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The 10 Best AI Music Generator Services | Reviewing AI Music Tools in 2024

Updated: Jan 3

10 Best AI Music Generator Services | Reviewing AI Music Tools in 2023

If you’re a musician, composer, producer or DJ looking to create music faster and more efficiently then you know how valuable time can be. That's why AI-based tools that generate original music at the push of a button have gone from being just theory to real-world solutions over the past few years.

We've scoured the market and handpicked the top 10 best AI music generator services for you. From the highest-quality audio to the most feature-packed platforms, this comprehensive guide will help you find the perfect solution for your music production needs.

Get ready to elevate your sound and experience the future of music-making with these cutting-edge artificial intelligence-driven tools. Start exploring now!


Table of Contents:


How do AI Music Generators work?

AI music generators use algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze music data and create original compositions. This is done by breaking down existing songs into smaller components, such as chords, melodies, and rhythms.

The algorithms then use this information to generate new music that is similar in style to the original songs. Some AI music generators also allow users to input their own preferences and specifications, such as preferred tempo and key, to generate a more personalized composition.

Over the years, their ability to compose melodies or even entire songs has only gotten better and faster. Therefore, every musician should be aware of the best possible artificial intelligence music generator options available, and include them in your creative process.

So without further ado, let's dive into 10 of the best AI music tools on the market right now!

10 Best AI Music Generators:

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the music industry, bringing about new and innovative ways of creating and producing music. Here are ten of the best free and paid AI music tools on the market today.

Amper music is one of the most known artificial intelligence music generators

Amper Music is a leading AI music generator that uses cutting-edge algorithms to create original music in real-time. With a simple interface, users can select the style, tempo, and mood of their music, and Amper Music will generate a unique track that can be further customized and edited.

  • Price: Free & Paid options


AIVA creates the best music from its database of existing tracks

AIVA, which stands for Artificial Intelligence Visual Artist, is a revolutionary AI music generator that uses deep learning algorithms to create original music. With a vast database of musical styles, AIVA can generate music that is similar to human compositions and adapts to the user’s preferences.

  • Price: Free & Paid options generates music easily with an awesome user interface with various genres available

Soundraw is an ultra-fast AI music platform that creates unique soundtracks for video content. With an easy-to-use interface, users can select the style, tempo, and mood of their music, and Soundraw's AI will generate a custom soundtrack that matches the visual content.

  • Price: Free & Paid options

ecrett music allows you to compose music or midi files, best of all, it is royalty free music

Ecrett Music is an AI music generator that creates electronic dance music. With a vast library of beats, grooves, and patterns, Ecrett Music can generate innovative new music, and is a perfect solution for creators in need of royalty free music.

  • Price: Free & Paid options

Loudly is an AI generated music solution in just a few clicks

Loudly is an AI-powered music platform that allows users to customize music easily based on length, energy, instruments and stems. The music catalogue is created by talented music producers and transformed into code by the AI engine, which generates customized tracks in under 5 seconds with a human touch.

It enables users to create, customize, and download music based on genre, mood, instrumentation, length, and video type, saving time and effort.

  • Price: Free & Paid options

6. Amadeus Code (App)

Amadeus Code is an AI music generator that uses deep learning algorithms to create original music that is inspired by human composers. With a library of over 200,000 musical patterns, Amadeus Code can generate new music that is both innovative and authentic.

  • Price: Free & Paid options

7. Humtap (App)

Humtap is an AI music generator that uses voice recognition technology to create original music. By singing or humming a melody, users can generate unique music that is tailored to their voice and rhythm.

  • Price: Free & Paid options

8. AI Music Pro (App) [Deleted Service]

AI Music Pro is an AI music generator that uses deep learning algorithms to create original music. With a vast database of musical styles, AI Music Pro can generate new music that is both innovative and authentic. This mobile app allows you to compose music on the go!

  • Price: Paid only

MuseNet is an advanced artificial intelligence music generator that uses deep learning algorithms to create original music. It has a library of over 400,000 musical patterns, which allows it to generate new music in a variety of styles, including classical, pop, rock, and more.

Although MuseNet is a cutting-edge tool for producing music, it is not publicly accessible at this time. The technology behind MuseNet is highly advanced and requires extensive computational resources to run, making it difficult for the average user to access.

Additionally, OpenAI, the company behind MuseNet, is focused on conducting further research and development on the technology before making it widely available to the public.

  • Price: Priceless, as it is unavailable at the moment.

