's brooding basslines, eerie synths, and enigmatic melodies create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. With its enigmatic soundscapes and haunting ambiance, "SHADOW" reflects the clandestine nature of a cunning and elusive antagonist.

22. Burn by echo

"Burn" by echo exudes an aura of destruction and chaos, reflecting the villain's penchant for mayhem and devastation. This upbeat tune boasts distorted elements, edgy lyrics, and relentless energy evoke a sense of unstoppable force and reckless abandon. With its intense sound design and explosive rhythm, "Burn" embodies the destructive tendencies and sinister intentions of a villain.


SICK LEGEND's "AFTER DARK HARDSTYLE" delves into the eerie and sinister realms of the night. The track's haunting melodies, menacing synths, and thunderous beats create an atmosphere of nocturnal malevolence. "AFTER DARK HARDSTYLE" captures the essence of a villain reveling in the shadows, embracing their darkest desires under the cover of darkness.

24. Sadness & Sorrow - Radio Edit by The Originalz & Interlude

"Sadness & Sorrow - Radio Edit" by The Originalz & Interlude evokes a sense of melancholy and tragedy, reflecting the inner turmoil and emotional depths of a complex villain. The track's poignant melodies, delicate harmonies, and emotive textures create a bittersweet atmosphere. "Sadness & Sorrow - Radio Edit" embodies the conflicting emotions and underlying sorrow that shape a villain's journey.

25. LAST CALL by TR3NVHN & Anor

"LAST CALL" by TR3NVHN & Anor sets an ominous and foreboding tone, capturing the essence of a villain reaching the culmination of their sinister plans. The track's brooding atmosphere, haunting vocals, and haunting melodies create a sense of impending doom and finality. With its suspenseful soundscapes and climactic energy, "LAST CALL" embodies the thrilling climax of a villainous narrative.


Each of these top songs for villains carries a distinct sonic identity that aligns with the traits and essence of villains. From the intense instrumentals and dark atmospheres to the grandiose melodies and sinister undertones, these tracks embody the spirit of villainy in their own unique ways.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the world of villain songs offers a captivating and immersive experience that allows us to delve into the depths of darkness and explore the complexities of villainous characters. These songs, carefully selected for their hard-hitting, up-tempo, and dark qualities, provide the perfect musical accompaniment for the nefarious journeys of villains.

Through the exploration of the origin of the term "villain arc" and the characteristics that make a good villain song, we have gained a deeper understanding of the narrative development and emotional depth that villains can possess. Phonk and hardstyle, two genres that embody the necessary criteria for villain songs, have emerged as standout choices, not only for their musical qualities but also for their association with the gym and working out, aligning perfectly with the training arc often undertaken by villains.

With our handpicked villain playlist with 99 of the best songs, we invite you to immerse yourself in the world of darkness, power, and redemption. Whether you are a storyteller seeking inspiration or a listener looking for an exhilarating musical experience, this playlist offers a journey into the minds and hearts of a villain.

So, embrace the allure of the villain arc, lose yourself in the hard-hitting instrumentals and haunting melodies, and let the music guide you through the intricate web of villainy. Allow yourself to explore the untapped depths of these captivating characters and discover the beauty and complexity that lies within the realm of darkness.

Remember, in the realm of villains, the lines between good and evil blur, and the journey is just as captivating as the destination. So, embrace the darkness, revel in the power, and let the music fuel your imagination.

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