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The Top 3 Audio Enhancer Tools (2024)

The Top 3 Audio Enhancer Tools | Enhance audio tracks and eliminate background noise for better sound quality

By some means (for learning or earning), we all are engaged with social media where the quality of content matters the most.

Whether it is a podcast, vlog, e-lecture, or music, the quality of sound will be the determining factor of its success or failure.

AI audio enhancer tools are becoming more and more popular among beginners or users who do not have access to professional-quality sound recording instruments. An AI sound enhancer uses artificial intelligence to significantly improve audio quality by eliminating background noise, enhancing clarity, and providing professional sound enhancement.

These tools operate on AI algorithms to identify background sounds, differentiate primary and unnecessary sounds, and balance voice pitch to an audible level.

This article explains the features of the three best audio enhancer AI tools of 2024 with free and paid options, content customization, and user-friendly features.

So without further ado, let’s explore how to enhance audio, easily!

1. Adobe Audio Enhancer

The Adobe Audio Enhancer is a widely known audio quality enhancer and a comprehensive audio editing tool. It is a free and paid tool that can effortlessly transform an ordinary voice into studio-quality audio in a matter of seconds, offering a range of features for professional quality audio editing.

From speech enhancement to noise reduction on background noises of any audio track, improve sound quality with the adobe audio enhancer!

Key Specialties 

  • Improve speech clarity 

It is proficient in enhancing the clarity of spoken content in your audio or video recordings. It will provide you with a crystal clear, pleasant to hear, and comprehensive voice or speech. 

  • Support bulk uploads 

The audio enhancer supports bulk uploads without compromising the quality of results. It can be all audio, video, or a combination of both. 

  • Free and User-Friendly 

The speech enhancer is free for all users and allows them to upload a single audio media file of size 500MB, 30 minutes long, and 1-hour total time limit/day in its free mode. 

On the other hand, if you are satisfied with the results provided by the tool, you can purchase their premium packages for additional features or services. 

Additionally, it is quite simple to operate a sound enhancer. It does not require any technical expertise to utilize it, however, it may not be as feasible and convenient to use for beginners as it will be for professionals. 


The tool offers 30-day free trials after which you must purchase one of its premium or paid packages to continue sound quality enhancement. 


  • Does not available on other devices 

  • Not for beginners 

2. AI Audio Enhancer by 

AI audio enhancer by is a more than basic sound quality enhancement tool. It is proficient in removing background sounds, including the ability to remove background noise, adjusting sound volumes to an audible level, and improving speech clarity in the provided media files.

This tool effectively reduces background noise, such as hiss, reverb, traffic, and wind, enhancing audio clarity and overall sound quality in podcasts, videos, speeches, and voiceovers.

With the kapwing sound enhancer, you can reduce background noise, enhance audio quality, and more!

Features to Remove Background Noise

  • Removes background sound

Removing the background sounds is the key feature of this AI voice enhancer. It will efficiently recognize and remove all the unnecessary background sound elements, providing the user with a crystal-clear recording and significantly improving the quality of audio recordings.

  • Crop or trim unwanted audio/video part

It provides the option to crop or trim unwanted parts of audio or video files. This feature lets users easily remove unnecessary segments, ensuring a more refined and polished final product.

  • Additional audio/video editing features

Besides improving the overall sound quality in the provided audio or video recording, the tool also offers some editing features for audio files such as adding waveform, adding effects, increasing or decreasing the speech speed, etc.

  • Free, efficient, and advanced

It is the most advanced tool for the basic level adjustments in an audio or video recording and does not charge anything for unlimited use. Additionally, it offers many additional editing features other than removing background sounds, improving speech clarity, etc.


Audio enhancer ai by is free for basic audio quality adjustments and offers premium services in different packages starting from $16/month.


  • Not a beginner-friendly voice enhancer 

  • Does not offer personalized and basic sound quality adjustment features is a well-known free and paid AI tool used to improve sound quality in audio or video recordings.

By utilizing the most advanced and integrated ML algorithms, the tool makes sure that podcasts, interviews, vlogs, conferences, meetings, etc. have crystal clear voices with no background sounds.

Audio enhancement is a crucial process that involves improving sound quality by removing background or ambient noises and adjusting voice elements such as speed, pitch, and emphasis, aiming for high quality audio that is clear, polished, and professional-sounding.