Last but certainly not least, Google has developed an AI system called MusicLM that can generate musical pieces based on text prompts. It can also transform a hummed or whistled melody into different instruments.

The company has shared samples of its ability to create short snippets of songs, generate music that fits specific genres or moods, and even simulate human vocals. Despite its superior quality and accuracy, Google is being cautious in releasing MusicLM due to the risk of misappropriation of creative content and cultural appropriation.

The company has released a dataset of 5,500 music-text pairs to be used to train other musical AI systems, but is keeping the full potential of MusicLM under wraps. The research paper outlines the process used by MusicLM, but the model is not being released to the public at this time.

In my opinion, this tool produced the best AI generated music out of any generator on the list, so definitely keep your eyes peeled for more information about MusicLM in the near future.

  • Price: Priceless, as it is unavailable at the moment.

11. Samplette (BONUS!)

Surprise! Although not quite a music generator, this AI-based service is amazing if you are looking to build a track around a sample, so I had to mention it.

Samplette is an AI tool for generating musical samples and loops. The platform offers a user-friendly interface for users to experiment with different musical styles and genres, adjust parameters such as tempo and key, and create unique musical samples that can be used in a variety of musical productions. Amazingly, you can even filter songs based on view count, to really find your own hidden gem.

Samplette uses advanced algorithms to analyze and learn from a large database of musical samples, allowing it to generate new, original samples that are both musically interesting and technically sound.

Simply put, Samplette's AI engine uses advanced machine learning algorithms to create original music that can be used as a starting point for new compositions or as background music in media projects. It is definitely a must-try for producers and artists.

Tips and tricks for using AI music generators effectively

To get the most out of AI music generators, it is important to use them as a creative ally rather than simply accepting their output as the final product. Here are four quick tips for effectively using AI music generators:

  • Use AI music generators to inspire your own music and ideas. You can use their generated compositions as a starting point for your own creative process.

  • Experiment with different parameters and settings to see how they affect the generated music. This can help you to find new and unique sounds, and to refine your own music-making process.

  • Try combining different AI music generators to create unique and diverse soundscapes. This can help you to create music that is both original and expressive.

The Benefits of using AI Music Generators

  1. Efficiency: AI music generators can quickly generate new music, saving time and resources compared to traditional methods.

  2. Consistency: AI music generators can produce consistent and reliable results, eliminating the inconsistencies often associated with human composers.

  3. Customization: AI music generators can be customized to generate music in specific styles or genres, making it easier to create music that meets specific needs or preferences.

  4. Scalability: AI music generators can generate a large number of compositions, making it possible to scale music production to meet demand.

  5. Cost-effectiveness: AI music generators can significantly reduce the cost of producing music, making it more accessible and affordable for individuals and businesses.

The ethical considerations of using AI in music

Notably, there are several ethical considerations to keep in mind when using AI in music, including issues related to ownership, creativity, and authenticity. For example, there is a question of who owns the rights to music generated by AI tools and whether musicians and composers should be credited for their work.

There is also the concern that the widespread use of AI in music may lead to a homogenization of music and reduce the diversity of musical styles and genres.

To ensure the wellbeing of musicians and other professionals in music, we must develop clear parameters for Artificial Intelligence's involvement in the industry. That means determining who should own rights to AI-generated songs as well as exploring ways that machines can create without taking away from human creativity or expression.

The emergence of AI is sure to shake up a lot of industries- now more than ever it’s essential that those involved with musical production are empowered and protected against negative impacts potentially caused by automated elements.

The future of AI in music creation and production

The future of AI in music creation and production is very promising. As AI technology continues to advance, it is likely that AI music generators will become even more sophisticated and capable of generating even more complex and diverse compositions. Additionally, AI is also expected to play an increasingly important role in music production, allowing musicians and producers to work more efficiently and effectively.

In the future, AI may also be used to personalize music, generating compositions that are tailored to individual preferences and tastes. This could lead to a new era of personalized music experiences and open up new opportunities for musicians and the music industry as a whole.


In conclusion, AI music generators have become a game-changer in the music industry, offering musicians, composers, producers, and DJs a new and innovative way of creating and producing music. These tools use algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze music data and generate original compositions, saving precious time and effort for music creators.

With the option to input personal preferences and specifications, AI music generators offer the ability to generate a truly unique and personalized composition. From Amper Music to Soundraw, there are a variety of free and paid AI music tools on the market to suit different needs and preferences.

Whether you're a professional musician or just looking to elevate your sound, AI music generators are a must-try for anyone looking to experience the future of music-making.

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