This is essential for digital content creation, podcasting, and voice enhancement, ensuring a seamless listening experience.

Use an ai audio enhancer to enhance audio signals and reduce background noise in any audio file with ease

Key Specialties 

  • Removes background distractions

Cleaning the background from all the unintentionally recorded sound elements is the key function performed by this AI voice enhancer. It is smart enough to identify human voice and unwanted noise elements and remove them in the output field.

  • Fixing voice loudness and levels

Balancing voice pitch and levels is another characteristic feature of this incredible tool. It is designed to balance the sound output throughout the provided audio or video file according to the content type.

For example, if it is a podcast, the tool will bring the voice level to an audible and smooth listening level throughout the recording.

  • Improving speech clarity

Cleaning up spoken content in the provided audio or video recordings not only improves the user’s engagement but also enhances overall comprehension, accessibility, and significantly boosts the voice quality. This ensures the message is more effectively conveyed to a wider audience with enhanced clarity and overall quality of the voice.

  • Personalized sound quality enhancement/content-type

Personalized sound quality improvement is one of the unique features of this voice enhancer. It has four options for sound quality enhancement including removing background sound, cleaning up speech content, fixing loudness and levels, and improve overall sound quality.

It allows the user to select the type of content they are providing to the tool and the preferred kind of sound utility enhancement they need the tool to perform in that recording.

  • Flexible file size, duration, and formats

To further add to the user’s convenience, the audio enhancer offers flexible file size (500-4GB), duration (1-15 hours), and formats (.m4a, .mp4, .3gp, .m4b, .aac, .m4p, .m4r, .m4v, .aif, .aiff, .aifc, .avi, .mov, .qt, .mp3, .opus, .ogg, and .wav).


Besides its free mode of use, the tool also has premium services or features for professional users. These include: 

  1. Studio ($90/month)

File size: 4GB/file 

File length: 15 hours 

Bulk upload: 10 files/input 

  1. Pro ($45/month)

File size: 2GB/file 

File length: 5 hours 

Bulk upload: 5 files/input 

  1. Basic ($10/month)

File size: 2GB/file 

File length: 1 hour

Bulk upload: 3 files/input 


  • Limited file size and length allowed

  • The tool does not integrate with online browsers and applications

Bonus: FxSound

FxSound is a notable audio enhancement service that deserves an honorable mention for its ability to significantly boost the sound quality on PCs.

As a free, open-source software, FxSound offers users a variety of features aimed at improving audio performance, including volume boosting, bass enhancement, and an equalizer with effects and presets for customized audio experiences.

Whether for gaming, where users can enjoy features like surround sound, or for general media consumption, FxSound provides a simple solution for those looking to enhance their system's sound without incurring any cost.

The service has transitioned to a model where it's free for everyone, reflecting the company's commitment to making improved sound accessible to all users.

For more information about what FxSound offers, you can visit their official website here.

In Conclusion

All three AI voice enhancers discussed above are efficient and reliable tools for sound quality enhancements in audio or video recordings, crucial for improving video sound quality by ensuring audio clarity and removing background noise.

This is especially important for content creators on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, where video and audio clarity can significantly attract viewers.

If you require an advanced-level audio enhancer with some personalized adjustments, you can choose It is free and paid, features the most advanced ML algorithms, and is reviewed as the best audio enhancer tool of 2024 by the majority of users.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a free option, “ can be a good choice for you. Audio Enhancer by is recommended to expert users who need a tool with additional features (other than sound quality enhancement options).

Ultimately, hopefully this article has helped you find the ideal AI audio enhancer for your audio files. Best of luck, and until next time readers!

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Aadil Mclean
Aadil Mclean
6 days ago

This is an insightful overview of the significance of audio quality in various forms of social media content. It's fascinating to see how AI audio enhancers are becoming accessible tools for beginners with Source and non-professionals, allowing them to produce high-quality sound without expensive equipment. The ability of these tools to eliminate background noise, enhance clarity, and balance voice pitch can truly elevate content. Looking forward to learning about the top AI audio enhancer tools of 2024 and how they can simplify the process of achieving professional-grade audio.


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Lucy Williams
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